3 Best Fire Bricks: A 2024 Review

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Fire bricks

3 of the Best Fire Bricks: A 2024 Review

fire brick
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Fire bricks vary in shape, size and material. This clear difference between firebricks can be easily noticed when you start taking a bite- that awesome smoky barbecue and savory flavor!

What makes fire bricks different from the regular ones is mainly their ability to handle extremely high heat. There is absolutely no need to make us of these fire bricks every time you cook, but if you want to level up your pizza cooking game, it is highly recommended!

Let’s get to know the three most widely used fire bricks.

Vitcas Fire Brick

fire brick- Vitcas
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Vitcas fire bricks help you build your own wood-fired pizza oven at home. The brand is several years old and trusted by people. With Vitcas fire bricks, you can build your own pizza oven at home without relying on professional help.

The fire bricks come in various shapes and sizes. They are not only functional but also decorative. The best part is that you can build a wood-fired pizza oven at home in an aesthetic that you like.

The fire bricks produced by Vitcas can withstand high temperatures and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, the Ovens made from Vitcas refractory fire bricks can be built for both domestic as well as commercial application.

The fire bricks are versatile in nature and can also be used to also build a barbecue grill, a fireplace, or even furnaces.


  • Vitcas firebricks are decorative in nature. They are available in different colours and shapes so you can choose the bricks that will look the most aesthetic in your garden or inside your home.
  • They can withstand high temperatures so you can cook authentic crispy pizzas that are as good as the pizzas served in restaurants.
  • Wood can be used with firebrick which will bring out the flavour of your freshly made pizzas
  • The oven made from these bricks remain hot the next day as well so you can use it to reheat your pizza
  • Some of the firebricks have the right shape to build the roof of a tunnel-shaped oven.
  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Most of the bricks are heat resistant and can resist temperatures in the range of 1200-1300 degrees celsius.
  • These firebricks grade high on energy efficiency as they have low thermal conductivity.
  • They are dense which makes them resistant to abrasion.
  • They are affordably priced.


  • The firebricks are fragile so one has to be careful while building the oven.

Price : £2 (per brick)

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② Vermiculite Fire Brick

Fire Brick
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Vermiculite fire bricks are made from a naturally occurring mineral called Vermiculite which exfoliates when heated. Exfoliated Vermiculite is mixed with an inorganic bonding agent. It is then hydraulically pressed into a mold and then heat cured. The fire bricks are then cut from these molds or boards.

Vermiculite is also used to cover the outer portion of oven domes and hearths. This is done to provide insulation otherwise the heat will escape from the oven. It is recommended that the insulation is of at least 4 inches to slow down cooling.

It is often assumed that Vermiculite carries asbestos which is hazardous for health. However, this is far from the truth. It is the crude Vermiculite that carries asbestos and not the exfoliated version.


  1. It retains heat for at least another hour so once you can use it for reheating or making desserts.
  2. It is easily available online and offline. .
  3. Pizza ovens built from Vermiculite look most like authentic Italian pizza ovens.
  4. Vermiculite is useful even after it has been retired as an oven. Old and cracked Vermiculite bricks/material can be used in the garden to improve the quality of the soil.
  5. It is asbestos-free.


  1. Vermiculite, when mixed with cement to make an oven, dries softer than other materials.
  2. Ovens made of Vermiculite may crack if fired at a very high temperature.
  3. Vermiculite expands and then contracts, unlike other insulations, which also leads to cracking. This shortens the lifespan of a pizza oven.
  4. Compared to other materials, Vermiculite does not retain heat for long.
  5. As Vermiculite insulation needs to be thick in order to be effective, it would leave less space for the wood.
  6. It requires more construction time than other insulation materials.
  7. Unlike other fire bricks, Vermiculite does not come in a variety of colours.
  8. It is expensive.

Price: £6 – £7 (per brick)

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Kamino-Flam Fire Brick

Fire Brick
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Kamino-flame fire bricks are a good quality material for making wood-fired pizza ovens. They can tolerate a high temperature of nearly 1250 degrees Celsius without combusting. The smooth and porous surface of the bricks ensures that the oven is heat resistant. These fire bricks are also used for making fireplaces that show their superior quality and non-combustible nature.


