Here Are 4 Ways to Redesign Your Logo Better

By Jack leo

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how do you design a logo

A successful logo is modern, compatible with the modern designs and trends, and expresses the company’s mission effectively. Your company or brand’s strengths and business values should be expressed through your logo. If you feel that your logo design is prosaic, it needs to be revamped.

There are many reasons why a logo may need to be redesigned. It can be anything from the change of business to change of trends. These things are quite common when you are running a company. Another instance where your company logo may need to be changed is some merger or a new business associated with it. Simply put, when you need a logo design makeover, the doors for success open up for you.

Here are some tips to effectively upgrade your logo and strategically upgrade it.

Prepare Your Customers

Everyone does not easily accept change. Logo designing is no different. That is why you must prepare your clients and targeted audience so that the new design of your brand is accepted quickly by everyone. When consumers are kept unaware, and a mystery is built around the new design, then some people may end up feeling lost.

Some people may even dislike the new logo completely because they are so used to or have such an affiliation with the old one. Please keep them in the loop. In this way, you will also be able to gauge how customers are responding to the change.

This will bring you closer to your customers, and they will feel more involved in your business, which will work better for you in the long term. Mozilla Firefox adopted this strategy and kept their customers in the loop and paid attention to what they were saying while redesigning their logo.

Conduct a Deep Analysis of Your Business

how to design a logo

It is important to analyze your business when you are planning to redesign your logo or thinking of hiring a logo designing company to do it. This strategy would allow you to create a logo that would truly meet your expectations. Companies change over time.

The strategies on which the company’s values were based initially change with modern times, and it is extremely necessary too. Take Netflix, for instance. They used to rent out DVDs to customers via mail, and now, with the ever-evolving internet era, their missions and values have altered completely.

You need to answer some basic questions to analyze your business. Your values – what are
they, and what has changed? Your target audience. Has it changed or evolved? What are their choices? While it is evident that you need a logo, if you are targeting a new market and customers, it is equally essential to keep old and faithful customers in mind too.

The old customers were the ones who were with you when you took baby steps, and whatever design you choose for your logo, they should not be thrown off completely.

Maintain a Connection with Your Roots

Maintaining a consistent connection with the roots of your brand or company is extremely
crucial. You especially need to convey this message if you plan to hire logo designing services.

Maintaining similarities to the older versions of your logos is also necessary if you already have a market presence and have a strong brand image. If you try something completely new, it may bounce back. When you redesign your logo, your customers should be able to recognize you even when they see the first draft. Just see what can be modified according to the current trends and styles.

Adidas, the sports brand, is a great example of such a process. Despite changing several logos over the years, their three-striped design remained.

Experiment with Diverse Versions

design a logo

The final tip for successful logo designing is that it is of utmost importance that you must try different versions. Add various modifications like removing or adding a few details or whatever comes to your mind. Dare to experiment with different elements and see how the logo looks, and you can finally understand which change looks better.

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