Stop Talking Sh*t and Start Taking Action

By Liam Garneau

January 10, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

stop talking and start doing

This blog post covers the one thing I hate the most: People who claim to be entrepreneurs but who aren’t doing any of the shit they constantly talk about. There are way too many individuals who express their next big idea or their future investment of some kind in some type of company that is actually, physically doing absolutely nothing. It’s sad – but it’s a fact, and it’s true.

Let’s face it:

plan your dream

An idea without execution revolves around nothing. I honestly believe that a successful business is 10% Idea and 90% Execution. In other words, if you think have a good, thriving business idea – then you should put your idea into action, and start working on the reality of it. Don’t bore us all by discussing it for years to come.

Starting your own business pushes a person through an enormous range of emotions. It is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences, as much as it can also be a rather scary situation for many. Perhaps fear or simple inertia is what keeps some people from taking the first step. In the end, talking is easy as f*ck – what’s hard is taking action.

If you are reading this and feel like I am talking about you – then I just want you to realize that you should start moving, taking action, and do what you say will. If your mind is stewing over a strong business idea, then you already have some kind of entrepreneurial mindset.

Don’t let obstacles get in your way! If you don’t have anybody in your entourage that is already an entrepreneur or that can help you get where you want, keep pushing and work harder! Don’t stop to take the time to listen to anyone’s negative comments. Just keep doing what you have to in order to attain your dreams – if that’s what you truly want. However cliché it may sound, you’ve only got one life so make the best out of it!

Again, let’s face it:

move forward

Everyone on Earth is going to come to an end in the same way, so why stop yourself from doing what you love most? What matters is what you are doing while you are alive.

Nobody is ever really 100% ready to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff and building a plane on your way down in order to stay alive.

The important thing is taking that first step towards the start of your dreams right now! There will never be a better time, let alone the “right” time to start a business. It’s only up to you to create the right time.

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Here is some advice that I received when starting my first business:

Find someone that is already doing what you dream of and ask them questions on how to get started

You actually have to take the first step

Plan your long term AND your short term goals in order to stay motivated

The road to success is a long one so keep yourself pumped up – or the difficulties and obstacles along the way will literally knock the shit out of you.

Follow your heart

Do what you think is right for you and don’t stop to listen to anybody who tries to convince you that your dreams are crazy or impossible. This person is only limited by their own thoughts and you are only limited by yours. If you think that you can achieve something, don’t stop at excuses and make it happen instead.

Work you ass off!

These are the “rules” that I am following myself and that have helped me in moving forward even when I felt like losing faith. If you only remember one thing about this post, remember that you’ve got what it takes to start following your dreams. Stop Talking and Start Doing!

When it comes to attaining your dreams, there is no time to deal with sentiments and feelings. Too many feelings in business and you’re literally out of business. Forget everything else. Put everything aside and let your burning desire and passion take over instead.

Do you know what time it is?


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