Sleeply Supplement Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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January 10, 2024

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Sleeply is a sleep aid supplement form that helps improve sleep quality and gets rid of various sleep disorders.

Research suggests that people who consistently fail to get enough sleep are at risk of various health ailments and chronic diseases. The cost of poor sleep is much heavier than many of us normally perceive.

Even a simple disruption in our sleep cycle affects our overall mental health. According to Athena Akrami, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at University College London, sleep quality tremendously affects both physical and mental wellness.

While there are various sleep aids, like sleeping pills or prescription medicines, choosing a safe and natural option is important when selecting a health supplement that helps reconstruct the body’s circadian rhythm.

If you are interested in how to correct your body’s sleeping pattern naturally, this review article will comprehensively walk you through the different natural sleep aids available. Continue reading to learn more!

Sleeply Natural Sleep Aid: Product Overview

Sleeply Supplement
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Sleepy - Sleep Aid

Easy-to-swallow pill

Sleeply is considered one of the best natural sleep aids on the market, offering to improve sleep quality without any side effects.

Depends on the package

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

The good thing about this natural sleep aid is that Sleeply offers natural sleep remedies for real people. Unlike other natural sleep supplements claiming to be effective and all-organic, Sleeply is a natural sleep aid for real people that offers real results.

Here are some customer reviews and feedback from its consistent users:

“In the morning, I don’t have that foggy and confused brain like when I took other so-called sleep aids. Shipping is fast, and great customer service. Ask for Jim if you call.”–-Jessica P.

“It helps me get a good night’s sleep and keeps me calm and peaceful! Your customer service is excellent!”–-Monica A.

“I started using Sleeply a couple of months ago, and since then, I’ve been getting longer, better sleep cycles. And, No side effects or tiredness in the morning. Thank you!”–-Diane J.

“Since I use Sleeply, I feel calm, and I sleep thru the night and feel good in the morning. Thanks for the product. Very satisfactory, and will reorder.”–-Jeff T.

“I like Sleeply when I’ve had a stressful workday that requires 4 cups of coffee or more. They help me knock out about 30 mins after I take them. Feel great after I wake up. The familiar ingredient list puts me at ease as well.”–-Joshua P.

“I’ve been struggling with Insomnia since I was nine years old. I’ve tried everything to fix my sleep, from gobs of Melatonin to Lunesta. But even on those nights when I drugged myself to sleep, I’d still wake up around 3 am, like clockwork. I can’t tell you how many times I yelled at myself to ‘shut up and go to sleep!’ It just made the stress of NOT sleeping worse.”–-Mark P.

“It has made a huge difference as opposed to being unable to fall back asleep and watching the clock. Took two capsules around 9 pm and slept through the night. It has been helping me to fix my sleep cycle.”–-Tina S.

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What is Sleeply Supplement?

Sleeply is one of the best natural sleep aids that promise to obtain a good night’s sleep. This science-backed health supplement contains a proprietary blend of nutrients and plant-based ingredients that support your body’s natural sleep cycle.

Unlike over-the-counter sleep aids, Sleeply enhances sleep quality, boosts energy levels, and improves mood during the day. CBN, a compound that interacts with the endocannabinoid system, promotes the relaxation of your entire body and helps restore the brain’s sleep cells.

Sleeply is an effective remedy for several things that can cause insomnia, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps improve focus, memory recall, and concentration during the day. The ingredients are all-natural so you can take this supplement safely without any side effects.

Each ingredient is made in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the United States. This ensures the highest quality and safety standards. Sleeply also has a money-back guarantee to try it without risk.

How does Sleeply work?

Sleeply - Sleep Aid reviews

Many of us wonder if these so-called natural sleep aids are safe to consume. Just like this Sleeply sleep supplements, it is imperative that we fully understand how these medicines work in our bodies.

Your body’s ability to sleep is connected to the neurotransmitter GABA. When there are disruptions in your GABA levels, it can be difficult for you to fall asleep. However, when your GABA levels remain balanced and optimal, falling asleep becomes effortless and restful.

Now that we understand how crucial GABA levels are in the body, we must ensure that GABA levels remain manageable. Sleeply works by keeping the GABA in its best state. By ensuring that it is well-balanced, we benefit by being able to handle various stressful situations that may sometimes affect our mental well-being.

