7 Ways to Get Financially Schemed Online


October 8, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

We have all heard horror stories of people’s identities getting stolen, credit ratings plummeting and checking account being emptied. We all have 3 real choices:

  1. Ditch the internet entirely (yeah right)
  2. Learn to identify risk
  3. Stick to non-commerce activity on the internet

I do just about everything online from paying bills and transferring money to shopping for holiday gifts. I can’t even begin to estimate the amount of money and time that I have saved. Therefore, #2 is the only real option (for me at least).

For those not willing to give up on this fad called the internet, Money, Matter and More Musings has a great informative primer – complete with video examples. Reading this will get you up to date on the risks out there. In all honesty, I hadn’t heard of one previously so even internet junkies like me have a need to keep updated on the tactics being used by the bad guys.

Here is a table of contents they provided so you can simply jump to the section that’s new to you.

  1. Phishing
  2. Spoofing
  3. Vishing
  4. Pharming
  5. Ransomware-ing
  6. Dumpster Diving
  7. Social Engineering

If any of you have been a victim of an internet scheme or other form of identity theft, tell us your story. Maybe it will help a fellow DLM reader.


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