5 Best Pet Supplies Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

The Best Pet Supplies Stores in Singapore

Being a good fur parent means ensuring your pets are cared for. While most people think pet care is simple, the reality will shock you. Pet care can be strenuous and require all your time. It usually entails attending to their needs, from pet food to toys. You’ll also want to ensure they receive adequate veterinary care, a healthy diet, and grooming services.

If you’re a pet owner in Singapore, you can purchase the most incredible and highest-quality food from several online stores, including a wonderful treat for your furry friends. However, these pet stores offer different pet supplies and pet accessories. While some stores are spectacular, others fail to live up to their promises. It would be best if you settled for the store that offers the best supplies your pets deserve.

So, which pet stores in Singapore would be the best for you? Keep reading to find out. This piece will review Singapore’s top pet shops.

5 Best Pet Supplies Store In Singapore 2024

1. Buddy Bites

Buddy Bites

Basic Information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://buddybites.dog/
  • Address: 8th floor,Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12p Smithfield, Kennedy Town


Buddy Bites is an online store in Singapore that focuses on pet supplies and accessories. They were set up in Hong Kong in 2020 to provide shelter to dogs and sell other dog supplies. But this isn’t what they are all about.

Also, they are an unmatched online pet store compared to other direct-to-consumer, subscription-based dog food stores. With Buddy Bites, you do not have to stress over pet supplies. Just let them know how much of their food your dog needs and how often it needs it, and they will take care of the rest.

They will deliver nutritious, tasty, and healthy vet-created dog food for your pet at your doorstep every month. You and your pet will never have to worry again.

Buddy Bites
Photo: expatliving

What Makes This Pet Store Different?

With Buddy Bites, you do not have to worry about your dog getting a healthy diet. All their products are vet backed. They are produced in Europe with the highest global regulated standards.

What’s more? With their online subscription, you won’t ever have to forget to place an order again. And their order system is completely based on your dog’s appetite. You’ll inform them of what your dog prefers to eat, and they’ll supply you regularly.

With Buddy Bites, you also enjoy 20% off subscriptions and free deliveries on orders over $300. They also provide complete convenience with free delivery to your door (across Hong Kong and outlying islands).

2. Kohe Pets

Kohe Pets

Basic Information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.kohepets.com.sg/
  • Contact Details: +65 8511 1605
  • Address: 39 Woodlands Cl, Singapore 737856
  • Services: Dog Food, Cat Food, Treats, Health, Grooming, Pet Tech


Kohe Pets store is another pet store in Singapore founded to help pet owners. Its founders have identified some of the country’s biggest problems for pet owners. As a result, this pet store has a wide selection of pet goods and foods, especially for dogs and cats.

Kohe Pets offers reasonably priced, premium, wholesome, eco-friendly pet foods, treats, and aid equipment for a healthier, happier pet. With Kohe Pets, you can select from a vast collection of excellent pet products from well-known manufacturers worldwide.

It is also essential to know that they have a website where you get to view their best pet products. So if you don’t have the chance to visit one of its physical stores, you do not need to worry. You can easily shop online and get the items brought to you.

On the Kohe Pets website, you can easily handpick from their high-quality products and pet food. They have an easy shopping process and a simple delivery procedure. The website also provides friendly and informative support. It sells everything you’d find in a physical store, without exception.

Kohe Pets
Photo: giftano

What Makes This Pet Store Different?

Kohe Pets store is your one-stop shop if you desire top-notch pet essentials and quality pet accessories in Singapore. They have a website that makes purchasing various items and product delivery easy and fast.

In addition, Kohe Pets is one of the pet shops that provides health supplements, pet care, and grooming services for your dogs and cats.

They also offer free delivery when you purchase items worth $60 and above. At the Kohe Pets store, you can also earn Kohe points through their loyalty program. With this program, you can save on your pet’s food and essentials with every order you make.

