Cautious Care: How to Protect Your Home Against Burglars

By David

September 2, 2013   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

>Burglars do not just steal people’s belongings—they also steal a family’s sense of security and peace of mind.

While a burglary could happen to anyone, there are several ways to make your home a less likely target.

Use these four tips and let burglars make their money elsewhere.

 Reinforce Doors and Windows
First and foremost, make sure you lock your windows and doors. While this seems like it would go without saying, many people do not take this important step. Make sure any outside doors are sturdy and solid so burglars cannot bust right through them. Install deadbolts on doors and line windows with Plexiglas so burglars cannot get through them as easily.

Banish a Burglar’s Hiding Places
Picking locks on windows and doors can take time, and burglars do not generally like to be seen while in the process of breaking in. Get rid of their hiding spots by trimming bushes under and around windows, or planting thorny bushes that burglars cannot hide in. Install motion detector lights, particularly in dark areas where there are not bright street lights. A burglar who is constantly looking over his shoulder to see if he has been spotted, is not going to take the time it takes to pick your locks.

Discourage Window Shopping
Burglars prefer homes where there are items worth taking, such as jewelry and big-name electronics. While it can be hard for burglars to tell which homes contain expensive jewelry, determining which homes have expensive electronics is easy if you aren’t careful. Leaving window blinds open, and throwing boxes from large electronics in your outside trash can allow burglars to window shop for items they might like to take for themselves. Close blinds at night so burglars cannot see in, and break down boxes so they fit all the way in the trash.

Install a Home Security System

People serious about home security will want to install a home security system. While basic systems offer some level of protection, homeowners can get serious protection with Phoenix home automation which allows them to control locks and doors remotely from their phones. A professional from Vivint in Coral Springs FL states that they offer state of the art security systems with features including home alerts via text message, motion detection, and remote management of lights and appliances.

While burglaries are not completely avoidable, you can reduce your risk by being smart about your home security. Take preventative measures now and save yourself grief later.

Thieves aren’t only going after the things you keep in your home.  A very easy target that thieves are also looking for are your cell phones.  Don’t miss this advice that can help protect you and your phone.


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