20 Places to Find a Top Notch Virtual Assistant

By Alex Shalman

December 30, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

The phone has been ringing off the hook, you have a paper that needs to be edited, and you don’t remember when you had an inbox contained fewer than 100 emails. The to do list is just out of control and it’s to the point that you can’t tell where to start.

Although you have aspirations of a tremendously successful year, perhaps it’s time to admit that you can’t do it all alone. Whether it’s a blog, a business, or both, how can you seek out opportunities for growth and expansion if you are chained to a desk all day? The answer my friend, is finding someone that can seemingly appear, get you caught up, and then disappear until you need them again. The answer is a virtual assistant.

The only problem is finding someone that you can rely on and trust with, what could be, your proprietary information. that remains is locating this superhero that will save you from your dreaded “busy” work.

I’ll show you all the hot spots where these tech-friendly, business-savvy, superheros hang out. With a little work, you’ll find someone that can take over your busywork thus allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Best Places To Find Virtual Assistants

    1. Twitter – This is where I found my VA and you can too. All you have to do is tweet about it. Instantaneously, you will receive messages from VA businesses and others who can recommend one. You will definitely have some new VA followers. If you’re a Twitter fanatic, your VA can send you tweets on the status of your projects. This is also a great way to check if your VA is being productive or twittering away. 
  • Assistant Match – They match busy professionals with off-site assistants by taking care of all logistics from interviewing to reference checks. They place virtual assistants in part-time positions which can be completed in their home office. 
  • Office Details – Hires VA’s which they refer to as Preferred Partners. The independent contractors are paired up with small businesses looking to higher a virtual assistant. This company requires at least 5 years of administrative experience. 
  • Craigslist – You can post a free ad under ‘gigs’ when searching for a virtual assistant. Be sure to include an accurate description of what you are looking for. This is a great way to screen possible applicants. Remember to look for clues in their mail response. Did they answer all your questions? If not, that’s definitely a red flag and shows they do not pay attention to details. 
  • VA Networking – If you never worked with a VA, this is a great place to start. This is a place where many VAs network and brainstorm together finding the most efficient and effective solution. They provide lots of valuable information for clients seeking to work with a VA. You can submit an RFP and receive hits from many qualified members. 


  • Resource Nation – This place is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is describe your project and they match you with pre-screened qualified applicants for free. You will not be overwhelmed with quotes because they will connect you with the top five vendors to select based on their price and other factors you may take into consideration when hiring a VA. 


  • Virtual Assistants – Specializes in matching skilled freelance, contract, off-site and virtual workers to your position for free. They have over 7 yrs. exp. in the contract staffing and placement services industry. 
  • Virtual Assistance U – This organization certifies virtual assistants based on their testing results from the learning center. The VAs who successful complete the graduate program are connected to clients who visit the site and submit a RFP. 
  • Tasks EveryDay – Their team of VAs work around the clock, day or night, just for you. They even provide a local number you can call to connect directly with your assigned VA. All you have to do is pick a monthly plan and submit your assignment. 
  • Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce – In order for any VA to be part of this fine community, they must go through a process of essays and screening. VACOC provides a client center with lots of helpful resources and the ability to submit a RFP to connect with a qualified VA. 
  • Team Double Click – Assesses your needs and matches you with one of their highly-skilled and trained virtual assistants. 
  • AssistU – Many VAs start their career with training from AssistU certificate program. The qualified individuals connect with you once you submit a request for services on their site. 
  • Staff Centrix – Company developed a highly-successful Portable Career & Virtual Assistant Training Program for US military spouses and The e-Entrepreneur Training ProgramTM for the U.S. Departments of State Foreign Service Spouses — helping you connect with men and women at bases and posts around the world. 
  • Elance – All you need to do is register and post your project. The offer many tools and features such as a time tracking tool and user profiles that compliment your search in locating the ultimate VA. This is a great way to stay on budget since you set the price and they bid to work for you. 
  • Find Virtual – Social networking site for VAs that provide information about the virtual assistant industry. They can help you find a virtual assistant and hire them. 
  • Get Friday – Their staff of VAs and team members can help you. All you need to do is pick a monthly plan and fill out the membership form and they will guide you from there. 
  • Longer Days – Once you choose your monthly membership plan, they will connect you with a VA that is employed by them. Even though they have a team of VAs, they make sure you work with the same individual each time. 
  • Hire My Mom – Provides businesses with top talent for temporary and permanent projects while enabling mom professionals to capitalize on the freedom and flexibility to do top-rated work from home. You can post your project and connect with a qualified work at home mother. 
  • Guru – You can find a freelance virtual assistant to assist you with any project by browsing profiles or submitting your project. You will receive many quotes within hours. Based on your criteria, you can choose a VA and pay them through an escrow account.

Also see 5 Ways to Find, Hire, and Use a Virtual Assistant.

What are your favorite services from the list above, or what have I missed that you love to use?

Written on 12/30/2008 by Alex Shalman. Alex does for personal development what Chuck Norris does for the world, and he’s got a very bad (to the bone) Podcast on self-improvement. Photo Credit: orangeacid
Alex Shalman

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