Rocksheat Pizza Stone Review – Is It Worth Buying?

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Making your perfect pizza isn’t as easy as frying a perfect sunny side up. A perfect pizza should start in having fresh ingredients and a perfect dough. The accessories you use other than the oven are equally important in making your perfect pizza.

A pizza stone is one of the chief accessories in pizza making. It is the ceramic slab you directly place inside the oven. Some also use it as a baking stone as this can also be used in baking bread and others alike.

The main function of a pizza stone is to act as a heat retention agent from the burning temperature inside the oven to the pizza or bread that’s baking. Pizza stone basically transfers heat to the dough to induce evenly cooking.

Rocksheat Pizza Stone

rocksheat pizza stone

Looks / Appearance

Rocksheat Pizza Stone comes in two different shapes, they have a rectangular shape and a round-shaped pizza stone. Both are equally popular and have gained a top rating among all other pizza stones. It looks professional and sleek for its function.

Rectangular shaped Rocksheat pizza stone measures 30 x 38 x 1.6 cm and 30.5 x 30.5 x 1.5 cm. Round-shaped pizza stone has a dimension of 32 x 1.5 cm and 38.1 x 1.7 cm. Both sides of this pizza stone have a built-in handle to allow consumers to be able to continuously handle it in any way that it was positioned inside the oven. The clean rustic appearance of this pizza stone made it stand out compared to its competitors.


The main purpose of having a pizza stone is to accumulate as much heat as possible from the burning environment inside the oven and transfer the heat directly to your pizza. The heat inside the oven was being absorbed by the stone and relay the heat to your dough. Every pizza stone has a porous nature that serves to help the process of evaporation. This porous nature assists the moisture to evaporate fast.

Rocksheat pizza stone was made out of stoneware that has quality food grade standards. You not only get to bake your perfect pizza in here but also a lot of things like bread, biscuits, cookies or even vegetables and so much more.

rocksheat pizza stone

Ease of Use

Rocksheat pizza stone has optimum thermal stability. It is proven to withstand a heating condition of nothing above 800 degrees Celsius or 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the optimal temperature, the pizza stone will not disrupt unless exposed to heating conditions higher than 800 degrees celsius.

This pizza stone has an ideal thickness which is 1.6 cm. Some of the baking stones are thicker but without any function on their excess weight. The preheating process with Rocksheat pizza stone does not require a longer time than the others.

Caring and maintenance of this pizza stone are pretty easy. You should always keep them dry and make sure to store them somewhere not exposed to drastic changes in temperature which can cause thermal shock to your stone. Thermal shock will make your stone crack. It is the main reason why it is advisable for you to leave the stone inside the pizza oven even if you’re done using it rather than preheat your oven and place it inside.

Keeping your pizza stone inside the oven provides stability of heat in the oven that eliminates hot spots that rapidly cook your food which will result in having your food burnt outside and raw inside. It is not advisable to clean your stone with soap and water. Directly soaking your stone in the water can make the porous element of the stone absorb the soap which can have your food a soapy flavor the next time you cook with it.

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Pros 👍

Double Faced Handle – The double-faced handle features are designed for convenience. It was basically made for easy transferring of your pizza stone. The handle can make you lift and transfer the stone which way it was facing inside the oven without the risk of you getting burnt while carrying the stone out of the oven.

800 Degree Celcius Thermal Stability – Rocksheat Pizza stones are expected to withstand extreme heat conditions of nothing more than 800 degrees celsius. The stone will not disrupt if the temperature is not higher than the given temperature.

Clean Design – This pizza stone has a clean rustic design, sleek and beautifully designed. Both rectangular shape and round shape has a gorgeous looking design.

Ideal Thickness – The thickness of this pizza stone is 1.6cm which is the ideal thickness to absorb and retain heat. Other stones tend to be thicker but the excessive weight of it has not made any function to it.

Cons 👎

Availability – This product is proven its quality all the while, pizza enthusiasts love this product, while it sells fast, the availability becomes thinner.

Price 🔖

This product can be purchased for only £29.99

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Importance of Using a Pizza Stone

  • Pizza stones have the ability to extract the moisture in the food you cook with them. This is why you get crispy crust when you cook your pizza with it.
  • Even distribution of heat over your pizza from the bottom upward.
  • Easy Cleaning and maintenance unlike oven grill or pans
  • Can be used pizza stone over the stove or grill.

