How to Fix Sleep Schedule in 12 Simple Steps: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

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How To Fix Sleep Schedule

Most people fail to pay attention to sleep hygiene, whether they face sleep deprivation or end up with hectic sleep schedules. The issue becomes more problematic when they fail to fall asleep when they want to.

A consistent sleep schedule is a must for your health, yet it is often affected by hectic work hours, late nights, or entertainment. As a direct consequence, the internal body clock is affected too.

But as you discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you inevitably realize how important it is to have a sleep cycle. Your sleep quality affects everything, from productivity to your immune system.

The good news is there are solutions, whether you want to fix your sleep schedule or learn how to adjust your internal clock. Here is everything you need to know about how to fix your sleep schedule.

How to Fix Sleep Schedule: Benefits of Having A Sleep Schedule

How to fix sleep schedule
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Working on your circadian rhythm ensures a proper sleep routine, which has numerous health benefits. Your body temperature will regulate, your cells will regenerate, and your immune system will strengthen. Plus, you can prevent circadian rhythm sleep disorders. What else then?

Easy to fall sleep

Remember when you used to be a kid? Your biological clock told you when you had to sleep. Your parents looked after you and your circadian rhythms too. As you grow up and become busier, you forget about the natural body clock. In return, you end up facing issues while trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Fix your sleep schedule, and you will fall asleep naturally, rather than struggle, even if you do shift work.

Less stress

A sleep disorder is stressful and frustrating. Reset your sleep, and you will feel more recharged in the morning. You will be in a good mood throughout the day too. After all, better sleep is among the best stress management techniques out there.

The same rule applies to work. If you feel stressed at work, make sure you leave it there.

No sleep disorders

Get a proper sleep environment and stick to your sleep patterns. In return, you will be able to avoid all sorts of sleep disorders, such as insomnia, apnea, parasomnia, and so on. It makes perfect sense. Like you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease, the same goes for your sleep.

Get a new sleep schedule and stick to your bedtime routine. Sleep disorders will stay away from you then.

Improve your brain

Good sleep is critical for your brain. It will boost productivity and concentration, as well as overall performance. A delayed sleep phase syndrome, light exposure, or other similar issues will affect all these brain functions in the long run.

Furthermore, reset your sleep schedule, and your memory and problem-solving skills will improve overnight.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A sleep schedule implies going to sleep and waking up at approximately similar times. The pattern will be maintained even when you no longer need to work, such as on your days off. Your wake up time will be the same, even if you actually work night shifts or you have a hectic lifestyle.

Your sleep could still be affected by issues like blue light or jet lag, and you can fix such temporary issues quickly.

Less affections

Any sleep specialist will confirm that poor quality sleep will affect your body overall. You are at a higher risk of developing heart conditions and even certain types of cancer. Your brain, immune system, metabolism, and hormone production will all be affected, not to mention your actual weight.

Sleep affects all cells in the body, meaning any system can be affected. Try to avoid night shifts, bright light at night, energy drinks, and other similar issues. Instead, go to bed earlier. Set the alarm clock at the same time and try to find a regular schedule for healthy sleep.

Avoid the risk of obesity

Healthy sleep cycles will prevent the risk of obesity. Indeed, having a light snack every now and then will also take you there, but normally, healthy sleep habits will keep you in good condition. When you sleep less, you eat more because you feel tired, but you also pump yourself with poor food choices.

How To Fix Sleep Schedule?

How to fix sleep schedule
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There are more ways to fix your sleep schedule and adopt healthy sleep habits. Forget about going to sleep at least an hour earlier or waking up early to feel tired throughout the day. It takes time to get a good sleep pattern, but the good news is the approach is natural.

Indeed, you can also take sleep medicine, but you may still feel sleepy in the morning. There are, however, natural supplements to help out, as well as small lifestyle changes.

Here are a few handy solutions to sleep earlier and improve your sleep wake times:

1. Exercise

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight also implies physical activity. You need to exercise in one way or another, whether you walk to work, go to the gym for an hour in the morning or take a long walk in the evening. Any type of exercise will do.

