Adonis Golden Ratio Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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Adonis Golden Ratio is a 12-week nutrition program for muscle building, fat loss, and healthy weight loss.

In a nationwide survey of about 1000 young adults who identify as men, 60% agreed that physical attractiveness and body measurement are significant in making them “feel good” about themselves.

While this sounds like a societal pressure on men, it is also a common belief that having “attractive genes” is the only way to have an attractive body.

However, clinical concepts and studies backed by science confined that it does not solely lie in the genes. Adonis Golden Ratio is a science-based program for men wanting to build muscle, lose fat, and achieve lean body mass with pure, consistent determination.

Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary program and how it will help you achieve your desired body.

Adonis Golden Ratio Reviews: Product Overview

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Adonis Golden Ratio

Digital Program

Adonis Golden Ratio is a simple, easy-to-follow training program that helps men and women lose weight, build muscle, and achieve their desired perfect body.

$37 One-Time Payment

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

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Photo: Adonis Golden Ratio Official Website

Unlike other fitness products claiming favorable comments from their so-called users, Adonis Golden Ratio is a legitimate program with stories of its user’s actual experiences.

“I always believed the hype I read in the bodybuilding magazines. I thought I had to carb up before the workout. I thought I had to bulk up to build muscle and other crazy stuff. Once my wife Naomi got in shape by following the Adonis Golden Ratio, I decided to do the same and bought myself a copy of the Adonis Index program. Long story short, I did it and got great results.”–– Al

“Every time you get something handled, you become more self-sufficient and more of an alpha male. Now people expect advice from me and look to me for leadership. You become the go-to person in a lot of ways. Adonis Index workout has simplified my life and made it a lot easier. It has been freeing since I started training with this system.”–-Rich

“In the past, I never realized how bad shape I was. Due to my fat storage pattern, I had almost no fat on my abs, and it was stored on other body parts instead, so my stomach was pretty flat, but I was far from fit. I know that now. Thanks to Adonis Index, I realized that I have to progress in my workouts and watch my diet, but I don’t have to cut out social events.”–-Ben

“Before I stumbled upon the Adonis Index program, I was already working out for a while, but I was overweight and had never seen my abs. I never got to that leanness where you can see your muscle definition. With the Adonis Index program, I managed to slim down and keep the muscle. Hell, I even put more muscle on WHILE I WAS DIETING. That is crazy; I never thought that would be possible before.”–-Mike

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What is Adonis Golden Ratio Program?

adonis golden ratio
Photo: Adonis Golden Ratio Official Website

The Adonis Golden Ratio is specially made for men who want an attractive body in perfect proportion. The program follows a comprehensive formula for shaping the human body in a “golden ratio.” This special ratio is 1.618.

John Barban, the author of the Adonis Golden Ratio, has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. He also has a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and is a fitness instructor at the University of Florida.

With Kyle Leon and Brad Howard, John Barban created this nutritional system that helps people define and achieve their immediate goals, whether muscle building, fat loss, or both.

The system is derived from various science-based studies like the theory of fat availability, the benefits of intermittent fasting, the concept of reverse taper diet, and other details about macronutrient studies.

How does this Adonis Golden Ratio work?

Adonis golden ratio reviews

Many speculators wonder how this Adonis Golden Ratio program works. In this part of the review, we will talk about in-depth details about the process of this online workout program in helping you lose weight, improve muscle physiology, and achieve a perfect body.

Adonis Golden Ratio System has three categories designed to help you achieve your body and fitness goals. This program makes you find a custom 12-week training, nutrition, and supplementation blueprint for rapid and targeted muscle building.

Step 1: Customized Training Program Suitable for your Body Type

To create an anabolic growth in your weakest muscles by bringing strength, balance, and proportion to your human body, the Adonis Golden Ratio system offers exercises suitable for your needs.

Step 2: Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program

The next step in building routine exercises is to create a proper nutrition plan customized to your Adonis index and meal plans following the required protein intake to achieve your fitness goals.

The AGR nutrition program comes with a nutrition book that educates you on the importance of proper nutrition that suits your body type.

Step 3: The Supplements For The Right Shape

Adonis Golden Ratio system offers a supplement guide that comprehensively walks you through the training results and progresses you have come to obtain with this Adonis program.

Through this, you can quickly improve your way and achieve your immediate goal of a perfect body.

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What are the Benefits of Adonis Golden Ratio?

Hugh Jackman showing the ideal golden ratio
Photo: Adonis Golden Ratio Official Website

Following the concept of various theories and proven analysis of macronutrient contents, Adonis Golden Ratio is a program that offers many health benefits to its users.

Build Muscles

This is an obvious benefit of the Adonis Golden Ratio system. In this, you will learn how to effectively use specific exercises for proportionate muscle building and strengthening the lower and upper body parts.

Fat Loss

The program helps you lose fat and significantly benefits your commitment to losing weight. The program has three categories that comprehensively tackle the theory of fat availability and how you can efficiently track your progress in losing it.

Adonis Golden Ratio system shows you how to strategically match your routine exercises to your body type and body measurement to burn fat effectively. The 78 advanced exercise instructional video lessons packed with professional tips are not commonly found elsewhere.

Suggested Protein Intake

Almost all the nutrition and fitness program books encourage people to use protein supplements to build muscles, advance their way to achieving their fitness goals, and impress everyone with an attractive body.

