La Hacienda Steel Multi-Function Pizza Oven Review

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

La Hacienda Pizza Oven

Pizza is a constant thing that we see in every family gathering or at a party with friends. But why pizza is the menu choice of all picky preschoolers and hungry teenagers? The reason behind this is because pizzas are irresistible, easy to make, and customizable for a wide range of dietary preferences and La Hacienda Pizza Oven has makes things much easier to make a homemade pizza than ever before. With enough cheese, tomato and chili sauce, mushrooms, and arugula – homemade pizzas are the perfect meal. It is a great addition to your outdoor spaces with all the amazing features. If you are looking for a pizza oven set in outdoors then La Hacienda Pizza Oven is the best choice for you. In this article, you will get to know about La Hacienda Pizza Oven that how it works, who can use it, what makes it different from other ovens, and is it really a good choice or not?

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la hacienda pizza oven

La Hacienda Pizza Oven Review

La Hacienda Pizza Oven is an outdoor pizza oven also named as ‘Lorenzo oven’. It is the perfect pizza maker for those who want to make pizza outdoor at home. It is a multi-functional oven that is constructed with durable steel along with stylish black-coated paint and stainless steel flue. Whether you want to make BBQ style smoked fish or meat orArtisan-style pizza or bbq style pizza – La Hacienda Pizza oven is suitable one for you. Because of its multi-functional properties, you could use this oven for several purposes. Itcan be bought at Amazon UK for approximately £35,000.

Let’s have a look at the design of La Hacienda Pizza!

Product Description

La Hacienda Pizza Oven also known as ‘Lorenzo Oven’ is a high quality, outdoor pizza oven comes with all the features that you want to from a reliable and good pizza oven. With its compact and stylish look, it is a great way to make pizza outdoors for your friends and family. La Hacienda Pizza Oven is not limited to making perfect pizzas in minutes but it is also suitable for cooking fish, meat, bread, cookies, vegetables, and more. It has insulated stainless steel that gives premium heat retention. With its easy-to-read temperature gauge, La Hacienda Pizza oven gives an ultimate cooking performance.

  • La Hacienda Pizza Oven is perfect for making pizzas, casseroles, fish, roast, vegetables, and meat.
  • This pizza oven comes with a pizza stone.
  • It can cooks up pizza for 2 people at one time.
  • La Hacienda Pizza oven is designate to make pizzas outdoors only. Although, it is recommended to store the oven inside when it is not in use.
la hacienda pizza oven

Important Things to Consider:

  • A pizza stone is a natural product so its color can change over time but this will not affect the performance of your oven.
  • One does not need to wash the entire stone. In order to clean pizza stone, do not use any detergents or cleaning agents. Just maintain the heat in your Pizza oven for 15 minutes after you finish cooking and just scrape away any remaining residue. Only this process is enough to clean the oven. Do not wash the entire pizza stone. Just remove the Pizza Oven from the grill once it gets cool completely. Just don’t use water to speed up the cooling process.


Here are the specifications of La Hacienda Pizza Oven:

  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Diameter: 37 m
  • Available colors: Black Stainless Steel
  • Fuel: Wood burning, wood not included
  • Usage: Outdoor use only
  • Warranty: One year
la haciena pizza oven


  • Straightforward construction
  • Made from 95 % steel
  • Sleek modern design
  • Easy  to use
  • Multi-functional
  • Rapid heat up – in 10 minutes
  • Suitable for use with gas or charcoal barbecues


  • The temperature of the oven becomes quite inconsistent for a while when the door is opened.

Who Can Use this Pizza Oven?

La Hacienda Pizza Oven is perfect for those people who are new to pizza making. Incredibly versatile that gives innovation to your cooking experience. With its heavy-duty and stainless steel, La Hacienda Pizza.The oven is perfect for those who want to enjoy outdoor pizza parties. It does not have wheels that make it perfect for those who plan on staying at one place. La Hacienda Pizza oven lacks wheels like other compact oven options, but in comparison, it makes up for power and durability.

Why is La Hacienda Pizza Oven Perfect for Beginners?