It will make you feel a bit tired, so it will help you reach your desired bedtime. It will also keep you in good physical condition, meaning you are healthier and look better. When you look good, exercise also works as a mood booster. What can be better for your self confidence than good looks?

2. Skip naps

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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It is definitely tempting, especially when changing time zones or doing random shifts at work. You feel like pulling those blackout curtains to fall asleep on the sofa for an hour or so. Such things will affect the sleep hormone, though and can ruin your night.

Long naps will also lead to grogginess, which is how you feel when you wake up from deep sleep. In other words, it feels like your day is starting up again. By nighttime, you will be full of energy. No matter how tired you feel, falling asleep during the day is contraindicated.

3. Keep the room cool

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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Lots of people overlook the importance of temperature when going to sleep. The truth is, too warm is not a good idea, even if it feels cozy. You need a slightly cooler temperature, so go for about 20 degrees Celsius. Open the windows for 10 minutes first if you have to and refresh the air.

Based on sleep science, good sleep hygiene starts with the right temperature. If you struggle with hot summers, simply get a fan or a portable air conditioner on for an hour or two. Besides, white noise will also help.

4. Have early dinners

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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You can get your circadian shifts shifted if you fail to sleep and eat at regular times. Keep in mind that once you have dinner, your body may end up with a bit of extra energy. Plus, you need to give your body time to digest the food too.

Opt for healthy foods, rather than heavy fat foods. Eat at the same time every evening and make sure you have an early dinner.

This is why everyone recommends having dinner at least three hours before going to bed.

5. Consider fasting

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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If you eat food, the body knows you are awake. Fasting means your body has no clue that you are awake. Besides, you fast when you sleep anyway, so it makes sense. This is why you need to eat three or more hours before going to bed. You basically need to give your body some standby before bed.

Eating early means you are more likely to feel hungry in the morning. It will motivate you to get out of bed early and adopt a different sleeping schedule. There is, however, a fine line between quality sleep and bad sleep. If you go to sleep starving, it will keep you awake.

6. Reduce light exposure

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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Light exposure makes the body stop or pause producing melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. Darkness works in the opposite way. This is why you open the curtains or go out to wake up in the morning. Bright lights, whether exposed to artificial or natural light, will affect your sleep.

Turn everything off and reduce screen time. You might as well consider some blue light blocking glasses. Darkness will not just help you fall asleep, but it will also help you stay asleep.

Remove every glowing device from the room too, such as TV lights, smartphones, or computers.

7. Learn to relax

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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Relaxation will help reset your sleep schedule, so give yourself half an hour to an hour every evening, before going to bed. When stressed, the body keeps producing cortisol, which keeps you awake and aware. Luckily, you can enhance your sleeping environment and prevent this problem.

Yoga is a good idea before going to bed. A few stretching exercises will also relax you. How about meditation or praying? You can also relax by deep breathing or having tea.

Make sure there are no electronic devices around, and if you do have a hot drink, it should be caffeine free.

8. Keep it quiet

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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Your sleep wake pattern will be affected by the sleeping conditions too. Silence makes falling asleep a breeze, so do whatever it takes to maintain a quiet environment. Even when you sleep, the brain can still process sounds, and distracting noises will make it difficult to sleep.

Turn the TV off and put the smartphone on silent mode. If external noise is an issue, get some background noise. White noise can actually help you relax. You can get a fan on or perhaps an air purifier. You can find white noise machines too, not to mention comfy ear plugs.

9. Limit caffeine

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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Caffeine has different effects on people. Even if you are used to it, and you can have 10 coffees a day, it will still affect you. Sure, you may not realize it because you think that you are used to it, but at the end of the day, it will make a difference.

If you need caffeine and feel like you are addicted to it, try to have the last caffeine drink at least six or eight hours before bedtime. If you want to go to sleep at 10PM, have a last coffee or caffeine tea at 2PM or maybe 4PM.

10. Start a routine

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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To fix your sleeping schedule, you have to make a routine. The beginning will always be a bit difficult, but you will get there eventually. Decide on the optimal bedtime, as well as the wake up time. Go to sleep at that time every single day.