3. Happy Town Pets

Happy Town Pets

Basic Information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://happytownpets.com.sg/
  • Contact Details: +65 84887876
  • Address: Singapore
  • Delivery Fee: Free for orders above $35. A flat delivery fee of $4
  • Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Products: Pet Food, treats, toys, apparel, accessories, bowls, grooming and more.


Happy Town Pets was created as a sustainable product vendor for animal lovers. They sell quality and affordable pet care items (including dog food) whilst ensuring these products are safe for the environment.

It is an amazing local online pet store in Singapore determined to raise pet health standards. In doing so, they ensure all products remain sustainable and minimize waste. They only sell eco-friendly, healthy, affordable, quality foods, pet supplies and treats that will better the pet & planet.

Happy Town Pets is designed to help you take care of small pets. These pet masters source quality products from America, Asia, and Europe and these products are made available to Singaporean pet masters island wide.

As an online pet store, Happy Town Pets ensures a seamless online shopping experience for its shoppers. They offer timely delivery and for orders over $35, buyers get free and fast delivery. They also ensure that deliveries are also 100% carbon offset but that’s not all. They also offer a flat fee of $4 for average order sizes – amazing!

If you’re looking for a great chew for your dog or cat, they also categorize their products based on chew times. Whether you know your pets chew time or not, Happy Town Pets is ready to help. They have created three varieties – short, medium, and long chew time.

These chew times determine how long a pet will spend eating a treat. You can monitor your pet’s average chew time but before you do that, keep in mind the size of your dog can be used to figure out their chew time. The bigger the dog, the longer the chew time.

Happy Town Pets

Happy Town Pets not only sell dog and cat supplies, but they also sell various kinds of pet essentials, pet accessories, pet foods, and pet treats and offer outstanding pet grooming services. As a plus, they also have a monthly pet subscription.

The dog pet subscription box contains eco-friendly toys, treats, and products and there are different packs to choose from with all of them shipping for just $40. They have the ‘puppy pack’, basic subscription ‘all-round pack’, and ‘I love to chew’ pack. Pet masters will receive their first pack a day after subscription, which continues monthly.

Happy Town Pets

Another intriguing aspect of shopping for your pet supplies from Happy Town Pets is the diverse payment methods they accept with most popular payment methods being accepted on their eCommerce platform – they accept:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • ApplePay
  • Google Pay

Furthermore, customers can pay in instalments. Payment products like Splitit, Hoolah, and atome, can be used on the Happy Town Pets checkout page. They also accept all types of credit cards and e-wallets.

Many other factors make Happy Town Pets one of the greatest pet stores in Singapore. They have ambassadorship, affiliate, and pet perks loyalty programs. The gift cards and the 30-day refund policy also make Happy Town Pets stand out from the pack.

Happy Town Pets

What Makes This Pet Store Different

They have created the most seamless shopping experience for pet masters. They support multiple payment methods, allow refunds, offer gift cards, loyalty rewards, and free deliveries. These are just extras compared to their affordable, sustainable, high-quality pet foods and supplies. Although they focus on dog and cat supplies, they also offer support for these household pets. All of these offerings make Happy Town Pets all the more unique.

4. SingPet


Basic Information

  • Email:[email protected]
  • Website: https://singpetclub.com
  • Contact Details: +65 6509 4625
  • Address: 8D Dempsey Rd, #01-01, Singapore 249672
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Services: Food, Treats, Healthcare, Accessories, and Toys, Singpet Club


SingPet is another unique pet supply store in Singapore founded in 2009. Compared to most pet stores, it delivers one of the best pet supplies in the region. Singpet focuses on offering quality and carefully picked items at affordable pricing.

Additionally, their staff consists of a highly focused and specialized group of pet lovers. They are all experts in their fields. Suppose you have questions ranging from your pet’s behavior to its nutrition. Their staff is always there to answer your queries. Their staff will also assist you in selecting goods, such as pet food. Their products will provide you and your pet with the most joy and satisfaction.

