The Unemployed Are Turning To Online Surveys To Make Money Online

By David

October 12, 2013   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

As unemployed people continue to struggle to find jobs, many are turning to online surveys to make ends meet.

With unemployment rates still relatively high, many people are turning to other options to try to eke out a living. Being unemployed is certainly a difficult situation because it makes it harder to budget and pay bills without a steady income.

However, savvy internet users are finding ways to make money without a job.

Giving feedback by taking paid online surveys is one way that unemployed people, as well as people with low or unsatisfactory wages, are making ends meet.

But there are a few things that you need to know and look out for before you begin completing surveys online.

Companies Pay for Your Opinions   

Market research has always been essential in order to run a successful business. The way market research has been conducted has changed over the years, and it now includes online surveys. Oftentimes, a business will hire a third-party survey company to find the right demographic for that client. In order to encourage more people to take the surveys so they can meet the needs of their clients, the online survey companies often offer payments for consumers to complete the opinion questionnaires.

Since unemployment rates remain high, some survey companies specifically market to the unemployed. By offering paid surveys for unemployed people, these companies are able to get an adequate number of users to complete the surveys. In turn, they will share that research with a business or organization so they can ultimately make changes in the way they do things. Consumer opinions have always been valuable to businesses. Now, taking online surveys for extra cash is becoming a great option for people in need of money.

How Online Surveys Work

Not all online surveys are the same. Some online survey companies will offer immediate payment upon completion of a survey, but other companies will give you points and only let you cash out after you accumulate a certain number. Most online companies that pay will offer payment through PayPal. Opinion Outpost is one company that pays via PayPal. Most survey companies will also require you to sign up for an account that will collect certain information from you. This information is used to assign surveys to the appropriate demographic. When there is a new survey that you qualify for, the company will send you a link to that survey through email. Most surveys will require you to respond within a certain time period.

An online survey may range in the amount of time required to complete it. Most of the surveys are multiple choice with a few optional short answer questions. Many will ask you to rate a series of items according to your preferences. The amount you get paid for a survey will often depend on who is giving the survey rather than on how long a survey takes to complete. These surveys may take only a few minutes up to almost an hour. The payment can range from just a few cents up to $25 or even more. While you may not be able to complete enough surveys to get rich, paid surveys for unemployed persons can be a great way to make ends meet for the short term.

Watch Out for Fake Online Survey Companies

Not all companies offering surveys online will pay consumers. Some are upfront and say they don’t pay or that they will make a donation to the charity of your choice after you complete a survey. However, other companies promise payments which they never deliver. Before signing up for a service that offers paid surveys for the unemployed, it’s wise to do some research on whether or not the company is a scam. You don’t want to spend your valuable time answering questions without compensation. You also don’t want to give your personal information to a company that doesn’t intend to pay you. This could set you up for identity theft or other scams.

Paid surveys for unemployed people are becoming more popular today. Losing a job or taking a pay cut leads to plenty of financial uncertainty. Taking online surveys for extra cash can help alleviate this problem. There are many companies you can use to make money taking surveys. Be sure you understand how they work and how you will get paid before spending a lot of time on the surveys.

Written on 10/12/2013 by Lucifer Willis. Lucifer Willis is from the USA. He is a home blogger who earns money using online methods.

Photo Credit: Inga Rudi


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