La Hacienda Pizza Oven is perfect for beginners because there is no need to assemble it. They are ready to use without any assembling process. Just unpack and use it to make your delicious meal! People usually face difficulty while assembling the ovens but La Hacienda Pizza Oven has this edge that one does not need it to assemble it before using it.Moreover, La Hacienda is easy to use which makes it feasible to everyone. It comes with several tools that help you in making the perfect pizza every time even if you’re a beginner.

Where Can I Use This Oven?

la hacienda pizza oven

Now you know well about La Hacienda Pizza Oven but this question must be in your mind that where can I use this oven? Just like most of the wood-burning stoves, La Hacienda Pizza Oven is perfect for outdoor use only. This also makes it stand out among all the other pizza ovens. It has a chimney in order to release smoke, heat, and keeping the stable oxygen flow so it can reach the ideal temperature to make a pizza which is up to 550 degrees Celsius. Just not only for pizzas, if you are tired of making pizza you can also try other things like brilliant barbecue and smoker for some other delicious meals. La Hacienda Pizza Oven is an all-rounder to make several dishes from pizzas to chicken roast for your outdoor backyard parties.

What Makes this Oven Different?

What makes La Hacienda Pizza Oven different from all other ovens? Which features make them stand out among all the other ovens? La Hacienda Pizza Oven has a stylish sleek design that makes it different from all the other ovens. But the good thing is that La Hacienda outdoor pizza oven not just has a stylish design but it also has so many functions by which you could do some real food exploration. With its three amazing functions, pizza oven, barbecue, and smoker – there are numerous food possibilities to try. Although it does not have wheels that make it difficult to transport from one place to another but still, its lightweight makes it incredibly stable and durable for lots of experimentation. Here are some of the amazing features of La Hacienda Pizza

An oven that makes it different from all the other ovens:

  • For longevity and durability, it is made of entire steel and stainless steel that also gives it a unique and sleek design
  • It is finished with a black and high temperature paint that gives it a modern look than all the other ovens
  • La Hacienda Pizza oven has three functions and its barbecue and smoker settings make it unique from all the other ovens
  • It has a temperature gauge, removable ash gauge for easy cleaning and a cooling rack.
  • La Hacienda Pizza oven comes with a  pizza stone and chrome-plated cooking grill

Design of La Hacienda Pizza Oven

La Hacienda Pizza oven has lavish looks that are given to them from durable steel along with stainless steel. The black-coated high-temperature finishing all over the equipment gives it a vintage and stylish look. It has a black rain cover to securely store the oven especially when not in use which is sold separately.

la hacienda pizza oven

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Is La Hacienda Oven Easy to Use?

Yes, La Hacienda oven is easy to use as it comes with manual instructions. The manual comes with the instructions which is; put the oven on the gas barbecue before proceeding to turning it on.

How hot does the La Hacienda Oven get?

La hacienda oven is only for outdoor usage. It has a chimney in order to release smoke, heat, and keeping the stable oxygen flow so it can reach the ideal temperature to make a pizza which is up to 550 degrees Celsius.

la hacienda pizza oven

How Easy is it to store La Hacienda Oven?

La Hacienda Oven does not have wheels that make it difficult to transport from one place to another. So, after using it keep the La Hacienda oven anywhere indoors.

How long does it take to make a pizza?

A simple recipe- Margherita took 5 minutes at most, so you have to flip the pizza several times to get a consistent finish around the edges. Same as every pizza, this is determined by how thin you would roll and then stretch this dough. It took us three before adding fuel. If you started consuming propane there’s no problem.

How easy is it to add pizza into La Hacienda Oven?

Perfect pizza peels don’t come with the ovens. One needs to invest in them. A baking sheet that is flat and contains Semolina or Polenta is effective in getting a perfect pizza peel.

How long does it take to cool down?

The manual instructions say that one should leave it for 2 hours but when the charcoal is always hot it can take longer so you can leave it overnight.


The La Hacienda Pizza Oven is durable and its design is the best thing that you can get if you have an open lawn or a backyard at your place. If you are looking for the best and suitable oven with all the unique features then La Hacienda Pizza oven is the best option you have. With its lavish and vintage design, La Hacienda Pizza oven offers the best features for all the newbies. The only flaw with this device is transportation as it does not has wheels. The La Hacienda Pizza Oven is the perfect segment of pizza ovens with all the bells and whistles to make you a pro in making the best pizza. This oven is best for those who want an oven at the perfect price while covering all the best and go-to features.

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