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By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

chamotte bricks

Pizza is the food of the Gods. While Italian cuisine is a diverse and a delectable assortment of countless dishes belonging to different regions of Italy, however, nothing has caught the fancy of foodies around the world the way pizza has.

The best part about Pizza is that it is an all-around versatile dish to work with. A Pizza can be cooked to suit different tastes and palates – you can choose from a hundred different pizza toppings ranging from anchovies to fish.

Wood-fired ovens make it possible to have crispy hot pizzas in your backyard. The beauty of these ovens is that not only do they create authentic Neapolitan pizzas in the comfort of your home, but these classic Italian style ovens are also a lovely addition to your patio or lawn.

Bear in mind that you can’t use regular bricks to build a wood-fired oven because regular bricks start cracking around temperatures of 1200 degrees Celcius. Wood-fired ovens are built from a special kind of brick and not regular ones. These special bricks are called Fire or Refractory bricks.

chamotte bricks
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❏ What are Fire Bricks?

Fire bricks can withstand unbelievably high temperatures of up to 4000 degrees celsius. They also have a low thermal conductivity which makes them energy-efficient. Fire or refractory bricks are made of a special clay called fireclay.

This special clay comprises two major raw materials – alumina and silica along with some other materials like calcium, magnesium, iron, and titanium. The silica varies from 60-70% while the alumina is in the ratio 25-35 %. The quantity of Alumina is critical in determining the density of the bricks.

Fire bricks are formed by pressing the fireclay into the desired shape and then putting it in a hot kiln till the brick reaches the requisite hardness. All the extraordinary features of the Fire bricks (or refractory bricks) make them suitable for lining kilns, fireplaces, furnaces, wood-fired ovens and chimneys.

While there are many brands of fire or refractory bricks available in the market, one brand that has found massive appeal amongst customers is the Kamino-Flam Chamotte bricks. The Kamino-flam chamotte fire brick has a ton of good features.

This brick has a heat resistance of up to 1250 degrees Celcius. It is odourless making it ideal to be used in cooking than other products in the market.

This Brick is also said to have a low thermal conductivity which makes it more energy-efficient than other products in the market. Most importantly, ovens made from Kamino flam heat up quickly which greatly reduces cooking time and feeds hungry kids quickly.

The high quality of the Kamino-flam refractory bricks makes them ideal to be used in Pizza ovens. These bricks last long and customers find more value in these bricks than other products because they don’t need to purchase bricks again and again.

chamotte bricks
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❏ Kamino – Flam Fire Brick

□ Looks / Appearance

A brown colored brick with dimensions 30 x 125 x 250 millimetres.

□ Functionality 

The Kamino Flam chamotte top can withstand temperatures as high as 1250 degrees Celcius. This item’s high resistance to heat makes it more suitable than other products, for bricking up the fireplace, stoves, pizza ovens, chimneys and combustion chambers.

It is also used in the manufacturing of products like glass, steel, porcelain etc. Unique properties such as being odourless and irritant-free make it ideal to utilize in cooking applications.

□ Ease of Use

They are durable and don’t crack easily so customers find it easy to work around them.

□ Pros

  • Highly heat resistant which makes them suitable for high-temperature applications like lining kilns, fireplaces, furnaces, pizza ovens and chimneys.
  • Low thermal conductivity making them an energy-efficient choice.
  • Odorless and irritant-free.
  • Heat up quickly saving both time and fuel.
  • Have a high heat storage capacity.
  • Strong and less likely to break while being used or during delivery.
  • Provide safety as the bricks are non-flammable.

□ Cons

  • If you want to customize the size of the brick then cutting up the brick would be a tough job.

□ Price

  • £5.75

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❏ Where can the Kamino-Flam bricks be used?

chamotte bricks
Photo by DDP on Unsplash

The Kamino-Flam Chamotte Plate is ideal for bricking up pizza ovens, fireplaces, stoves and combustible Chambers. If the item requires the refractory bricks to have temperature resistance up to 1,250 °C and be odourless then these bricks are perfect for such usage.

□ Specifications 

  • Dimensions: Approx. 250 x 124 x 30 mm 
  • Material: Special fireclay 
  • Color: Brown

❏ What Makes Kamino-Flam Fire Bricks Different? 

The Kamino-Flam Chamotte Plate is made of a special kind of fireclay, previously fired and ground brick and porcelain. These high-quality fire bricks offer a temperature resistance of up to 1250 °C.

Unlike regular bricks, the Kamino-Flam fire bricks do not crack or crumble when they come in contact with high temperatures. It is also unique from other products as it has the special property of being odorless which makes it ideal to use for cooking applications. It is also irritant-free.

The Kamino-Flam fire bricks are also durable and long-lasting which makes it easy to work with them. They are strong, solid and less likely to break during delivery.

This durable nature of the bricks saves costs and the customer is less likely to purchase new bricks frequently. The chamotte bricks also have low thermal conductivity and a high heat capacity storage.

The bricks also heat up quickly saving time and fuel. All these excellent features of Kamino-Flam Chamotte fire bricks make them a popular material to use in lining up kilns, fireplaces, furnaces, wood-fired pizza ovens and chimneys.

❏ Verdict

□ Functionality

The Kamino-Flam Chamotte fire bricks have some excellent features. The bricks are resistant to temperatures of up to 1250 degrees Celcius, they are odourless and irritant-free, have low thermal conductivity and have a high heat storage capacity.

They also heat up quickly and spread heat lightly. These features make the bricks suitable for use in high-temperature conditions like bricking up kilns, fireplaces, furnaces, wood-fired pizza ovens and chimneys.

□ Ease of use

These bricks are easy to use because they are solid and strong and don’t break easily. Unlike other bricks, customers are less likely to find them broken on delivery. Also, if you see a crack, you don’t need to replace the brick immediately.

□ Looks/appearance

These refractory bricks are a nice brown color and will add to the beauty of your lawn or patio when used in making wood-fired pizza ovens.


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