4 Ways To Treat Jock Itch: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Jock Itch

Jock itch (scientific name: tinea cruris) is a common yet serious fungal infection that occurs on the skin and primarily affects men. This skin infection is one among those fungal infections that are collectively called “tinea.” Similar to other tinea infections, the causative agent of jock itch is mold-like fungi known as “dermatophytes.”

This microscopic fungus that causes jock itch lives on your skin, nails, & hair and is typically harmless. But, if they’re allowed to flourish in warm, moist, & unclean areas of the body – they multiply quickly and cause tinea infections. These microscopic fungi thrive in certain parts of the body including the groin area, buttocks, & inner thighs.

Tinea infected skin leads to severe discomfort & itchy rash. Thankfully, most people who get jock itch recover pretty quickly. It’s a mild infection that can be treated relatively quickly through applying topical antifungal medications as well as by ensuring that the infected skin is dry & clean.

Let’s learn everything about this skin disorder & what we can do to treat & prevent it.

What Causes Tinea Infections like Jock Itch?

Jock itch is caused by the same group of fungi (dermatophytes) that causes Athlete’s foot & ringworm. When exposed to moisture & dirt, dermatophytes multiply quickly. When this overgrowth happens in the groin area, the resulting skin infection is called jock itch. Dermatophytes are highly contagious & they typically spread through skin-to-skin contact.

Jock Itch Symptoms

Here are some of the commonest symptoms of jock itch (seen in the groin & inner thigh areas)

  • Rash that that worsens & spreads over time
  • Flaking skin
  • Burning sensations
  • Persistent itching
  • Redness that keeps getting worse with exercise or activity

Risk Factors for Fungal Infections in the Groin Area

There are certain risk factors that make people more susceptible to getting jock itch. They include:

  • Being a teen or young adult male.
  • Wearing tight underwear or tight clothing.
  • Sweating heavily while wearing the same clothes (e.g., athletes who wear the same sports uniforms for too long)
  • Obesity. People who struggle with this health condition typically have multiple moisture & heat-trapping skin folds spread across their bodies. This puts them at a higher risk of getting jock itch.
  • People with compromised or weakened immune systems (e.g., AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, or cancer patients).

How is Jock Itch Diagnosed?

Healthcare professionals only need to see how the infected skin looks to formally diagnose jock itch. In rare cases, they may perform KOH (Potassium (K), Oxygen (O), & Hydrogen (H)) exams, skin biopsies, or skin cultures to check for fungus. Jock itch will never disappear on its own. But, the faster the diagnosis & treatment, the faster this fungal infection can be cured.

How to Prevent Jock Itch?

Practicing good hygiene in your day-to-day life is the best way to prevent jock itch. Introduce the following practices into your life if you want to avoid the risk of getting this skin infection:

  • Regular hand-washing to ensure you never get jock itch from someone else.
  • Always keep your skin clean, especially around your genital area.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothing; tight clothes increase your risk of jock itch.
  • Only wear clean clothes.
  • Wash your workout clothes every time you use them.
  • Never use the same towel for too long. Also, use separate towels at home & outside your home (e.g., when you’re at the gym).
  • Wash your personal items whenever they get dirty.
  • Wear athletic supporters while playing sports.
  • Consider wearing sandals whenever appropriate instead of tight shoes.
  • Consider wearing boxer shorts instead of tight underwear. The causative fungus of jock itch proliferates inside tight & moist spaces, especially underwear that’s dirty. If you do wear tight underwear, only wear cotton underwear that can absorb moisture & keep your groin dry.

Practice these hygienic habits & get rid of your tight-fitting clothes, especially during the warm, moist summer months.

4 Ways To Treat Jock Itch

There are many ways to treat jock itch. The four main ways include:

1. Natural Remedies

Eating yogurt, applying coconut oil to the groin area, and drinking loads of water are some natural remedies for treating this light skin infection.

2. Medications

 There are many over-the-counter antifungal creams, topical antifungal medications, antifungal pills, & antifungal powders that are used to treat jock itch & other tinea infections like athlete’s foot.

3. Supplements

Supplements that are full of probiotics are often recommended by healthcare professionals to people suffering from jock itch & other fungal infections.

4. Digital Programs & eBooks

What is jock itch? Is jock itch contagious? What is tinea pedis? People who get jock itch for the first time in their lives, often have these questions on their minds. Reading Digital Programs & eBooks on fungal infections can help these people find the answers they need to start healing.

Here are some of the best treatment options & solutions for people suffering from jock itch & other fungal infections:

1. Candida Crusher

jock itch

Candida Crusher is by far the most comprehensive source of information on skin yeast infections. It’s a must-read for people who have jock itch, athlete’s foot, & other tinea infections. It’s packed with science-based explanations of chronic yeast infections.