Other Uses of a Pizza Stone

amazon pizza stone

Bread Baking Stone

We all love the crust part of the bread and it can be achieved when you use pizza stone while baking it. To make sure that the loaf bread has a perfect crust with soft and fluffy inside. Though not every piece of bread can be cooked with a pizza stone, here are some examples of bread you can cook with a pizza stone such as bagels rolls. The measurement of 30 x 38cm is perfect for a loaf-sized bread so it should fit in the pizza stone perfectly.

Pizza Stone Bread Baking Giant Cookie

Who doesn’t love cookies? How about the giant one? That sounds fantastic, right? Simply spread the cookie dough over the heated pizza stone and bring it back to the oven. The entire stretch of the cookie dough will be evenly baked and you’ll be surprised how delicious it gets after baking it with a pizza stone.

Pizza Stone in Vegetable Cooking

Get the benefit of pan-frying your vegetables and grilling them by only using the pizza stone while baking your vegetables. Make sure that this stone has its ideal temperature before throwing in your vegetables. You can season the vegetables with olive oil and other herbs and spices so the vegetables will come out delicious and crispy.

Roasted Chicken in a Pizza Stone

Haven’t you tried roasting a whole chicken in a pizza stone, then this is the time you should. By cooking here, you’ll have ultra crispy skin on the outside and juicy meat on the inside. Put in the fresh whole chicken over the pizza stone, season it with a bit of oil and herbs and veggies to incorporate the taste of the herns and veggies with the chicken. The pizza stone will evenly distribute the heat in the chicken meat that it will produce crispy outside and juicy meat inside.

The possibility is endless when it comes to baking with your pizza stone. Just keep in mind the maximum heat it can hold to avoid cracking the stone. Also remember never to was it with soap as the porous content of the pizza stone will absorb the soap and will transfer it to your food so you will end up having your pizza a soapy taste the next time you use it. Enjoy creating new dishes with it, all you need is your creativity and your genuine love for cooking.


Rocksheat Pizza stone can definitely give you quality pizzas at home. I know that pizzeria quality pizzas might be too much to do for a beginner but having a quality pizza in the comfort of your home is definitely not an impossible thing to do.

Having a pizza oven at home might be too much of an investment for you but having a pizza stone can help you achieve crispy crust quality pizza. This Rocksheat pizza stone can also be used to bake cookies bread, loaf, vegetable, roasted chicken, and many more at home any time.

I also love the flexibility of having this pizza stone. Not only that I can use this every time I would love to have a pizza at home but I can also use this for so many things. This pizza stone can also be used over the grill, it works perfectly fine and delivers good quality cooking output.

amazon pizza stone


Rocksheat Pizza Stone is durable as it can stand extreme heat conditions. Rocksheat is made out of food-grade ceramic stone free of any harmful chemicals that can be harmful to food eaten. The stone can hold heat as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and is expected not to be easily disrupted or cracked out to temperature below this.

Ease of Use

Convenience is the main reason why they design the handle double-faced. The product will allow consumers to easily carry the stone lift out or in the oven. The thickness of this pizza stone is 1.6 cm which is an ideal thickness. This is thick is enough to conduct the right heat and retain it to be able to have it transferred to the food you’re cooking with it. This product is  considered lightweight compared to the other pizza stones in the market. It is not very intimidating to carry as it is not as heavy as others are.


I love how sophisticated it looked, I love how clean the surface looks. It has its clean rustic vibes that are perfect for your chic kitchen. The rectangular or round-shaped Rocksheat Pizza Stone will be a perfect addition to your stylish kitchen.


Lightweight – This is one of the features I so love about this product. I love how I can easily carry this stone with the weight of the food I was baking, it was incredibly light and easy to handle.

Double Handle – The double-faced handle made this product stand out. I love less pressure you have to apply as you grip on this hot stone when you bake with it. This says a lot about how safe this product is.

Affordability – Given the sophisticated design and the overall image of this product, the cost of it is still very affordable.


Availability – As this product sells fast in the market, you’ll might find thin availability from the suppliers. Place those orders before it runs out again!

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