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10 Quick Ways to Give Yourself a Motivational Boost

Everyone has trouble with motivation. Sometimes you need to get something done, but it just isn’t happening. That’s when you need a motivational boost. But remember, there are no quick fixes. In the end, you have to be the one to take the first step. There are things that can help, however, and today, we’ll cover 10 of them. Focus on the End Result Whatever you’re working on has a purpose. Even if the process is boring or frustrating, the end result is worth having. Think how useful it’ll be to have all your files organized. Remember that getting a newsletter out to your clients will bring in new sales and repeat business. Take a Break Sometimes, your motivation wanes because you’ve been working too […]

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Six Clever Tricks for a Better To-Do List

Have you ever written a to-do list, only to find that, at the end of the day, you hadn’t even managed one item on it? When you fail to make headway with your to-do list, you might end up blaming yourself – but it’s probably not your fault. To-do lists are great tools, but to be truly effective, you need to know a few tricks for making them work well. #1: Write Action ItemsDoes your to-do list look like this? Taxes New desk? Bob and Jane While you might know exactly what these mean in the context of your day, there’s also a good chance you’ve not really pinned down each task. After all, you’re unlikely to sit down and get all your taxes completely […]

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Six Simple Steps to Better Time Management

Being able to manage your own time is a crucial skill in the workplace. If you work for yourself, it’s even more important – poor time management could spell the end of your business, or at least make you less successful than you’d hoped. Poor time management can be at the root of many problems. If you find yourself taking work home in the evenings, for instance, it might not be because you’ve got too much work but because you’re not managing your time well during the day. And if you’re often stressed out and frustrated by your work, this might be a time management issue too: no-one likes feeling disorganized and behind with things. If you know your time management skills aren’t quite up […]

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Seven Procrastination-Busting Tips to Use Today

One of the most common questions I get is “how do I stop procrastinating?” It’s human nature to avoid hard work if we can – and it’s no surprise that many people find themselves chatting on social networks, or tackling “easy” work rather than getting on with important projects. If you struggle with procrastination, though, there’s plenty you can do to make it easier to get on with the task at hand. Try at least one of these tips today: #1: Achieve Quick Wins at the Start of the Day One of the best ways to beat procrastination is by taking action – straight away. If you tend to start your day by staring at your inbox, or chatting to colleagues, look for a few […]

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Six Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels

Whether you’re facing a demanding boss, a difficult colleague, a mountain of debt, a rebellious teen, or a computer that’s crashed and taken all your files with it, stress often seems like an inevitable part of modern life. For most of us, it’s not a realistic prospect to avoid stressful situations altogether. Instead, we need to find ways to reduce our stress levels on a day-by-day basis, so that we’re better equipped to cope with the inevitable bumps along our path through life. Here are six simple things that you can do – today, or at least this week – to reduce your stress levels. #1: Take a Few Deep Breaths Don’t ignore this because you think it’s too simple. Sitting quietly and taking a […]

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Seven Great Ways to Make Your Good Intentions Last

All of us have good intentions for positive change in our lives. We come up with great goals – like losing weight, getting fit, writing a book, changing career, quitting smoking, cutting down on caffeine. All too often, though, our good intentions don’t last very long.   Here’s how to boost your chances of success. Try one or more of these seven tips today: #1: Don’t Take On Too Much Let’s say you’ve decided to overhaul your life. You want to lose weight, find a new career, improve your relationships and keep your home neat and tidy. Those are all perfectly good goals … but by tackling them all at once, you’re shooting yourself in the foot before you’ve even begun on your journey to […]

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Do You Know What "Success" Means for You?

It’s a pretty good bet that you want to succeed in life – whether that’s at work, in your relationships, with your hobbies, or in any other domain. But how will you know when you get there? Have you thought about what success really means to you? It might seem like a silly question. Perhaps you think success is obvious … it means making a good salary, being healthy, and having a happy family life. But what exactly is a “good salary”? Depending on where you live in the world, and depending on what sort of lifestyle you want, a “good salary” could mean almost anything. What I consider to be “good” might seem like peanuts – or wild extravagance – to you. Unless you’re […]

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How to Stay Focused When You’re Tempted to Slack Off – in 3 Simple Steps

Do you ever find yourself staring at web comics or news sites (or even blogs on personal development…) when you’re supposed to be working?  Sure.  We all do, right? We all lack focus at times – especially if we’re struggling with a hard or boring task. And with computers / tablets / phones close to hand, we’ve got a world of distractions at our fingertips. Don’t feel bad if you don’t always concentrate as well as you’d like. Staying focused takes effort, and practice … but by following these steps, you can hugely increase your chances of having a productive day. Step #1: Get Clear About Your Immediate GoalWhatever you’re working on, you should have some sort of end goal: you need to know once […]

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Time to Dig in and Get It Done

What do you do when you put loads of time and energy into a project … and you still don’t get any results?It’s often tempting to just give up. Even if you normally find it easy to stay motivated, there’s nothing encouraging about feeling like you’re running hard and going nowhere. Whatever you’re struggling with right now – whether you’re trying to lose weight, trying to make money from your own business, or trying to write a book – these four steps can help. Step #1: Write Down What You’ve Already AchievedEven if it feels as though you’ve poured hours of your life into this and gained nothing at all, you have achieved something. That might be: You’ve made some progress towards your goal (even […]

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How to Focus When You’re Juggling Lots of Different Tasks

Have you ever noticed that the times when you really need to focus are the times when it’s toughest? On days when you have far too much to do — an overflowing inbox, meetings to prepare for, chores to complete — it’s easy to end up darting from one task to the next, never making any real headway. When you’ve got a lot to juggle, you need a battle plan. Here’s what to do: Write a ListIt’s impossible to focus when you’re constantly thinking “I mustn’t forget to send that email” or “I need to call John.” Write down everything that needs to get done today. Your list doesn’t have to be complex, and you don’t need to worry about sorting it at this stage. […]

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