At SingPet, you may purchase your pet items, food, and supplies at wholesale prices. Aside from your animal’s needs, you can depend on the SingPet store for toys, treats, and your pets’ healthcare needs.

Photo: expatliving

What Makes This Pet Mart Different?

With SingPet, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your pets. They help you save up to 20% to 50% off the retail price. This special offer is available if you join their annual Singpet club.

What’s more? The SingPet store offers free delivery on orders over $200. Knowing they have a safe and secure payment platform also thrills pet owners.

Furthermore, they have a dedicated support team ready to work hand in hand with you. To ensure your pet’s safety.

Singpet’s mission is to be the finest pet resource center in the world. This is why they try to provide quality products at wholesale prices. To give you everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.



Basic Information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.twofurseven.com/
  • Contact Details: +65 8123 3296
  • Address: 20 Jln Selaseh, Singapore 808442
  • Opening Hours: Mondays, closed, Tuesdays 1pm-7pm, Wed-Fri  10am-7pm
  • Services: Grooming and Dental, Puppies


2FUR7 P.E.T STORE is one of the impeccable pet shops in Singapore. Through their journey as pet lovers and small animals companion, they discovered a sizable community of pet parents. These pet owners wanted the best for their furry friends.

Furthermore, they noticed that these pet parents began with little understanding and struggled with deciding on items to pick for their pets. They also noticed that these pet owners weren’t aware of their pet’s true needs. 2FUR7 P.E.T store owns pets and has been surrounded by pets since its inception. They watch them grow up and give them the best care.

You see, at2FUR7 P.E.T Store is founded on the idea of meeting the requirements of all furry friends. They are dedicated to taking the pet industry’s revolution to a new level.

They are devoted to ensuring that owning pets will be made simple, cozy, and, most importantly, will bring you and your animal companion a never-ending supply of joy. This service provider offers quality, ease, and convenience when shopping for pets because they are also pet owners.

What Makes This Pet Shop Different?

With 2FUR7 P.E.T store, you do not have to worry about anything. P.E.T – “Pet is Everything Today” their corporation’s name shows their love for their furry friends.

However, unlike most pet stores, they have quality imported puppies. They also provide pet supplies alongside dental and grooming needs. What’s more? With them, you can also enjoy the services of animal companions.

They also put their customers, community, and staff first. And they work hard to provide a place where high-quality products are easily accessible.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Picking A Pet Store In Singapore?

A pet store sells food and accessories for different pets and small animals. There are many pet stores in Singapore. Finding the pet shop that suits your pet’s needs can be quite a hassle.

There are several pet stores in Singapore offering different pet supplies. You’ll need to identify which is good or bad for your pet. As a result, there are several things to consider when choosing a pet store. They include;

1. A Warm Welcome

When searching for the best pet store to purchase pet food, you first need to consider how they welcome you. Whether physical or an online pet store, they have to make you feel you’re important. A good sign that you’re dealing with a reputable pet store is when you get a welcoming smile or a unique welcome note

A warm welcome is an indication of the quality of service that you’ll be subject to. Pet stores that prioritize the way they welcome you will also help you when picking pet food or other items you may need. This type of service provider will also provide competitive pricing.

2. Location

The location of the pet store is the first thing you need to consider. Pet stores come in two varieties: conventional stores and online pet stores. You can see the products before you buy them when you shop in a physical store.

The benefit of an online pet store is that it allows you to see an extensive collection of accessories for your fur babies from your home. You may get pet supplies online from the comfort of your home. You might not be able to go to the actual store to purchase the pet items due to job commitments. But you will have a wide range to choose from when you visit an online pet store.

Additionally, you can look at characteristics that are not visible in a picture. However, if the company is far away, online pet stores are not a good idea. This is because the product’s delivery will cost extra.

3. Cleanliness

Another important thing you need to stay on the lookout for is the cleanliness of the store. Most physical pet shops deal with various items, while some may even house pets. Regardless of the nature of the pet shop they run, the premises of the pet store must be clean and organized. There shouldn’t be any pets running around and making a mess.

