Alfa Forno Allegro Pizza Oven Review: Is it worth it?

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

alfa pizza oven

Alfa Forno Allegro is the best companion for the great chef who loves to show off recipes to everyone.

Who does not love pizza? The world is full of pizza lovers. Especially, if it’s freshly cooked in a wood-burning oven.

Several models or kinds of pizza ovens are available in the market. One is the Gas-fired ovens and Charcoal pizza ovens. These are smaller and more affordable and generally portable and convertible, and the common and widely used electric model.

Traditional and authentic pizzeria uses wood-fired ovens. Heat is made by building a wood fire over the cooking surface until it reaches the perfect temperature. This then creates that perfect crisp of the pizza crust and a smoky taste.

Wood-fired oven pizza can offer you the rich flavor and traditional cooking practices your culinary passion deserves. Adding a wood-fired pizza oven in your yard or garden will definitely transform your ordinary pizza into an Italian pizza experience.

Quality pizza ovens are not at all cheap. It is an investment that you should maximize to get your money worth.

alfa pizza oven

Alfa Forno Pizza Oven

Ovens alfa gives higher functionality when it comes to heat performance and retention. This is the secret to cooking a perfect crisp alfa pizza. It offers a premium price for premium standard performance. Its dimension is bigger than its contemporaries.

Alfa Forno creates several models or kinds of oven alfa that are available in the local market. Here, you go and see and purchase the item directly. Usually, from local shops is more expensive. The discount offer is lesser. Another downside is the transport of the product to your place.

Some go and buy directly Alfa Forno from the dealer. Dealers give more discounts – you can avail of alfa ovens at a lesser price. However, not all items can be purchased via dealers. We buy most in stores or shops.

Most people nowadays prefer to buy online. Items will be delivered to your doorsteps. It is convenient and affordable. Online stores usually give great discounts to their customers.

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Who is This Pizza Oven For?

Oven Alfa is perfect for the hostess who loves to cook authentic Italian wood-fired pizza, alfa pizza to her friends.  The tradition of cooking pizza on fire together still appeals to her and to her guests.

It also suits a family who loves to entertain and gather friends. Pizza ovens, especially from Alfa Forno, are a grand centerpiece in the family’s outdoor scene.

Imagine a perfect family gathering where lavish food, drinks, and wine on the table are set up. Over the fire of the pizza oven, the aroma of food sends a tingling sensation to your taste buds.

Alfa Forno is the best companion for the great chef who loves to show off his recipes to everyone. It is made for you and me, who love a hearty meal, good life, and the camaraderie of friends.


alfa pizza oven
  • Dimensions of oven alfa (Weight x Dimension x Height): 107 x 84.9 x 178.4 cm. It weighs 85.0 kg. Its mouth measures 51.9 cm wide and has a spout height of 21.2 cm.
  • Size of oven alfa: Big enough to accommodate 3 family-sized pizza production and 2kg. bread, but small enough to move around. Alfa Forno is perfectly sized to fit your ideal moveable oven.
  • Temperature: The hob of the alfa Forno oven is made of refractory mortar brick is 2.5 cm thick that perfectly gives a high temperature to cook alfa pizza at a maximum temperature of 400 C
  • Alfa Pizza/ Bread production capacity: Alfa Forno wood-fired oven requires 15 minutes of heating time which can produce three considerably sized pizzas and can bake 2kg. Bread
  • Heat capacity: Unlike the gas-fired oven, the Alfa Forno pizza oven has stainless steel parts that are treated with polveri – its paint is resistant to high temperatures. The ceramic fiber insulation of Alfa Forno makes it possible to keep the heat inside the oven. The strong flame it emits is producing the most crispy pizza.
  • Materials and accessories: discover the durable and premium quality stainless steel body, It comes with the best pizza oven accessories like peels, grill tools, log holders, wooden pizza peel, peel holders.

Where Can This Oven Be Used?

Alfa Forno pizza oven is best for outdoor use, in the garden or on the patio, where friends and family can gather. It is heavy-duty but easy to move around so you can also place it by the poolside or any area of your house where you gather around for any occasion.

You can also transport or carry this oven alfa with help of carrying to any picnic place. Absolutely a place where you enjoy an outdoor cookout of alfa pizza with family and friends while capturing each light moments of fun with your videos and camera.

You can attract customers by placing Alfa Forno Oven outside of your pizzeria. Certainly, they will keep coming back to your place.

alfa pizza oven

What Makes the Alfa Forno Allegro Awesome?

The forninox technology designs a sleek and grand oven alfa pizza. It is more functional than most pizza ovens.

The practical wheels allow easy movement to any place you want to hold a party or get-together. Oven alfa is perfect for your outdoor summer evenings or late afternoon gatherings.

It heats quickly at 15 mins and can produce a perfectly cooked alfa pizza and bread which is perfect for big family parties.

It keeps the heat well with minimal wood use. The size of its cooking chamber is perfectly right for a good number of pizzas to bake.

This oven looks sleek and cozy on your veranda or patio. It is perfect for summer parties, or cool spring gatherings. You can transfer its location to the poolside, where an outdoor pizza cookout livens up your pool party.

Why Should I Buy This Oven? 

This oven means good life. Ovens Alfa symbolizes genuine happiness with family and friends. You can bring this oven outside or to any place where you will hold your pizza party. A quality oven with proven durability and strong customer appeal.

It heats up and makes cooking in a short time – maintaining heat with minimal use of wood fuel. It looks neat and classy, robust, and is built to last.

How Can I Buy This Oven?

Owning an alfa pizza oven is not a small investment. The Alfa Forno Allegro pizza oven is definitely worth your money’s worth. A certified copyright alfa refrattari – is easily accessible online via Amazon.



Ten stars seal of beauty and quality

Alfa Forno Allegro pizza oven gives the complete package of beauty and function. The quality stainless steel looks sleek, built to last, and can easily be moved from one place to another.

Cooking pizza and food in this oven is easy and fast. It can produce a big number of pizzas in 15 minutes and offers an affordable price. the use of wood as fuel brings a smoky smell and makes the heat last longer.

👍 Pros

  • Huge Cooking Space
  • Several designs are available
  • Cooks 3 Pizzas and 2 kg. bread in 15 minutes
  • Strong and Durable, built to last
  • Bulkier in dimension, giving enough room to cook
  • The ceramic fiber insulation makes it possible to keep the heat inside the oven
  • Temperature can go up to 500 c 1000 f quickly

👎 Cons

  • Large
  • Colors are limited

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