7 Ways Health and Safety Training Can Benefit Your Business

By Isabella Lee

May 27, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

safety training in the workplace

It is a known fact that human resources are a business’ most important asset. The effort that your staff personnel put into their respective work tasks is a huge determining factor as to whether you get to achieve your financial objectives or not.

As a business owner or manager, it is, therefore, crucial to ensure working conditions are safe and comfortable enough for maximum employee productivity.

You need to ensure that your team is adequately trained on how to abide by the relevant industry health and safety practices. Read on to find more about how providing your staff with Workplace Health and Training (WHS) can benefit your business.

Minimizes Workplace Illnesses

If your staff personnel are well-trained on procedures for safeguarding themselves and their colleagues from risks to their health within the workplace, workplace-related health issues are less likely to occur.

For instance, training your team on hygiene procedures when handling food in the staff kitchen helps in reducing food contamination incidents. This has a positive impact on the overall productivity of your business; if more employees were to take time out due to illnesses, less time would be spent working to make a profit.

Improves Employee Productivity

safety in the workplace

If your business involves staff sitting at their workstations for extended periods of time, introducing staff health training sessions will be beneficial. This will encourage them to take walks during breaks and adopt appropriate exercise regimens and meal routines. Overall,  this can help your team maintain a positive mindset.

There’s a depressing feeling that comes with monotonous tasks, which usually tends to affect one’s engagement levels as time goes on. Such therapeutic practices help individuals relieve themselves of this feeling, as they’re able to take their mind off work for a while.

Employees can also be trained on how to effectively handle work-related pressure without letting it take a toll on them. This helps them ward off stress, which could pose a serious mental health risk and affect their concentration. A mentally healthy employee is usually the most productive. They’re able to maintain tunnel vision focus without being distracted by other weighing issues.

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Minimizes Workplace Injury Incidents

Training your team members on the relevant safety standards and procedures improves their equipment-handling skills. This greatly reduces the chances of an accident occurring due to improper equipment use.

If you’re in the construction business, ensuring your workers undertake and complete the necessary safety courses minimizes chances of a forklift driver injuring himself, or a site worker being a victim of a fatal fall.

A good training program ensures that staff is instructed on the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), when to use them and how to effectively wear them. If your business involves handling chemicals, training staff on safe handling and storage will also reduce the frequency of accidents.

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Improves Workplace Communication

Typically, WHS training usually incorporates informing staff personnel of the recommended communication protocol whenever they observe a health or safety hazard. This helps with timely rectification of the risk issue before the risk manifests itself, with potentially serious consequences to your business’ personnel. You need to draw out a good WHS communication plan that details who should be contacted and via what means, whenever one identifies a health or safety hazard.

Helps With Legislative Compliance

The Department of Labor requires all business owners to ensure that their workplace environs are free of any known health and safety risks. This includes training staff personnel on how to maintain safety within the workplace. Failure to do so amounts to a breach of Federal legislation and exposes your business to legal battles and penalties that are likely to harm your financial security. In extreme cases, your business permit may even be canceled.

Helps With Your Business’ Image

The reputation that you build with your consumers has a very huge influence on your financial gains down the line. If customers come to your place of business and observe that they’re served in a meticulous manner, with staff members going the extra mile to observe health and safety standards, they’re more likely to be impressed by your brand. Training your customer service staff on health and safety practices is, therefore, a worthy investment.

Strengthens Workplace Relations

workplace safety

When you invest in training resources to facilitate your team members’ training, you’re investing in their professional development. Employees appreciate an employer who is proactive in facilitating their career development and repay such employers through increased engagement, as they now trust you more.

The importance of training on health and safety standards and practices cannot be undermined. From productivity benefits to injury reduction and legislative compliance, the benefits of WHS training are definitely numerous.

Isabella Lee is a freelance HR consultant and writer. After working for several high profile businesses in the city, Isabella is now supporting businesses through difficult times as an independent consultant. Isabella is currently writing for Effective Software, with a focus on improving health and safety as a catalyst for internal change.

Isabella Lee

Isabella has worked with businesses all over the world to help build their online communities and is currently collaborating with UMC Solutions. When Isabella isn't helping to build communities she's often found working on her own blog, or making travel plans.

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