Why Your Small Business Must Have an Internal Employee App?

By Marilou Alcaide

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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An internal employee app is a great way for organizations to engage with their employees. This is more so for small businesses, where employees play a critical role. Large businesses have regular inflow and outflow of human resources. Small businesses work with a small team of people and it is very important to retain the employees to avoid business disruptions. Employee engagement can play an important role here. Engaging with employees helps in making them more committed to the job. This helps in employee satisfaction and retention.

While there are multiple strategies to help in employee engagement, one of the simple and effective ways to do it is through an employee app. An internal employee engagement app would be effective in doing this. Such an app would run on the smartphone of the employee. It is known that people like to use their own devices. Most organizations prohibit using personal devices at work. With an internal employee app, employees are encouraged to use their phones at work to access the app. This is definitely a move that employees would be happy with.

What an Internal Employee App Can Do?

A small business can have many benefits by using an internal employee app. These benefits illustrate the importance of having such an app.

It Ensures Open Communication

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Communication is very essential in small businesses. An organization that encourages communication and allows free flow of information will improve its effectiveness. An employee communication app can help with this. The app allows employees to interact with each other using a single channel. Using multiple channels like e-mail, chat, social media, etc., can lead to some messaging being missed out.

When everyone uses an internal app, communication is improved. It ensures transparency as everyone knows what is happening in the organization. It ensures people are constantly engaging with each other and with the management. This creates a better work environment, which would help in improved productivity. Above all, this can ensure better feedback for the management which can be used to improve business operations.

Helps in Recognition and Reward

Employees do not work just for a salary, they work to achieve goals. An employee who achieves goals needs to be recognized. A simple word of appreciation can be very effective in motivating employees and, thus, helping them be better engaged with their work. An internal app can be used to recognize work achievements. A transparent reward system can ensure that hardworking employees are suitably rewarded. Such a system motivates everyone in the organization.

Ensures Employee Development

An internal employee app can be used not just for communication but also for training. Employee training, which is crucial for organizations, can be delivered through an app. This is easy and convenient for both the organization and the employee. Small training modules can be delivered through the app. This allows employees to upgrade their skills periodically. Such a move would help in improving employee engagement.

Better Work Scheduling

Service organizations work on tight schedules. The absence of an employee can affect work. Work scheduling plays an important role. When an app is used, work scheduling can be managed more effectively. Managing work shifts, assigning jobs, etc., can be done using the app. When someone goes on leave or wants to change their shift/schedule, they can do it easily through the app. It would also ensure that everyone is informed about the change in advance, so there is no confusion.

Monitor Employee Satisfaction

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A satisfied employee is unlikely to quit the organization. Small businesses need to work hard to retain talent. An internal employee app can help them do this. The app can be used to get regular feedback from employees through surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms. All these can be easily administered. The feedback from employees can be used to solve employee problems and act on their suggestions. This can be very helpful in keeping employees satisfied, which will reduce turnover.

The benefits listed explain why a small business must invest in an internal employee app. The app would improve communication, and help in effective employee engagement. All these would help a small business improve employee retention and enhance its business effectiveness.

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