12 Tips That Build Customer Loyalty And Boost Sales

By PJ Taei

May 8, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

build customer loyalty

Loyal customers can help you stay in business as they faithfully buy your goods and services. They can also refer other customers and help your company build brand recognition.

For these reasons, you want and need to build customer loyalty. The following 12 tips can definitely help you with that.

Build a Relationship

customer loyalty

Value every customer in all aspects of your sales funnel. Start conversations with each customer, build online communities, and show every individual customer that your primary focus is the relationship and not the sale.

Follow Up After Each Sale

The sale doesn’t end when you deliver the goods and your customers pay the bill.

Contact each customer a few days after the sale to ensure they’re satisfied with what they purchased. Make sure they also know how to use the product or service and that it works properly, too.

Say Thank You

Always thank customers for visiting your store or website even if they don’t make a purchase. Your gratitude demonstrates that you care and it boosts feelings of goodwill toward your brand.

Demonstrate your Reliability

Show customers that they can rely on you to deliver quality products or services on a consistent basis. Only promise what you can deliver or make it right if something interferes with your promise.

Be Open and Honest

Never try to hide challenges like power outages or data breaches that can affect your customers. Demonstrate transparency and your plans to correct the issues. Doing so will show that you’re trustworthy.

Anticipate Needs

build a relationship

Get to know your customers and discover additional needs you can meet. Offering relevant products and services can improve long-term relationships and loyalty.

Communicate Personally

When you send emails or promotional snail mail, treat each customer as an individual. Address the customer by name or send a birthday coupon on time. Personalized messages create an emotional bond between your company and customers.

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Admit Mistakes

Expect that your business will make mistakes and prepare to address those mistakes properly. Rather than explain them away or get defensive, take responsibility and seek a resolution that will put your customers first.

Notice Existing Customers

Reach out to your regular customers to remind them that you’ll continue to value them. Assure them that you’ll always be available to meet their needs.

Provide Real-Person Interaction

Use technology to improve efficiency but don’t sacrifice personal touch. Your customers need to know that they can speak to a real person whenever necessary.

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Offer Incentives

Keep customers returning for your products or services by offering beneficial and attractive incentives. A discount coupon for a future purchase, a punch card with a free purchase every fifth visit or another loyalty card will invite customers to continue buying from your company.

Do Something Unexpected

Surprise your customers when you go above and beyond their expectations. Offer random discounts, mail small gifts or host a customer appreciation event. These unexpected actions can demonstrate that you care for your customers beyond the sale.

Customer loyalty helps your business succeed. Implement these 12 tips to build a strong network of loyal customers. What other tips do you recommend?

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