How to Create An SMS Marketing Campaign That Actually Works

By Azat Eloyan

July 2, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

With the way everything gets more expensive by the day, it is perhaps no surprise that marketing costs are on the rise, too. While some brands can afford to keep up with the ever-rising pricing, the striking majority can barely put aside a portion of their budget for marketing at all.

Businesses always try to cut corners in order to increase revenue. For that reason alone, some may even end up passing up marketing altogether. However, between stretching your budget a bit to spend some money on marketing and not doing marketing at all, the answer is pretty clear.

Even a little bit of marketing push can help your business.

For those who are looking to conduct marketing on a budget, SMS marketing is, without a single doubt, the most preferable option out there. The relatively small price you are going to pay is nothing compared to the potential benefits you are going to get.

Without getting into too much detail, some of the key benefits of SMS marketing have to do with its general affordability, efficiency, worldwide outreach, high open rate and conversion rate, as well as customer engagement.

Now, let’s discuss strategy.

SMS marketing is effective, but a poorly-planned one will not bear you the desired results. Moreover, it might damage your company. For example, if you are spamming text messages left and right, your brand will start losing its credibility in the eyes of your customers.

A carefully planned strategy—one in which you pay a lot of attention to detail—on the other hand, can perform beyond expectations. In this guide, we will explain how to develop an SMS marketing campaign.

Step 1. Develop a relevant target demographic

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While SMS marketing gives you the ability to reach anyone with a mobile phone, it makes no sense to target people randomly. The chances of converting them to actual customers are on the lower side.

This is why you create a buyer persona. It will represent the ideal clientele for your business.

Think of your brand, services, and products. Now, try to think of what people may be attracted to your business. Take into consideration factors like age, gender, level of income, and whatnot. Using these parameters, develop the target demographic of your business for later use.

Step 2. Think of your marketing message

This is an important step. Besides being intended for promotional purposes, your campaign should have an underlying message to lure customers in. But remember that contrary to other communication channels, SMS has a character limit that you cannot surpass.

With that in mind, keep your message short and concise but able to convey the message you want to send.

Step 3. Consider the timing of your messages

Getting the timing right can essentially increase the chances of success for your SMS marketing campaign.

You should not disturb people either too early in the day or late at night when they try to relax or sleep. Trying to find that sweet spot is not easy but not impossible, either.

Generally speaking, that sweet spot is somewhere between 9 am to 9 pm. For time-sensitive deals and promotions, a last-minute message can create an impulse of urgency in clients. It can lead to a short-term spike in conversion rates. It’s also a tactic you can employ.

Step 4. Promote your SMS marketing campaign

In most countries, SMS marketing regulations require customers’ consent to receive your text messages. This means that you cannot simply select a random group of numbers and start sending them promotional text messages.

But building a base of eligible numbers is difficult if people are unaware about your campaign and have not signed up. That is why you should try to promote it and encourage people to opt in to your campaign, using any means available to you (in-store, social media, etc.)

Step 5. Find a bulk SMS provider

Once you have completed all the steps above, it is time to find a bulk text messaging service. After you find one that suits your needs, sign up, and purchase a subscription.

Using their SMS software, you can then start customizing your messages, scheduling them and sending them to the contacts you imported. There will be many more features that you will discover there that can enhance both your SMS marketing campaign and experience.

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