Your preferred pet store has to clean its pet cages and install a reliable lighting source. If it’s an online pet store, you should be concerned about how much work they put into their website. Is the website well organized? Is it mobile-friendly and easy to use? These factors will also determine how much you enjoy their service.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Picking A Pet Store In Singapore
Photo: hornsby

4. Price Of Their Products

The price of the products in an online store is something else to consider. While visiting a pet store is an option, their prices for selling pet products will set them apart. You should be able to afford the cost of any pet supplies you buy from a store without breaking a sweat.

To find the best prices, you must research the products you wish to buy online. You must also be certain that the lower price does not change the product’s quality.

5. Pet Health Measures

Pet health measures are put in place to ensure that your pets stay healthy every time. Why? A healthy pet will not be a liability to its owners. There’s also a lesser chance of spreading an infection to people or other pets in the region.

That being said, your preferred pet shop should have all the measures recommended by government authorities. An ideal pet store will prioritize the safety of you and your pet. What more could you ask for?

6. Online Reviews

Online reviews are a good way to learn about the quality of a pet store. Good news spreads quickly. Most people appreciate a good pet shop and happily tell others about it. You can always ask your friends and family for recommendations.

For instance, if you want high-quality dog supplies, ask other dog owners where they got theirs. Family and friends make the best recommendations.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pet In Singapore?

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pet In Singapore?
Photo: news-medical

The cost of owning a pet depends on several factors, such as the type of pet, the need for aid equipment, and any underlying health conditions. It can be difficult to estimate the price of caring for pets. But for this piece, we’ll review the cost of owning a dog and cat in Singapore.

On average, a dog owner in Singapore spends about $3,000 to $3,500 per year for medical care, vaccinations, grooming, supplies, and more. As a pet owner, you should be prepared for expensive medical treatment if your dog gets sick. Dogs also need regular supplies, like dog food, a bed, toys, leash, and collars. Here are the average costs of these dog supplies in Singapore:

Average Cost of Dog Supplies

  • Dry food (2kg) – $35 to $50
  • Dog bed – $95 to $120
  • Dog toys – $30 per toy
  • Leash and collar – $100 to $115

On the other hand, the average yearly cost of caring for a cat is about $2,000, including medical treatments, vaccines, grooming, pet care, and supplies. Compared to dogs, the medical expenses for a cat are significantly lower. Finally, no cat owner should forget about cat supplies.

Here are the average costs of cat supplies in Singapore:

Average Cost of Cat Supplies

  • Wet food – $4 to $7 per can
  • Toys – $46
  • Clumping litter – $10 to $15 per bag
  • Cat litter box – $50 to $70


As a pet owner, one of your major concerns will be your pet care, pet food, grooming supplies, animal companions, and every other necessity your pets deserve. Fortunately, there are many pet supplies stores for your furry friends in Singapore. These pet store services exist either as physical or online stores.

The ideal pet store can enhance your pet’s food and health care to a great extent. When considering the number of alternatives, choosing the right pet store for your pet might be overwhelming and challenging. That’s why we have created a detailed review of Singapore’s top 5 pet shops.

Using the right store for your pet improves your pet’s life and eases stress. Before settling on a final store choice, make sure you take your time to compare various pet shops and their supplies. Also, select the one that best suits your pet’s needs.


How Can I Get A Pet In Singapore?

Once you are ready to own pets, you must decide whether you want to adopt or buy your pet. If you choose to adopt a pet, you must contact animal welfare groups. But if you want to buy, you must patronize pet shops that comply with the necessary welfare conditions.

Can I Sell Pets In Singapore?

Before displaying, selling, distributing, or exporting these small animals from your pet mart, you must obtain an animal and veterinary service license. Your pet lovers centre license will have information about the animals you are permitted to sell.

What Is The Most Common Pet In Singapore?

Dogs and cats are one of the most common household pets in Singapore. Other small animals like birds, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, and mice are also considered pets in Singapore.

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