9 Easy Ways To Use Social Media SEO

By Sujain Thomas

May 9, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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SEO and social media marketing are two strategies that can help boost your brand awareness and market your business. They create an appealing identity that attracts visitors naturally.

Since social media mainly depends on the high-quality content and a strong, visible brand presence, your SEO efforts can particularly improve your social media reach. It can improve your search rankings, too.

If that’s exactly what you want, check out the following nine ways to improve your social media SEO.

Optimize your social media posts for the searches

This technique mainly relies on pre-existing content but it can also open up a secondary channel for searches. In addition to knowledge graph entries and news articles, search engines usually favor social media updates on the topmost sections of their search engine results pages (SERPs).

You can easily attain this position if you ensure that your social media posts are optimized for it. Make sure that you have an authoritative anchor for your social post, like an infographic, video or a link to a fully-detailed article.

Increasing brand awareness

Even though this seems more like a branding benefit, its SEO benefit is noteworthy.

Increasing your business reputation on social media through high-quality content syndication and increased engagement will result in an increased online brand presence. With an increased brand presence, there will be more branded searches on search engines which can increase your rankings for non-branded keywords.

There is no way for businesses to improve their authority other than giving their audience a superior quality experience from the beginning.

Find trending topics

With most of the conversations taking place on social media today, it is an excellent place for businesses to detect recent trends they can use for their content efforts.

For example, one can follow relevant influencers on Twitter and see the links that they are sharing every day. They can also check out the topics they are discussing with their followers and use that information to develop relevant content.

Build more external inbound links

Social media encourages more external websites. When you have more external links, the more authority you’ll be able to establish in the eyes of search engines.

You must ensure that you always have authoritative and high-quality content for you to attract links. You should use hashtags in order to gain visibility for initial rounds of syndication. Also, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring your content into existing discussions and threads.

This will help to enhance your social reputation and your business will be considered an authoritative leader. It will help maximize your prospective external link sources.

Fill your profiles with appropriate information

It is important that you include lots of relevant information regarding your website. Include your website’s name and URL as well as the keywords that you wish to rank and place them in your description and in the updates that you post.

That way, people can help in your brand awareness efforts when they engage with you or share updates.

Create and nurture relationships with influencers

social media influencer

Social media enables you to easily find and connect with relevant influencers. You can easily search through different social media platforms and discover influencers depending on audience size, keywords, engagement, and much more.

When you get the right influencers, you can communicate with them and ask them to help share your content. Before asking for anything from the influencer, take time to build a rapport and establish trust first.

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Grow your followers

The total number of your connections and followers has a significant influence on your search engine rankings. A company that has 100 Twitter followers will not receive the same ranking bonus as a mega-corporation that has a million Twitter followers.

However, you should remember that Google will detect the quality of your online followers. This means that purchasing proxy Twitter followers will not do much for your overall rankings.

Make sure that you grow your followers organically by presenting your business consistently and uniquely.

Strike up conversations

Undeniably, social media provides one of the most common ways of starting up relevant conversations.

You can initiate a conversation, post useful tips, reply to comments from your followers, and even launch inquiries on social media. Businesses can leverage on social media by engaging directly with their customers. That is important in creating and keeping an engaged online audience.

Social media SEO will encourage existing clients to return and that can help you easily attract others. Furthermore, when your audience is satisfied, spreading the word about your business to others would be a breeze.

Prompt social sharing

social sharing

Social sharing is a significant contributor to the authority of a brand, just like what external links do. Therefore, if you get twenty people to share your Facebook post, then that is great.

However, it is even better if you can get 1000 people to share it. Shares, replies, retweets, likes, and favorites all count towards greater authority.

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Even though basic SEO practices continue to be the most common way of increasing search engine visibility, social media SEO is taking its place in authority building strategies. 

This makes it important for businesses to put some effort into connecting with relevant influencers, posting quality updates on their social media networks, and optimizing their social media profiles. With time, you will be surprised to see the great ROI that these efforts can bring to your brand.

Sujain Thomas

Sujain Thomas is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites. IF you want to know more you can browse through www.charity-team-building-events.comand read more.

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