Lincat Pizza Oven – What Makes it Special?

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Lincat Pizza Oven has the intense power to bring authentic tasting pizza with their “Electric counter-top Pizza Oven”. It is a commercial-grade pizza oven that is ideal for pizzerias, cafes, and restaurants.

Lincat Pizza Oven Features

Looks / Appearance

This pizza oven Lincat electric-powered equipment is a twin-deck oven that can cook 4 pizzas by 10 inches in size per deck. It has a base made out of fire bricks to achieve an authentic taste of the pizzas from the Lincat Pizza Oven. It has internal illumination that gives you a view of what’s cooking inside. It has a double glazed door to save electricity consumption by a safe though glass.


Being a commercial-grade pizza oven Lincat has manufactured, this equipment was designed to cope up with the demand. Each of the 2 deck will cook 4 pizzas at the same time that gives you a total of 8 pizzas that can be cooked simultaneously. Fully powered by electricity and has mechanical control over the temperature. The maximum heat it can reach is 480 degrees Celcius. This pizza oven also has an audible timer that can remind the baker about the time.

Aside from cooking your thin crust fresh dough pizza in this pizza oven, you can also cook a lot of other dishes with it too. Some of the dishes you can cook with it are garlic bread, lasagna, pies, loaf, pastries, naan, and more.

Ease of Use

The independent control of the temperature gives you your desired phase in cooking. Each of the decks also has a separate thermostatic gauge for you to be able to monitor the temperature precisely.

lincat pizza oven


Independent Control – Having this feature lets you manage the use of your oven well. You can completely use one deck without touching the other deck that can save you electricity.

Multi-purpose – This pizza oven lets you cook not just your pizza but also pastry or non-pastry dishes with it. Perfect for baked or frozen pizzas as well as bake deep-pan thin-crust pizza, ciabatta naan, and garlic bread,

Fire Brick Base – Although it’s fully electric, you can still have an authentic pizza with a crispy crust on it because of its firebrick base surface.

Temperature Gauge – Each of the two decks has a separate temperature gauge that can help you monitor the heat inside.


Heavy Weight – This pizza oven weighs a total of 109.9 kg, it requires a professional engineer for the installation of this oven. It doesn’t come with a base or stand but you can purchase a separate table for it at an additional cost.

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Whom Is This Pizza Oven For?

Photo by Matteo Modica on Unsplash

This oven is designed to be used by restaurants, cafes and snack bars, pizza stores,s or any commercial commissary that caters to fast phased consumer products like pizza and other pastry products.

Specifications and Technical Details

  • Height – 26 inches / 66.5 cm
  • Width – 34 inches / 88.6 cm
  • Depth – 32 inches / 82.5 cm
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Weight: 109.9 kg
  • Temperature Control: Mechanical
  • Range of Temperature in Celcius: 80-480

Where Can This Electric CounterTop Pizza Oven Be Used? 

You can assign a spot inside your kitchen for this. It’s a countertop oven so make sure you have a stable counter or table for this. Alternatively, you can purchase the add-on table specially made for this countertop oven but for an additional cost.

What Is So Awesome About This Oven?

It has the capacity to cook 8 pieces of pizza by 10 inches in size simultaneously. The temperature control is independent of each other which gives you better management of the heat and energy efficiency. You can still have a taste of authentic pizza even if this pizza oven is fully electric because of the fire brick base feature.

Why Do I Need To Purchase The Lincat Electric Counter Top Pizza Oven?

There are lots of commercial-grade pizza oven out there, but why should I purchase this over them? I enumerated the reasons why you should purchase it:

  • Given that it is designed to use commercially, you can find its price affordable for the features and quality that it is made of.
  • Multi-purpose from deep pan thin crust fresh pizza to other foods such as ciabatta, naan, lasagne, and other pastries.
  • The double-deckers can cook 8 pizzas at the same time which can let you serve more to your customer at a much faster time.
  • Get an authentic pizza quality by cooking here because of the fire brick feature that it has.

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Overall Verdict

This Lincat Pizza Oven has a pristine quality with energy efficiency, ease of use, and capacity without having to pay so much. It is affordable than other ovens of its caliber, very efficient, and durable for an electric pizza oven. I love how it can truly bring me back to the Centro Storico District of Naples with the authentic flavor it can bring. The crispy crust pizza it can cook can make you think it’s worth it. Find your nearest distributor and order yours now.

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