Moving Into a New House On a Budget

By Owen Wright

May 24, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

decorating a new home on a budget

Are you settling in a new house? How do you start decorating a new home on a budget? Should you buy new furniture?

Let’s discover how to create an inviting new house without digging a deep hole in your pocket.

Plan and Understand Your Budget First

In settling into your new house, you don’t have to splurge. Instead, you should plan and understand your budget first to resist the temptation of splurging. Otherwise, you might end up broke with more debts.

Learn how to set your priorities. What do you need first?

Use a careful, thoughtful approach that matches your finances, needs, and wants to make sure you can settle in space with the decoration and furniture you love and can afford.

Next up, you must decide where to start. Determine which room should be filled first. It can be a little overwhelming but it can also be rewarding when done right.

As a tip, you might want to start filling high traffic areas first. It could be the living room or a room where your family members spend much of their downtime.

Another tip is to stick with the room you want to work with and accomplish the task first before moving to other rooms.

Use Affordable But Cozy Decorations

decorating a new home on a budget diy

You should make your new space a home and you should make it yours. If you are on a budget, you can consider cozy DIY but affordable decorations.

Think about surrounding your home with the texture you love, including wavy wallpapers. Think of textures that you can integrate into a specific room to make it comfortable and cozy but without spending huge. For a larger room, the right texture can offer a cozier feel.

Consider furniture diversity. Do not be afraid of mixing things up a bit. This diversity can make for a vivid interior which is visually engaging and appealing.

In addition, you might want to choose warm colors, such as peach, red, orange, and brown. These colors can make a more inviting and compact space.

Overall, you should have fun with the entire decorating process and consider it as a huge art project.

Consider Reusing Furniture

Another tip when decorating the interior of your home is to remember is to consider reusing furniture. Those that are still in good shape and condition can be refurbished and repaired.

For example, you can consider cabinet refacing for the bathroom or kitchen cabinets. A little repair here and there can do just fine.

Refacing is a cost-effective remodeling option if the old cabinets are well constructed and can still be used. It can involve changing the current look with a new paint color.

It is more affordable than replacing the old ones with new and custom cabinets. Additionally, it is not just a nature-friendly remodeling option but also a faster method since it retains the old layout of the bathroom or kitchen.

Cabinet repair can include a surface repair that involves fixing small nicks and chips in the wood cabinets with plastic wood fillers. On the other hand, matching the color is another trick if you’re trying to touch up any scraped or chipped cabinet.

Overall, reusing old furniture offers plenty of benefits. It’s one of the best ways to settle into a new home on a budget because you don’t need to buy new pieces.

How does your house look on the outside?

decorating a new home

Being too busy decorating the interior of your home, you might overlook its exterior features. This can directly affect the overall look and appeal of your home.

One of the things you can do is to repaint the outside yourself. In doing so, you don’t just add a new touch to the entire home but also makes it more desirable with your chosen paint color.

You should prepare the landscape, too. Make sure you’re covering the bushes, ground, and any plants just below where you are painting. The same goes if there are hoses, outdoor furniture or grills. Cover them up before painting to avoid the mess later.

Perfect Lawn On A Budget

If you think that it’s hard to accomplish it, think again. Landscape maintenance does not have to break the bank. In fact, it doesn’t have to take a toll on your finances. Just prepare your general supplies and tools and invest some time on the task for a healthy lawn.

Regarding the watering, you should water infrequently but for a longer period of time. As an advice, you can consider watering about an inch of water.

Otherwise, it’ll suffocate and you’ll eventually kill the roots. When this happens, the grass will be prone to damage. In addition, over-watering the lawn will also consume more water and increase your bill.

Pruning is another way to perfect your lawn. However, you should do it at the right time because it can affect the growth of the plants or trees. As a general rule, you can prune during the winter or early spring if you’re pruning ornamental shrubs or trees that blossom in the summer.

In addition, don’t forget weeding. You should pull the weeds together with the roots manually or using a handheld weeder. For better results, you might want to prevent weeds before they show up by using a pre-emergent herbicide to control crabgrass and stubborn weeds.

Perfecting your lawn, reusing old furniture, and repainting the exterior of your new space will help you create a cozy and welcoming space without breaking the bank. Follow these tips and enjoy your new home!

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