If you have trouble falling asleep, consider waking up early the day before, so you will be tired. Do it continuously, even on your days off. If you want to stay up, change this schedule by an hour only. The same goes for sleeping in. Your internal clock will adjust and develop a brand new routine.

11. Avoid doing it cold turkey

If you have always gone to bed at 1AM, but now you want to start going to sleep at 10PM, chances are your body will need a bit of time to adapt. Avoid doing it cold turkey because it is less likely to work. You will go to bed and move around for a few hours, letting frustration build up.

Instead, make these changes overtime. Adjust your sleeping times by an hour only, then stick to this routine for a few weeks. Make another change later on and give it a few weeks. Keep doing it until you reach your desired sleep wake times.

12. Consider taking supplements

How To Fix Sleep Schedule
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There are plenty of options out there when it comes to sleep supplements. Go to a doctor, and they will usually prescribe medications. They do help, but they come with side effects too. Unless you have a severe problem, supplements will do.

With so many options out there, choosing the right sleeping supplement could be a bit challenging. Obviously, some products or brands are more popular than others and for some good reasons. All in all, here are a few good options to consider.

4 Recommended Supplements 

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1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Organifi

How to fix sleep schedule

Organifi is based on whole foods, 100% natural ingredients, and incredibly low amounts of sugar. There are more supplements in the range, so make sure you choose the one suitable for a good night’s sleep. The dietary supplement has nine soothing superfoods gathered together in a delicious tea.

It is natural, good for your sleep, and hot, so it feels like the perfect addition to your relaxing activities before going to bed. Given the natural ingredients, there are obviously no side effects at all. Plus, it features an amazing taste.

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2. Best For Quick Results: Harmonium Sleep Support

How to fix sleep schedule

Harmonium Sleep Support is 100% natural and acts on your sleep in no time. It gives you a sleepy mood, but it also tells your mind to relax and stop working. The supplement is great for those struggling with thoughts and unnecessary worries once they get to bed.

The supplement is available as a nighttime tea. It is hot, delicious, and suitable for nighttime activities. Plus, it promotes a deep sleep, so you will feel refreshed in the morning.

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3. Best For Relaxation: Vitapost Sleep Support Plus

How to fix sleep schedule

The Vitapost Sleep Support supplement comes in pills and works wonders for those who struggle to relax, as well as those who suffer from sleeping disorders like apnea. It will give you a deep nighttime sleep due to the natural formula based on minerals, vitamins, and herbs.

Made with natural ingredients, the supplement will never cause adverse reactions. Besides, it is also suitable for vegans.

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4. Best For Melatonin Problems: Z-Tox

How to fix sleep schedule

There are more supplements in the Z-Tox range, so make sure you get the one formulated for sleeping disorders. It is natural and works like a breeze, especially since it targets one of the most common issues associated with poor quality sleep.

If your sleep problems are caused by too much light or devices around you, Z-Tox comes with a boost of melatonin, which practically tells your body to shut down.

As you can tell, your options are quite varied, and there is something for everyone out there. What works for some people may not work for everyone else, but Organifi seems to be close enough. The tea has an impressive capability to relax you, and the best part about it is you will love the aroma and taste.

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Bottom Line

Learning how to fix sleep schedule is not that difficult. There are a mix of different lifestyle changes you can make, but more importantly, you need to give yourself plenty of time. The body needs time to adjust.

Supplements can help rush the process a little, but you have to pick the right one. Organifi is among the best options out there because it comes as a tea with no caffeine, but 100% natural ingredients, superfood extracts, and a delicious aroma.

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How To Fix Sleep Schedule FAQs

Is it important to sleep on schedule?

Maintaining a sleep schedule will help you fall asleep easier, get a good rest overnight and wake up refreshed in the morning.

What is the best sleep schedule for productivity?

The monophasic sleep cycle is the best choice and implies sleeping for seven to nine hours a night. It is suitable for those who cannot or do not want to take naps throughout the day.

What is the healthiest position for sleep?

Sleeping on a side supports the spine and can prevent back pains as you get older, assuming you support your body with pillows too.

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