10 Must-Haves For Your Custom eCommerce Website

By Tetyana Ilchenko

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

what makes a good ecommerce website

Whether you are starting an eCommerce website or already have an existing one, it is crucial for you to provide quality service to your customers. Many people think that implementing cutting-edge features to the website can lead to conversions growth.

However, only an integrated approach is the key to converting your leads into customers. You should take into account all the details to provide an unforgettable customer journey for your user. Here are ten must-haves for your eCommerce website that can help you with it. Let’s get it started!

User-friendly interface

According to a research, you have up to 0-5 seconds to grab your customer’s attention. Take so much time and the customer decides to leave your website or not. Make sure that your website has a beautiful and modern design. However, more often than not, it is not enough to have a fresh look.

To engage with your customers, one has to think about usability and how easy it would be for a user to make their purchase quickly and effortlessly. Your website should be convenient and easy to use. Try to make it as simple as possible, avoiding unnecessary pages, buttons, or long business flows.

Moreover, following a “mobile-first” rule, your online shop should have a responsive design that works on all devices like tablets, mobiles, desktops, PC, or laptops and runs on all types of browsers.

Filtering and easy search

If you offer a wide assortment of products, it can be hard for customers to find products that meet their needs. The clear search capability is a must-have of every user-friendly eCommerce website. To make the customer experience better, provide the ability to filter products by categories, prices, sizes, colors, etc.

These things can help your visitors to find and purchase products in a few moments. The latest artificial intelligence technologies also allow you to render a tailored catalog using predictive algorithms based on previous purchases and views.

Informative pages

make a good ecommerce website
When customers get to your website, they expect to understand what you do and what kind of products or services you offer in a few minutes. No one wants to waste their time looking for the right information. The homepage should be the clearest and should be catchy, allowing your customers to feel like you know what they are looking for.

Besides, product pages should include all kinds of products you sell with photos. If you sell custom products, it is essential to have an interactive design tool that will provide your customers with a design proof. Also, include a short description of every product, size, colors, and prices.

It is also helpful to include information about available shipping methods — how long does it take and how much delivery costs. These are must-haves that come with any eCommerce platform.

Contact page

When we talk about an eCommerce business, it is essential for you to build trust with your customers. The contact page is one of the methods to create strong relationships with them. It is not necessary to create a separate page for the “contact us” feature.

You can place it in a visible part of your most visited page. It would be a good idea if you add not only your email or contact form but also your skype, phone number, and links to your business’ social media. The more ways to contact you, the faster customers will do it. Chat software where you can quickly contact your customers and even assist them with the choices on the site would work best.

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Web to print tool

Do you know that personalization is a trend nowadays? Web to print tool allows your customers to buy custom things like t-shirts, business cards, jewelry, stickers, and other promo items. Furthermore, the whole process becomes automated.

You do not need to make many calls or send emails to discuss the ordered goods. Thanks to the automation, you can save costs and get more satisfied clients. Moreover, using the web to print tool makes you more competitive in the market.

Advanced payment

good ecommerce website
A wide variety of payment methods is a must-have for modern online shops. Customers value this because it is straightforward. They can pay in a few clicks and save their time. You can provide payment via PayPal, Apple Pay, or Amazon Pay — the most common, but it would be better to know your audience and consider adding those payment methods that they use regularly.

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If your customers face the same problems every day, try to make their life more comfortable and provide them the list of answers to frequently asked questions. FAQs can be helpful to make them feel more comfortable during the buying process. Plus this will build your customers’ confidence towards your business

Do not forget to add answers about the return process, how to recover a lost password as well as available discounts, coupons, and promos. People always check on products with limited offer discounts.

Client reviews

More than 85% choose an online shop or a certain product after reading reviews. Would you agree to deal with an online store that doesn’t have any review or one that only has bad ones? Adding this feature to your website can build trust, but it also does not mean that all reviews must be positive.

Negative reviews are more valuable than positive ones as they can also give you feedback whether certain product builds overall customer satisfaction. It shows transparency to your prospects, and you will not seem like a fake. You can send emails and ask to add reviews or use ready plugins.

Good site speed

If your site loads more than 3 seconds, you are a risk-taker. People do not like to wait. Low website speed has an impact on your online shop visitors’ experience. Besides, it can harm your ranking factor, and your Google positions will leave much to be desired.

Pay attention to speed on mobiles. You can consider adding AMP to your website as well. It loads faster than the regular HTML page and can lead to sales increase by more than 20%. Moreover, AMP provides a better user experience due to being mobile-friendly.

Similar products

Adding “you might like this” feature to your eCommerce website can increase your sales. If you provide this to your customers, it will work like magic. They would think then, “Oh, this company really knows me and my preferences,” and get more excited. Hence, customers’ loyalty and engagement increase. In most cases, they click on the related products you offer and buy them. Isn’t that what you want so much?

Now it is time to try making some changes and adding innovation to your eCommerce website to create an unforgettable shopping experience. Imagine how your visitors will be shocked when they see a user-friendly, convenient, fast, and modern website. They will order once and get back for returning orders, building a long-term commitment. It can be the beginning of your business prosperity!

Tetyana Ilchenko

Tetyana Ilchenko is a content writer and marketer at LiveArt HTML5 Product Designer. She is interested in education, web to print business, blogging, and marketing issues. Feel free to contact her on LinkedIn.

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