6 Strategies to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

By prince kapoor

December 10, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Happy and productive employees help a company to grow. Whereas, unproductivity at a workplace can make a company’s profitability suffer.

Even the most dedicated worker can become unproductive. This is one good reason why every company owner or supervisor should take the time to motivate their employees and boost their productivity.

Below, we’ll share super effective strategies to increase productivity in the workplace.

Remove useless meetings

unproductive meeting

Timely communication and cooperation can make a company successful but, meetings aren’t the only way to do so. Arranging a meeting every now and then can waste everyone’s time.

Meetings should always be done only for discussing important or necessary topics. Also, since meetings can make employees feel bored, consider setting up a meeting with a clear agenda and plan.

Take help from modern technology

It is quite normal to not feel innovative when employees use tech that’s not advanced. Old tech undoubtedly requires more time and effort to complete a task.

Companies can increase productivity by using modern software. It can also save them a lot of time and effort, allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks. Additionally, the latest technology can help them at every step of a task — from project management to email marketing.

Encouraging posters display

Encouraging posters are a great source of motivation and encouragement. Displaying quotations like “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” where your employees work is a wonderful idea. You can make posters within minutes by using tools like Canva. It’s a wonderful designing tool that is easy to operate even for people with no designing background.


Everyone feels motivated when their efforts are recognized and rewarded. It helps them to work even better for the next time. Company managers or owners should be well aware of what motivates their employees the most.

Introducing awards, for example, highly encourages everyone to be more productive. Team dinners are a great way of celebrating new milestones while doing a project. Paid leaves on a quarterly basis is another way to keep them satisfied and efficient.

Companies that take care of their employees’ interests will always have a positive review and experience.

Organized workflow

The most common complaint of employees is mismanagement in the workplace. A system that can track employees workload and accountability can save you from that.

Productivity often suffers when the managers are unaware of what the employees are currently handling and working on. Organizing a proper workflow can make a significant difference by helping the team to be on the same page.


By teaching managers how to delegate, one can considerably increase their productivity. It promotes better work and enhances their leadership quality. A sense of autonomy is generated among the employees and that empowers them more. This is an amazing way to develop trust, too.

prince kapoor

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