  1. It is odourless which makes it ideal to use for cooking.
  2. It is great for making rustic pizzas and bread.
  3. You can build both indoor and outdoor ovens with Kamino-flam fire bricks
  4. It can withstand a high temperature of up to 1250 degrees celsius without combusting
  5. Pizza ovens made from Kamino-Flam fire bricks are of superior quality.
  6. They have a low thermal conductivity which retains heat.
  7. if you have an extra fire brick lying around, you can use it as a warming plate.
  8. It is asbestos-free.


  1. It does not come in a variety of colours so it lacks in the aesthetics department.
  2. The fire bricks need to be packaged with great care or they may break in transit.

Price: £5.75 (per brick)

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What is a Fire Brick?

Fire bricks are slabs made of fire clay that are used to build wood-fired pizza ovens and for lining furnaces, kilns, and fireplaces. The fire clay is made of silica and alumina. The fire brick, also called refractory brick, is used in high-temperature applications because it can withstand high temperatures which is essential if you are using them to build a pizza oven. These bricks offer low thermal conductivity which makes them energy efficient.

Why Use Fire Bricks?

Firebricks are made of a special clay called fire clay. The clay is pressed into a certain shape and then placed in highly heated kilns to achieve the desired hardness. These bricks are also called refractory bricks and are mostly used in high-temperature applications. Many domestic ovens are made of firebricks giving them a classical look. Also, most of these ovens are built at home without professional help.

There are several reasons as to why you should use Fire Bricks while building a wood-fired oven –

  1. Fire Bricks are heat resistant and non-combustible – To get crispy Italian pizzas, the pizza oven is fired to a high temperature. An oven made with fire bricks is likely to last longer as they don’t get brittle or crack over a period of usage. Replacing part of an oven or the whole oven is an expensive affair, using fire brick ensures that you don’t have to make a repeat investment often.
  2. Firebricks aid in greater heat retention – Once the oven is hot, it retains the heat from anywhere, depending on the material, from 1 hour to 1 day. You can use the hot oven to reheat food or to make desserts.
  3. Fire bricks are toxicity free – Firebricks don’t have harmful chemicals like asbestos which is an important merit because you will be using the oven to cook food.
  4. Fire Brick ovens look aesthetically pleasing – Ovens made from fire bricks are reminiscent of authentic Italian pizza ovens which have been in use for thousands of years. These ovens make a great talking point at parties and give your get together a slice of Italy.
  5. Fire Bricks are energy efficient – The bricks used to line the inside of ovens have low thermal productivity. These classical brick ovens don’t just make your pizza crispy but also help you in saving energy.
  6. Fire Brick ovens are a Do-it-yourself project – Ovens made of fire bricks or refractory bricks are easy to make at home. There are several videos on Youtube that can teach how to put a wood-fired pizza oven together.

What is the Best Fire Bricks For Pizza Ovens?

There are several Fire Bricks brands available in the market. Of these, the most popular and reputed is Vitcas Fire Brick. Overall, we rank Vitcas fire brick as the best product because of its high-temperature resisting feature.

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Q: How to make a fire pit with fire bricks?

A: You can easily make a fire pit at home. 

Step 1. Create a trench and fill it with mortar.

Step 2. Lay down one layer of bricks.

Step 3. Add more mortar and drop another round of bricks. Ensure that they are firmly pressed against the mortar. Leave ventilation gaps between some of the bricks. This will prevent the fire from going out because of a lack of air and ventilation.

Step 4. Rendering is optional.

Step 5. Paint the pit in a color of your choice. Be sure to use masonry paint. Now, add a layer of gravel to the pit. If you have used render then let it dry before painting the pit.

If the bricks have a porous texture then they are more likely to be heat resistant. They will also take longer to crack and crumble. So, invest in good quality firebricks.

Following this 5-step process will have you your own Firepit.

Q: How to make fire bricks?

A: First, the fire clay is prepared. The clay is mostly made up of Silica and Alumina. However, the composition may differ based on what the bricks are going to be used for. Once the composition of the clay is determined, it is pressed into the desired shape. The moulded clay is then placed in a kiln at a high temperature. The temperature control depends on how hard you want the bricks to be.

Q: How long do fire bricks last?

A: The firebricks used in wood-fired pizza ovens typically last between 3-5 years. Beyond this, they start to crack and crumble.

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