How A Video Wall System Can Help Boost Your Business

By Mia Clarke

April 10, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The principal aim of any enterprise is to increase sales and that is exactly where a video wall system can help.

A video wall system is a set of screens that act as individual tiles projecting a part of an image to a huge screen. They can be utilized in a variety of settings and they can make your advertising much more effective. They can allow you to effectively engage your specific audience or demographic.

As a result, your sales will increase and so will your profit margins. Your business will definitely grow, too.

If you are interested in adding video walls to your business strategy, then the tips below can help you.

Managing Advertising Content

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Advertisements are dynamic, not static. In other words, they adapt to changes in the economic environment and to consumer demand.

For example, your discount offer would change when your financial situation changes- no matter how swiftly those changes happen.

Advertising displays should reflect these changes as well. In fact, they should do so instantaneously.

However, this instant reflection is impossible with traditional forms of advertising, such as banners and signposts. Fortunately, video walls, because they are electronic and not paper-based, can help you to adapt to changes in the market quickly. Because of that, you’ll be able to communicate your product more effectively to your customers.

Interactive Capabilities

Signs, such as graphics and posters, are static media that can look a little outdated in the modern world of social media. Marketing using screens with touchscreen capabilities would allow you to share additional information with your clients in a more interactive way. Likewise, you can integrate other platforms such as your business’ YouTube channel.

Capturing the Attention of Your Audience

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Video walls are big and bold which enable them to make a statement. They will allow your business to create a buzz through word of mouth and to attract customers in a society that is increasingly over-stimulated and desensitized to media images.

Video walls will give you the edge over businesses that rely on conventional methods of advertisement. They will get your business noticed by passing customers, too.

Efficient Use of Financial Resources

Businesses are long-term investments. Similarly, video walls should be part of a long-term strategy. Although they may seem expensive at first, they can actually help you make savings over the lifetime of your business.

Managing Ongoing Situations

Change is constant and this is the only constant thing in life and business. With that, managing change is what matters.

For example, how would you handle breaking news in your community during business hours?

Static displays can’t help you in such situations but video walls can. People can view a story as it happens on your video wall.

When situated properly, your video wall system can also be an important source of community news and updates. The trust this creates will be good for your business.

Another practical use of video walls is in security. Your business could connect your security cameras to your video wall to discourage criminals and to support the work of your security staff.

Mia Clarke

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