How to track Amazon’s price match policy


August 6, 2006   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

At this point every store on Earth has some kind of price match guarantee. Well the same is true at If you buy something there and within 30 days you find that the price has dropped, they will refund the difference. That’s nice and all but you have to tell them about it which means you have to hunt for a lower price. Amazon knows we are not going to do this because we’re lazy. In the end you and me, the average schumcks, pay more and lose out on money that is rightfully ours.

That is where comes in. I personally think they have a great idea and it actually works.

When you make a purchase on, enter your purchase on They will keep track of the purchase and send you an email if Amazon lowers prices subsequently making you eligible for a refund. Not a bad time saver if you asked me.


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