TikTok Monetization: How to Make Money on TikTok

By Alison Williams

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

TikTok Monetization: How to Make Money on TikTok

TikTok has been booming from the day of its existence for its unique short videos. Video ranges from 15 seconds to 60 seconds long, which is enough to reach an audience. TikTok stats tell that there are about 65.9 million monthly active users. Populated people among the platform seek an opportunity to gain fame in a short period.

However, 2021 has continuously locked people at home, which created a massive usage of mobile phones. People look for entertainment across the TikTok platform. A wide range of younger audiences also tries to make money on TikTok. Some even think to grow and sell accounts in TikTok. There are unique ways on TikTok to make money. Let’s discuss the factors and how to implement them on TikTok.

① Brand Deals

Some wonder what the term refers to, and they are nothing but the partnership between creators and brands. In other words, it relates to brand sponsorships. A sponsored video view on TikTok charges is about $0.01 to $0.02. To make brand deals, you must have 10,000 followers. Earn money in TikTok through brand deals by looking upon the views in the last 30 days.

Ways To Get TikTok Sponsorship

Ways To Get TikTok SponsorshipPhoto: techviral.news

▶ Build TikTok Followers

The first way to get sponsored on TikTok is to focus on the fans. TikTok became famous for its organic form. Accurate content with more followers is capable of getting sponsored posts. However, raising followers on TikTok is an uphill struggle. Stick to the content you deliver. Gain followers by making the upcoming steps and adjust the flow of your content. Engagement with fans is an essential scenario. Apply trending hashtags to the range for visibility.

▶ Grow Other Channels

Impress brands with specific videos like before & after, product demos, reviews, FAQ sessions, how-to’s, and other hacks. Brands require influencers just for product exposure. An influencer must have high fame across other platforms also. So, it would be helpful to the brands to earn a high amount of brand awareness. Your channels’ consistent engagement rate and follower count signifies the brands by providing a certified name called a quality influencer.

▶ TikTok Creator marketplace

Eligibility to join the TikTok creator marketplace includes age over 18. Get 10,000 verified followers, and these could play through a TikTok pro account. TikTok provides space for brands and influencers to collaborate. Through the TikTok account settings, tap apply in the creator fund section. If you are an influencer looking to patch with brands, create affiliate linking. TikTok creator fund promises TikToker’s to pay for their videos.

② Affiliate Marketing

TikTok can be used for affiliate marketing if you can create enough views on the videos. Affiliate marketing allows a person to earn a commission for marketing another’s company products. Affiliate marketing brings a piece of profit along with product promotion. However, the sale calculates one website to another through affiliate links. Above all, affiliate marketing spreads responsibilities of product marketing across parties. To make them work, involve three parties

Affiliate MarketingPhoto: blog.travelpayouts.com

  • Consumer
  • Advertiser
  • Product creators and sellers

Affiliate marketers work to promote products or websites to earn a specific percentage as commission. The annual earnings of these marketers are $65,800. As beginners, publish some random content by inserting some affiliate links in the article. Naturally, you couldn’t tell if it works or not. It depends on the content you publish reaches the target audiences. The best example of affiliate marketing is Facebook. Affiliate marketing can use TikTok with some fantastic hacks.

⫸ Carefully Choose Affiliate Marketing Products

For the best results, choose the products that appeal to millennials and generation Z. Though TikTok is surrounded by a wide variety of users, pick the younger ones in the demographic. Affiliate marketing lies in the time and effort you spend on the concept, providing reliability and legit income. Total college students cover up a considerable portion of the audience.

▶ Build Strong TikTok Channel

Focus on building a robust TikTok channel, which is a little bit of a hard race. Generate strong content and present appealing products to gain TikTok video likes which leads to a successful campaign. The main element in driving sales is looking after the impressions on the past videos. Stick to the TikTok trends, updates will let you make more modifications to the videos. Effective hashtags work well on TikTok.

③ Print-On-Demand

Print-on-demand, also called POD, works well when you have the right partners and marketing strategies. It is similar to drop-shipping. TikTok is one of the robust platforms, which alternates online sharing. TikTok is strictly for creating campaigns for the products. It solely takes care of manufacturing and shipping, so you focus on the TikTok audiences.

Print-On-DemandPhoto: choicemandu.com

TikTok serves as a third party where you need not worry about management and shipping the products. Print-on-demand, also called on-demand printing, sells customized products. It is an eCommerce model which allows you to give products only after the order gets placed. POD on TikTok can earn you money through online services. Dealing with the POD fulfillment services and marketplaces is quite simple.

POD fulfillment is about services like printful and printify, which act as backend partners. However, POD fulfillment allows you to connect your eCommerce site to its platform. Consider that the order is sent to the service provider whenever a product gets a purchase from your site. Finally, the process ends with printing and fulfillment. Whereas, marketplace handles both the frontend and backend of the process.

▶ How Print-on-demand Works?

Steps on running a TikTok POD vary from place to place, depending on the concepts. We will discuss how the POD process works. Pros include ease to set up, minimal inventory headaches, hands-off fulfillment, and freedom to focus on what you are good at. The majority of POD fields are easy to use. Here, items are printed after a customer makes a purchase. So, don’t worry about the merchandise in TikTok.

⫸ Store Setup

The first step in on-demand printing is to set up the store. Depending on the POD, you can decide whether you need to integrate an existing store or a new marketplace.

⫸ Upload Designs

When you select the POD service, add new designs and designs to your shop. If you are the person who has chosen the fulfillment option, it’s ultimately your willingness to sell the item types. Implement different designs for your print-on-demand business.

⫸ Sell Products

This is the final stage of the process, where your products are ready for printing. In the case of fulfillment service, start marketing the products and drive traffic to your website. Marketplace will work wonders by sharing profiles and product links with the customers.

④ Shoutouts

TikTok has launched shoutout features to users, where they can request custom videos from their favorite creators.TikTok shoutout buttons appear on the creator’s profile page once after the setup. Shoutouts are paid in the form of coins. As a cameo, you can review the system for shoutouts also. After a request for videos, creators remain with three days to accept the assignment.

An initial shoutouts test is limited. These shoutouts work only for some locations like Dubai and turkey. TikTok restricts some users from requesting videos for some privacy purposes. Shoutouts allow the regular followers to communicate with the outstanding account. A special video from the follower can cost a specific fee which is worthier. The Shout Out feature in TikTok is simple to be used by both parties.

▶ How Do Shoutouts Work?

The working logic behind the shoutout videos are summarized as follows:

  • A person notes the details of the contents and pays the content producer for what they have chosen.
  • The creator has three days after the request. Also, the plus is if you don’t like making collaboration, the amount is refunded.
  • The sustainability of the video is decided in a week for the video which the creator has generated.
  • After approval, the content is sent as a message to the person.

When you have high followers on TikTok, the process is made easier. Start using the shoutout feature from the content management tools. An additional point is through live broadcast, receive money on TikTok by implementing TikTok shoutouts. Once you are ready, activate the shoutout feature. Can you please check the TikTok followers count before adding the shoutout feature? Through shoutouts, strong communication is created among you and the creators you love.



A good range of qualified audiences may earn you money on TikTok. Through the following four powerful way implementations, you can make money on TikTok. The best strategy can even provide you with an additional income. Select a method to gain money that is comfortable for you.

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