Blogs We Love: The Simple Dollar


May 30, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Last month we started a monthly series named Blogs We Love. The response was tremendous and the decision was made to continue. To recap, these are blogs that I personally have learned a ton from and visit on a daily basis.

This month, we are highlighting Trent Hamm and his excellent blog named, The Simple Dollar. Not only has Trent managed to make his way into my life with his tips on money, I love the fact that his tips are not ordinary. Literally everything is well thought out and he has a clear talent for making personal finance simple for the average person. In case you missed the memo, Dumb Little Man is all about helping the average person make life easier so it was a natural match.

Here are 10 of Trent’s posts and these were not randomly selected. I have taken at least one point from each of these posts and implemented it. I encourage you to do the same.



















If you are not subscribed to his blog, please contact me because I have some real estate to sell you in the tropics. If you are subscribed, congratulations, you obviously have a concern for your cash!


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