5 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend that will Thoroughly Concrete Your Affection

By Anamika Dani

March 30, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Gifting or giving never goes out of fashion. Gifting is best done without a season, occasion or reason—especially when it is for your girlfriend. So, 2016 is nearly one-quarter over with and you still haven’t made it to the next level with your girlfriend? Still wondering how to go about making that lasting impression and getting her to say those magic words? Then I might have some handy tips for you.

Girlfriends, or rather all girls, can be incredibly difficult to shop for. So what do you do when you have to choose that perfect gift for your other half? Simple! You go ahead with a plan—with a clear strategy. Lucky for you, I’m here to help. While I list some handy gift ideas to impress your girlfriend before this year is over, I also mention perfect gifts for girls based on their personality traits or hobbies. So read on and decode the secret to impressing your girlfriend in 2016.

For the Fashion Conscious Girl

While all girls are fashion conscious, not all are fashion savvy. If your girlfriend is the one who likes to stay on top of all fashionable things, then here are the best gifts for her-

Karl Lagerfeld Tees- Sported by the cool Kareena Kapoor, these tees are the current ‘in’ thing. Mostly in solids of white and black with the standard Karl prints of his name, they are coolness personified this season. Your girlfriend will freak out if you are able to grab these before anyone else does.

For the Career woman

So she has a powerful position at work which takes up most of her time? She earns more than you and might have that expensive bag you thought you will buy her? Then grab her attention with something that is more suited to her image. Get her to notice you with your attention to detail. If she is power woman, she would love to get personalized stationary. Surprise her by giving her a goodie bag of personalized stationary including pens, labels, business cards, and a diary that are all monogrammed for her and oozing her individual style.

For the nerdy, studious girl

If you are the type who goes for the intelligent, bespectacled girls, then this is for you. She might not like the idea of getting an expensive bag that she wont use anywhere. She also might not appreciate getting a bracelet, a spa membership or a box of chocolate truffles. What she will like is something that matches her wits and makes her learn more. Something that enlightens her! In these modern times, with the power of e-readers, you can make a statement of intellect by gifting your girl a Kindle. Give her the power of books and she will respect you all of her life.

For the globetrotter

Love a backpacker, travel blogger or simply a girl who loves to live out of a suitcase? Then make her sit down and put her feet up in one place by getting her attention. You can actually do that if you give her the perfect gift. Someone who loves to travel would adore nothing more than an AirBnb membership. Give her a travel card from Airbnb and it might tell her you appreciate her love for traveling. Who knows, she may find the idea so good that she ends up taking that next trip to Barcelona with you!

For the athlete

Is she a runner; a yoga freak; a pilates instructor? All girls obsessed with their fitness love to snag a guy who is equally particular about their fitness regime. They will also love it that their man gives them something that fits perfectly into their daily lifestyle. How about the coolest five finger running shoes. They are the ultimate in comfort and look so sharp. These shoes make everyone feel uber comfortable in their own skin. She will love you for it.

Hope your girl fits the bill here. If you are still clueless then ask a question in the comments and I will try to help.

Anamika Dani

Freelance writer, full time blogger, part time traveler. Senior Columnist at @ItsIndiaGift.

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