Adonis Golden Ratio system corrects your perception of overeating protein and how it may have dangerous effects on your overall health.

Instead of overconsuming protein supplements, this system comes with nutritional meal plans that encourage you to educate yourself with natural foods and precisely learn about the most calories your body needs and the special ratio perfectly customized to your Adonis index.

Why is Adonis Golden Ratio Effective?

Adonis golden ratio reviews

Unlike other fitness crazes, the program entices you with a crash diet, a quick fix, or a magic pill to achieve an attractive ratio of a physically fit body.

Instead, this system will guide you through a gradual process of improving your physiology and achieving your ideal waist or shoulder width and desired nutritional intake at your own pace.

A significant part of the system is that it also works with discipline and motivation. Thus, it may not work for everyone but only with consistent and goal-driven individuals.

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What are the components of the Adonis Golden Ratio program?

After learning its offered benefits and how it can practically transform our body and overall health for the better, knowing what to expect when we purchase this Adonis Golden Ratio program comes next.

Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program

Photo: Adonis Website

Adonis Golden Ratio System has a training program that includes instructional videos and sequence lessons for muscle-building exercises, fat loss, and bringing your weakest muscles to gain strength, balance, and proportion to your core parts.

Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program

Photo: Adonis Website

AGR nutrition program tackles your customized nutrition plan based on the training results and analysis done by the software. It includes a nutrition calculator that also serves as a virtual nutrition assistant. It provides real-time nutrition data and information about the suggested protein intake, weight loss progress, and more.

Adonis Golden Ratio Supplement Guide

Photo: Adonis Website

The supplement guide provides information such as how much supplement you need to take to achieve the best results. The supplements make use of your Adonis Index for men or Venus Index for women to provide you with exactly what you need for maximum fat loss and lean muscle growth.

Adonis Golden Ratio System Additional Bonuses

Besides the three programs, the Adonis Golden Ratio System also offers bonuses and extras to push you with your potential.

  • The Adonis Abs and Arm Assault: The Adonis Abs and Arm Assault program helps men boost their goals of building muscle. It offers tips and tricks to force extra growth into your arms, attacking both the biceps and triceps for a full, pumped look.
  • The Adonis Unlimited Upgrades: Another bonus provides proven techniques and ways for you to enhance and improve your skills. With this system, upgrading your skills is always an opportunity.
  • 7 Days Out Special Program: This third bonus is very special as fitness expert Kyle Leon co-authors it. 7 Days Out is a 7-day workout program that perfectly suits men wanting to achieve a leaner body type in just a matter of a few days.

Who is Adonis Golden Ratio best for?

As its name suggests, the Adonis Golden Ratio best works for men wanting to build muscles, lose fat, and boost their metabolic rate for healthy weight loss.

It also works for active individuals or athletes who engage in training for any kind of specific sport, as this program comes with three categories that promote holistic development.

However, it also works for the novice with no knowledge about certain exercises to consistently practice to achieve their fitness goals.

Adonis Golden Ratio Pros and Cons

✅ It comes with bonuses and extra features like the nutrition calculator that helps you track results and progresses.❌ It works for active individuals and beginner athletes but does not work for advanced athletes.
✅ You can get instant access as soon as you make your purchase, as it is easily downloadable to various devices.❌ The system is more in favor of men.
✅ It offers a wide range of exercises suitable for all levels of expertise, from advanced levels to complete novice.❌ It only comes in digital format.
✅ You no longer need a gym membership for this. Thus it offers a more cost-effective solution.
✅ All the information included is based on scientific studies.

Adonis Golden Ratio Cost and Discounts

adonis golden ratio pricing
Photo: Adonis Golden Ratio Official Website

As we continue this Adonis Golden Ratio review, it is only fitting to learn how much it costs. According to their official website, the program only costs $37. This is a one-time fee, and no additional cost is needed.

You will get instant access to downloadable materials as soon as you purchase them, saving you much on shipping and production costs.

You will also get bonuses such as The Adonis Arms & Abs Assault, the Adonis Unlimited Upgrades, and the 7 Days Out Special Program, all FREE of charge. However, these are only eligible for verified buyers who will purchase the program directly from their official website.

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Refund Policy

According to their official website, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you purchase it through ClickBank. This refund policy provides a warranty for you in any instance that you find the program unsatisfactory to your needs.

You can request your refund anytime within 60 days of your purchase. Their responsive and reliable customer service will cater to your requests.

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After reviewing all the essential details we need to know about the Adonis Golden Ratio, this review concludes that it is a unique program with comprehensive information that can guide you toward achieving your fitness and health goals.

With its customizable workout program that suits people from all levels of expertise, from complete beginners to advanced, Adonis Golden Ratio is a worthy program to try.

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Adonis Golden Ratio​​ Reviews FAQs

Does the Adonis Golden Ratio System only work for men?

Adonis Golden Ratio is primarily made for men wanting to build muscles in their upper body. However, if you are a woman who wants to have a toned body, this program is considerable.

Will the Adonis Golden Ratio make me look like a bodybuilder?

It depends on how you will set it according to your preference. Basic workouts and nutritional plans offer a lean body with muscles.

What if it does not work for me?

The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for those unsatisfied with the program’s results.

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