More importantly, this eBook features details on some of the best holistic & natural treatments for fungal infections. You’ll get to learn a lot about anti-fungal herbs, essential oils, herbal supplements, & other natural ways to treat jock itch.

Apply the steps mentioned in this eBook & you’ll be able to eliminate your fungal skin infections for good. Candida Crusher was created by Dr. Eric Bakker, a renowned healthcare professional & medical researcher who specializes in skin disorders. He explains how fungal infections work, how our skin cells react to heat, & various other essential details in a simple manner in this eBook.

Read this eBook to learn how to cleanse, repair, and maintain your skin health. Try the natural & herbal solutions mentioned in this eBook for two weeks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much permanent relief they bring you.

Shop Candida Crusher at the Official Website.

2. Medline

jock itch

Medline Remedy Antifungal Powder is a very popular product among people who suffer from fungal infections. From eliminating the most bothersome symptoms of jock itch to reducing ringworm risk – this talc-free powder can do it all.

Medline is super-effective because it contains Miconazole Nitrate – an active ingredient that nourishes and soothes the skin, acting as a moisturizer. Apply it anywhere fungus thrives in your body – your skin folds, feet, genital areas, upper thigh, etc.

You can even pour some of this powder into your socks and shoes. This aloe-free, paraben-free, & sulfate-free antifungal powder will provide you with instant relief from itching, burning, and irritation caused by fungus. This topical antifungal medication also smells great & can be used by children over the age of 2.

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3.  Lotrimin

jock itch

Lotrimin was originally designed to treat tinea versicolor – a serious fungal infection that causes light skin to turn dark & infected. Since then, this antifungal powder has become the go-to product for treating all types of fungal infections.

Candidiasis, athlete’s foot, ringworm, & jock itch – Lotrimin AF Powder can treat a variety of fungal skin infections by preventing the growth of fungus on the skin. It contains Miconazole – a strong antifungal agent that provides instant relief to itchy skin.

Both men & women can use these clinically proven products. Men with jock itch, in particular, benefit most from Lotrimin. This jock itch powder is also available in a cream version. Anyone over the age of 12 can freely use this antifungal product.

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4. Tinactin

jock itch

Which of the following products are you more comfortable using – antifungal creams, antifungal powders, or antifungal sprays? When you buy Tinactin, you get to choose between three versions of this product.

Commonly used to treat athlete’s foot, Tinactin is effective at treating all types of fungal infections. It relieves itchy skin fast & provides instant relief from skin burns or cracks.

More importantly, regular use of Tinactin is guaranteed to lower the risk of jock itch recurring on your body. This product is odorless & child-friendly. It’s highly effective because it contains Tolnaftate – one of the strongest antifungal agents in existence.

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5. Zeasorb

jock itch

Zeasorb has been around for over 50 years & dermatologists across the world have recommended this antifungal powder to millions. This powder quickly targets and treats the areas of the body where the fungus that causes jock itch thrives.

You can apply it to your groin, lower, or upper thighs or even your feet to get instant relief from rash, itching, & other skin irritations.

Zeasorb also helps keep the skin dry by absorbing unwanted moisture on the skin. Zeasorb contains talc so do consult with your healthcare professionals before using it. But, you don’t need a prescription to buy this clinically-proven antifungal powder.

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Jock itch may not be a serious, life-threatening health condition. But, if you don’t take it seriously, it will only get worse with time. What’s even worse is that jock itch is super-contagious. So, by not treating this skin disorder, you’re putting the people around you at risk.

Avoid spreading & suffering from this irritating skin condition by following the guidelines mentioned in this article. For even more in-depth information on jock itch & other fungal infections, read Candida Crusher.

Most readers of Candida Crusher are people who didn’t find relief from traditional treatments like antifungal creams or pills. For them, reading this $47 eBook was a life-changing experience & we suspect it will be the same for you. Stay informed, stay clean, & beat jock itch long before it starts disrupting your life!

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Jock Itch FAQs

What kills jock itch fast?

Applying topical antifungal medications on the affected areas is the best way to kill jock itch fast.

Is jock itch an STD?

Jock itch is a contagious fungal infection that’s spread via skin-to-skin contact. It’s technically not an STD. But, it can be spread if an infected person has skin-to-skin contact with his/her partner during sex.

What causes jock itch to flare up?

Tight clothing, regular exposure to heat, excessive sweating, & the lack of proper hygiene – are the main triggers of the fungus that causes tinea infections like jock itch.

Does scratching jock itch make it worse?

Yes. Instead of scratching the infected areas, apply antifungal creams or powders. 

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