How to Choose the Best Builder’s Risk Insurance For your Construction Site

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May 9, 2019

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As a business owner, you will want to ensure that your construction business has all the cover you need to ensure that it is well-protected. One policy which can help you do so is risk insurance specifically designed for construction workers. Let’s take a look at how you can choose the best possible insurance for your construction site.

Determine your risks

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Before doing a search for an insurance provider for yourself or your business, you first need to determine your risks – and equally important, what it is that you really need. By doing this, you should be able to understand exactly what types of issues or problems you should watch out for, and this can help you find the right kind of coverage. Also, if you know what your risks are and what you need from the beginning, you can make it easier and faster on yourself when you already get to speak with several insurance providers. Here’s another tip to make sure you get the right insurance coverage: if your business is constantly changing and evolving, it may be wise to do a regular assessment of your risks as well as needs as you go along, as this may have an effect on your insurance cover.

Know what to look for

The most common kind of insurance out there is CGL, or Commercial General Liability. This type of package covers both property damage and injuries, and as you may well know, such types of incidents are all-too-common in the building and construction industry. A Commercial General Liability policy will usually cover damage arising from work that is faulty as well. Additionally, once you have basic or standard or coverage, you may want to look for a specific kind of insurance cover for your business. There’s professional liability insurance as well as a risk policy; this covers the materials on a jobsite, in transit, and the actual building. Risk policy is especially useful in case there is vandalism, damage from wind, or a fire.

Search Online

While you could phone up one of the big insurance companies to see if you could get one of their policies, you can also find some great deals for construction insurance online. There are many smaller vendors which operate exclusively online and through them you can get access to all sorts of deals. They may even be able to offer you a better price than some of the biggest insurers one the market, plus a more personal and tailored customer experience. It could be an overall more pleasant experience for you as a customer.

Look for a Bundle

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You can often find a great deal for your construction insurance as part of a wider bundle. Many companies offer this type of deal to trades and there may be one for you. Other policies in such a bundle could include equipment or tool insurance or commercial vehicle insurance. These are all policies most builders would need. As a result, if you can find a great deal which does not compromise the amount of cover you would be receiving, you should definitely think about taking it.

Take a Higher Deductible

You might not necessarily be able to afford some of the high premiums construction insurance might have attached to it. Instead of risking a job without coverage, speak to your insurance provider to see if you can alter the ratio between the premium and the deductible. The premium is the money you will always have to pay to ensure that you are covered by the policy whereas the deductible is what you need to pay towards any claim before you receive the insurance money. Therefore, there is a chance that you might never have to pay the deductible.

Some insurers let you alter the size of the deductible. By increasing it (and therefore the money you would pay towards a claim), you will get to pay lower premiums overall. It can be a fantastic way for you to grab yourself a more affordable policy for much less money but still enjoy all the perks and coverage the policy offers.

The Right Insurance for You

No matter why you need it, you will be able to find the right insurance for you with a little legwork and a little willing to start thinking outside of the box. Whether you decide to bundle your policies or search for one which allows you a little more flexibility, you should be able to find the right deal for you. Have a search online and start looking for the perfect insurance package for you today. The right deal is waiting for you, you just need to start searching for it.

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