Sleeply also helps the body produce hormones such as melatonin without needing to supply melatonin supplements to support melatonin production. It helps increase the quality of sleep and reduce daytime fatigue. Sleeply helps promote healthy cortisol levels throughout the day, influencing alertness and regulating stress hormones.

Natural sleep aids are known to offer soothing effects to the body. Sleeply contains CBN, which is referred to as a “sleep nutrient” derived from hemp plants. Hemp plants are rich in CBD, offering many health benefits, including relaxation, stress relief, and quality sleep.

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What are the Benefits of Sleeply?

Sleeply is a sleep supplement, unlike others. It contains essential nutrients and minerals combined in various melatonin supplements and magnesium supplements.

With a powerful blend of organic components approved and verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Sleeply is one of the best sleep aids to trust. Here are more of the benefits you can gain with consistent use:

Promote Sleep Quality

Sleeply is an effective natural sleep aid that contains ingredients that boosts serotonin, melatonin, and other hormones that your body produces naturally to help you fall asleep quickly.

Reduce Stress

Sleeply also contains ingredients like Shoden Ashwagandha, which is great for calming the nerves so you can practice good sleep hygiene and get rid of insufficient sleep along with other sleep issues like mild insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Uninterrupted Relaxation

As you soothe your mind with the natural herbs and minerals in Sleeply, this sleep supplement also helps you obtain uninterrupted relaxation and saves people who have trouble falling asleep, often experiencing waking up in the middle of their sleep, leading to poor sleep quality.

Rejuvenates the Mind

Sleeply contains ingredients that are directly linked to sleep improvements and mind rejuvenation. Obtaining sleep quality also promotes better focus and sharper mental clarity. This rejuvenates your mind, boosting your energy levels and making you feel refreshed all day!

Why is Sleeply Effective?

Sleeply - Sleep Aid reviews

The main reason that makes Sleeply one of the best natural sleep aids ever in the market lies primarily in its unique formulation. The formula has undergone various investigations by third-party facilities.

Sleeply contains a good amount of Valerian root that helps improve sleep quality by interacting with the brain’s GABA receptors. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health conducted a systematic review of randomized, placebo-controlled trials of Valerian root. Research suggests positive results with no harmful side effects.

Another main ingredient found in Sleeply is CBN or Cannabinol. This is quite a controversial ingredient as many believe it is addictive with high THC levels. Contrary to the common belief, CBN is a cannabinoid derived from hemp plants and not marijuana, rich in CBD with low THC levels.

The difference between CBD and THC is that the latter is considered a psychoactive substance with euphoric effects. Conversely, CBN works differently by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which helps reduce pain and inflammation and induces sleepiness.

This claim has been supported by a 2017 study and shows science-based evidence of how effective this compound is in treating various health ailments, including sleep-related issues.

In another study conducted in 2018, Rafuma, one of the main ingredients of Sleeply, has shown anti-depressant properties that help lower stress levels and improve mental health. This organic component has been used in China for thousands of years back.

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What are the ingredients of Sleeply?

sleepy ingredients

As one of the best natural sleep aids that are safe and effective in improving sleep quality and making you fall asleep faster, Sleeply is formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients.

These ingredients are all tested by third-party facilities to ensure each contains nutrients that help you fall asleep and solve various sleep problems. Here is a detailed discussion of each ingredient included in the formulation of this sleep medicine:

Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabinol (CBN) contains sleep aids nutrients derived from hemp plants. This unique nutrient helps regulate GABA receptors that refuel the sleep dial and helps you achieve a deep sleep that keeps you awake longer. CBN can also be in the form of essential oil, which can be taken in oils, gums, and even foods.

Studies have linked the use of CBN with increased levels of melatonin in the body, which is especially helpful for those having difficulty sleeping and dealing with sleep problems like mild insomnia or severe sleep issues.

Shoden Ashwagandha

Shoden Ashwagandha helps to keep cortisol levels normal, enabling you to have a relaxed and peaceful feeling. This ingredient helps revitalize your energy levels, lowers anxiousness, and calms the mind, giving you quality sleep throughout the night.

It also boosts serotonin production, which enhances your mood and makes you feel pleasant. Studies suggest that Shoden Ashwagandha can improve brain functions such as concentrating power, learning capacity, memory recall, and reaction time.


Another prominent ingredient included in the formulation of this sleep medicine is Rafuma, an essential ingredient that helps you fall asleep faster. Rafuma enhances GABA receptors’ performance, leading to a relaxed mind. In addition, it can provide an overall sleep quality.


