Fornetto Alto Wood Fueled Pizza Oven Quick Review

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

fornetto pizza oven

The Fornetto is known to be an amazing outdoor oven that is built using quality materials that giving it its own value and class.

Simple, traditional design, average modern styling. Its dual functionality and top-notch cooking performances.

These are a few of the many reasons the Fornetto Alto Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a great product for your outdoor use in your yard or garden.

Fornetto Alto Wood Fueled Pizza Oven Overview


  • Beautiful design
  • Having extras such as grills, smokers and bakes
  • Come with a warming drawer
  • Can achieve maximum temperatures of 650°C


  • This oven isn’t a good choice for newbies in cooking pizzas.
fornetto pizza oven

Who is This Fornetto Alto Wood Fueled Pizza Oven For?

Do you love cooking at home and do spend most of your time cooking outdoors? Consider getting yourself this pizza oven. When you choose to use this oven, you will always present food in time for your loved ones and even friends.

This oven uses wood as fuel and comes with a removable smoker box.  This will always add flavour to your food making it taste natural and traditional.

You can add smoking chips to the separate removable smoker box. It will add more flavour that is needed to give your food a custom taste.

Again, the stainless steel oven boasts a 61.2-litre capacity. That is a better option for family use and when having your friends around.

You will also enjoy the powered halogen light found in the oven compartment. Guaranteed to help you check the food easily without having to open the door that makes the oven lose heat.

With the heat plates in place, you can choose to use the 50 litre capacity with the warming drawer. You can also use it to always ensure that your food is always warm without the fear of having it overcooked.

Lastly, when the drawer is not in use you can always use it as storage for other purposes.

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Before rushing to buy the Fornetto alto wood-fired oven, consider these specifications first:

fornetto pizza oven
  • Know the Colour choices prior to purchase – You will also decide to choose either the Red or Ecru colour.
  • Know the Dimensions – 1946(H) x 650(W) x 653(D)mm
  • Usage – This oven is recommended for outdoor use only
  • Fuel type– as for this oven, you will use either charcoal or wood

Where Can I Use The Fornetto Alto Wood Fueled Pizza Oven?

fornetto pizza oven

This pizza oven is only suitable for outdoor use. Consider using the Fornetto alto wood-fired oven in your yard, pillion or even garden. You can’t use this oven indoors or in your kitchen.

What Makes This Oven awesome? 

fornetto pizza oven

Do you love certain tastes or flavours that are added to foods naturally when relaxing outdoor? If so, then you will love the Fornetto Alto pizza oven and smoker.

It adds a delicious smoky flavour to your dishes making them unique and custom made to the preferences of your family, friends or guests. This wood-fired oven and smoker will also cater for all the pizza sizes and dishes.

This is done through the warming drawer below the firebox. It keeps all your meals warm before you are ready to serve them or when you have other issues to fix before having a meal together outdoors.

The Fornetto is known to be an amazing outdoor oven and even a smoker that is built using quality materials that gives it its own value and class. Fornetto oven is always made up of large study wheels that are always made to support the oven and also enable you to easily put the oven in any place that you want to station it.

Other things that can perfectly describe this oven are the steel interior that also comes in place. The amazing touch handles and valves, ceramic bricks for heat retention, halogen oven light too.

Also, an in-built thermometer that is located at the oven door and an extra warming drawer that enables it to have a perfectly built finishing. You will also decide to choose either the Red or Ecru colour of the Fornetto wood-fired oven.

Apart from that, the separate fire chamber makes the lightening of this oven easier. Even when you choose to use either charcoal or wood and lastly a removable ashtray that helps in the entire cleaning of the wood-fired pizza oven at the end.

Besides that, the control valves and also damper control aids in enabling the overall airflow and also smoke in managing the general oven temperature. You also need to know that the perfectly designed ventilation system can also be opened.

This is to let the smoke flow from the fire chamber to the oven, or can also be closed to allow the baking process.

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Why Should I Buy This Oven? 

Are you wondering whether the Fornetto Alto wood-fired oven is worth your money? Well, this oven is considered to be beautiful, versatile, and also effective.

The cast iron doors, and also a tuff steel construction will always promise safe operation whenever you are using this pizza oven to cook all your foods.

Besides all the above amazing features in place, you will also enjoy the Cool-touch Chimney Damper Control and Air Control Valves that aid you in controlling the overall airflow that regulates the temperature.

Do you always warm your food? If so, then you might also choose to use this pizza oven as an outdoor heater.

Lastly, this oven also comes with a 1-year non-commercial warranty upon purchase.

Final Verdict

fornetto pizza oven
Photo by Valiant Made on Unsplash

Many outdoor lovers vouch for the Fornetto Alto wood-fired oven since it’s always easy to use and also safe even if it involves using wood or charcoal as fuel.

I’d recommend it for anyone who would like to add a pizza oven in his or her garden or yard for making a weekend or holiday. The Fornetto Alto wood-fired oven can guarantee a delicious, flavorful, smoked, baked and roasted meals.

With the Fornetto Alto wood-fired oven, be rest assured that your guests, family and friends will always enjoy delicious cooked pizzas and also dishes.

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