How To Use Psychological Tricks To Increase Conversions In 2024

By khan ahmad

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How To Use Psychological Tricks To Increase Conversions

If you have a business that also focuses on selling online, you probably know that getting more visitors than your competitors is critical and undoubtedly the first step of your success. Once you launch your business, the next big thing is to create buzz around your product, make an impression, and get people to knock on your door. Reaching the right customer is by far the most important figure for any marketer in the world.

In 2021, the number of worldwide internet users ( Digital population ) has reached 4.66 Billion which is 59.5% of the global population. The internet has removed all the barriers and every business could reach millions of people all over the world. That is the reason businesses are transforming online to gain all the possibilities provided by technology.

But this also has made the digital buying world so competitive for marketers. According to the latest stats, there are currently 1.84 billion websites on the web as of March 2021. That paints a clear picture of the competitive landscape of the online world. You have a product to sell and have set up your online store. Luckily, you get decent traffic to your site from Google or paid advertising. Now the tough question is what do you do with that traffic?

To grow your business to the next level, you need to use the right strategies to encourage your customers to buy products from your business. However, enough has already been written about the technical aspects of conversion rate optimization. So here, let’s talk about the non-technical and the most effective aspects of converting the visitors into loyal customers.

How To Use Psychological Tricks To Increase Conversions

Here is the list of silent sales techniques or psychological tricks that will help you convert your visitors into customers.

Psychological Trick 1: Short of Urgency

Humans have a sense of urgency. They always try to catch the running rat just because they do not want to put themselves at risk of losing it. That’s why Amazon is using this tactic to increase conversions on its website. They ask you to purchase in a limited period of time so you don’t miss out. You can do the same on your website and see the results after implementation.

Psychological Trick 2: HyperBolic Discount and rewards

Whenever you buy something online, you want it to arrive as soon as possible. Customers love faster delivery on online shopping than anything else. This is also one of the psychological tricks and silent sales techniques.

Who knows this better than Amazon, which has been serving consumers for decades. They offer the fastest delivery service if you buy the product in a certain period of time. Now “receiving the product on the same day” is a trick that Amazon uses to push you to make a purchase.

Psychological Trick 3: Loss Aversion

Loss aversion is, that for individuals, the pain of losing is psychologically twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining. We always see people around us who care and love saving rather than earning money.
Sometimes they do not need the product at the time, but they still buy to save some money on the deal. Amazon shows the amount that customers will save if they decide to buy the product.

Know Your Customer

If you perceive people who visit your site as “traffic” then you are not going to convert them as much as you want. To convert visitors to your site, which is your ultimate goal as a businessman, you need to understand each visitor as a real human being.

For this, first of all, it is important to know who your target customer is, why they purchase something, what is the reason behind a completed purchase decision?

As human beings, we are individually unique and different. But we are almost equivalent in how our brain works and what influences it. And that approach paves the way for marketers.

Many obvious things influence the human brain in daily life that you can use in favor of growing your business. That’s why marketing gurus talk about the influence of psychology in the process of a purchase. To better understand, you need to know what psychology is and why it is important?

What Is Psychology?

It is the human brain that makes all the decisions. Psychology is the study that tells how our brain works and how it can affect behavior. As a marketer, studying customer behavior and what is running in customers’ minds can end the longest period of ‘empty carts’ and ‘click backs’.

The e-commerce giant Amazon is a great example of using psychological tricks. Amazon knows how and why people make a purchase. They understand that psychological factors can bring in tons of sales to their company.

They use psychological persuasions to make a deal with the visitor’s mind without spending more money or putting extra effort. To complete this step, they use several methods which I am going to cover next.


Businesses are focusing on bringing traffic to their online stores and they are successfully doing this as well. But getting traffic is just the beginning and only half of the battle. If you are unable to convert people visiting your site, your hard work, time, and money are almost wasted. People visit your site, spend some time browsing, and go back without taking any action. This is an obvious challenge that new online businesses face. Traffic that does not take action is worthless.

The list of psychological tricks is not limited to only three. I encourage you to do more research and find more techniques that can affect visitor’s minds.

These exceptional marketing tactics could help you increase e-Commerce conversion rates dramatically. It will be great to analyze the result of every trick separately to see the impact on your business. I am looking to hear from you about the results once you implement these recommendations in your business.

khan ahmad

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