6 Great Habits of Financially Successful People

By Lane Genik

June 24, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

habits of financially successful people

We all know people who seem to always have it together and are always getting ahead. Often, that is because they have simply created good financial habits. If you want to know the habits of financially successful people, below is a quick list to help you out.

Create a budget and stick to it

It is so important to create a budget and stick to it. Without a budget, all your money gets spent and you are left wondering where it all went!

Get started by tracking your spending to find out where all your money goes. Then, you can make adjustments to spend a little less in certain areas.

Creating a budget will help you to live below your means or to spend less than you earn. It will also help you to refrain from impulse buying that eats up any extra cash so quickly.

Pay yourself first

You need to make saving a priority!

One effective way to do that is to pay yourself first. Before you pay any other bills and buy anything else, make sure you set aside money for yourself first.

How do you pay yourself first?

It’s easy! Schedule an automatic transfer of a portion of your earnings to your savings account. Make the amount at least 10% of your paycheck minimum. With this system, you never even miss the money.

Believe me, before I started, I was sure I would be short on cash every month, but I never missed it! And soon, I had a nice little pool of money saved up!


Once you have set up the automatic savings plan as discussed above, the money needs to be invested properly so that your savings can work hard for you. Don’t let your saved money just sit there or you will lose it to inflation.

It needs to be invested in reliable and growing investments. Mutual funds, stocks, and real estate all have great potential when invested in properly.

For investing in the markets, there are advisors that can help you make the correct decisions. Be sure to choose a reputable advisor!

For investing in property, there are many real estate investing courses and real estate investing tools that can help and teach you how to make profitable real estate investments.

Set realistic goals

writing down insecurities

Goal setting is super important. Without them, you have no direction and no purpose in life!

Think of it this way:

If a ship were to leave port with no destination and no captain, it would end up drifting around the ocean until it eventually sinks!

The same is true for you. If you don’t set a goal or destination and steer yourself towards that goal, you will end up drifting around getting nowhere and fast. Take the controls and set some goals.

Don’t compare yourself to others

This is a fatal mistake many people make. They compare themselves and what they have to others. This often leads to competition and spending beyond what a person can comfortably afford.

Financially stable people don’t worry about what others have. They make sure that they are comfortable themselves. No matter what others have, they don’t overspend on ‘stuff’.

Set aside limiting beliefs

You can do anything you set your mind to!

If you are hurting a little bit financially, you have likely had negative thoughts about never having enough money or never having any luck. But have you ever considered that these very thoughts are sabotaging your success?

Negative thoughts like these have the power to change your behavior negatively, making you less likely to reach many of your goals. Get rid of these thoughts, start thinking positively, and you will be surprised at how your situation can change!

Being financially stable doesn’t mean you never have any fun! It just means that you adopt a few habits of financially successful people and you stick to them. You can still enjoy life. Just make small adjustments and soon, you will find yourself much farther ahead than you were!

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Lane Genik

Lane Genik offers a wide range of real estate investing coaching programs and services at REI Nation– from individual coaching, to online courses and tools. He is a real estate investor who has a passion to help people start or grow their own real estate investing career.

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