Another ingredient included in this sleep medicine is L-Theanine, which positively affects sleep patterns and achieves a regular sleep schedule. Since this amino acid bypasses the blood-brain barrier, this amino acid can quickly influence the chemicals within our central nervous system.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is one of the natural sleep aids that are safe and effective. It helps people with poor sleep by increasing GABA levels in the brain. Valerian root also helps improve sleep quality and latency, reducing anxiety, tension, and high blood pressure that causes acute or mild sleep disturbances.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom helps reduce the time it takes for you to fall asleep. Thus, with this ingredient, Sleeply is unlike other sleep aids on the market as it also helps you fall asleep earlier, letting you stick to your desired sleeping pattern and regular sleep schedule.

Reishi mushrooms induce sleep and have calming effects on the body that help you relax, diminishing stress hormones that might prevent you from getting to sleep. It is also said to contain antioxidants which act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Who is Sleeply best for?

Sleeply formula is designed for those who have trouble sleeping or need prescription sleep aids to fall asleep.

Unlike other sleep supplements, Sleeply does not only promote sleep but also aids poor sleep patterns, treating insomnia, whether mild or chronic insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

However, this sleep aid comes with its fair share of limitations. Sleeping pills and other natural sleep aids are not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and those individuals taking other medicines for specific ailments.

Sleeply Pros and Cons

✅ Cannabinol which is a prominent ingredient of this sleep supplement, offers various health benefits other than treating people having trouble sleeping.❌ Stocks may run out faster, and restocking may take time.
✅ Sleeply is unlike other certain natural sleep aids because it contains 100% organic formula.❌ Individual results may vary.
✅ It does not contain any artificial preservatives or stimulants that cause harmful side effects.
✅ It also offers a money-back guarantee for ultimate customer satisfaction.
✅ Sleeply sleep aid formula is approved and verified by FDA.

Sleeply Cost and Discounts

sleeply pricing

Sleeply sleeping pill is now offered in various packages and discount promos. According to their official website, you will get BONUSES about improving sleep and overall wellness whenever you purchase a bulk supply.

  • Starter Package: Get one bottle of Sleeply, good for 30 days supply, and two BONUSES for only $59 per bottle.
  • Most Popular Package: Get two bottles of Sleeply, good for 60 days, and two BONUSES for only $98 or $49 per bottle.
  • Best Value Package: Get five bottles of Sleeply, good for 150 days, and two BONUSES for only $195 or $39 per bottle.

Bonus 1: Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep

The first free bonus contains detailed information on consistently falling and staying asleep. It offers comprehensive guides, tips, and strategies to empower you to sleep longer and better and wake up feeling well-rested.

Bonus 2: Re-setting Your Wellness

The second freebie will surprise you with tactics to channel increased energy and focus from improved sleep quality. This book provides simple ideas and suggestions to improve all areas of your life.

Generally, each book is priced at $27 per copy, but if you purchase Sleeply, the best sleep aid in the market, directly from their official website, you will get copies for FREE!

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Refund Policy

Sleeply also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to all its customers. This refund policy guarantees that customers can return any product within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

Customers must contact Sleeply directly to initiate the refund process. Refunds will be issued via the same payment method used at the purchase and may take up to 14 business days to appear in your account.

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Overall, Sleeply is an impressive sleep aid supplement, especially if you are having trouble keeping your circadian rhythm in its best pattern. Natural sleep aids such as Sleeply, accompanied by regular exercise and healthy diet choices, can help anyone cope with sleep disturbances and return to a healthy sleeping routine.

By improving your sleeping routine, you will get more energy during the day and start feeling better in no time. So why wait? Give Sleeply a try today and enjoy its amazing benefits! With its natural ingredients, it is sure to provide you with the restful sleep you deserve.

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Sleeply​​ Reviews FAQs

Is Sleeply Sleep Aids safe to consume?

Yes. Sleeply sleeping pills and dietary supplements are made with all-natural ingredients and plant-based extracts that offer no harmful side effects. Unless you are allergic to the listed natural ingredient, this sleep aid is safe.

How to consume Sleeply?

It is best to take one pill of Sleeply 30 minutes before bedtime to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep with improved alertness the next day!

Is Sleeply supplement available on Amazon?

No. Sleeply supplements are only available for purchase directly from their official website. There are no official third-party distributors have been announced yet.

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