A Quick Fix To Close Sales Every Day For Your Startup

By Jared Cornell

March 12, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to close more sales

During the last couple of decades, sales closing has become more challenging than ever. The old-fashioned principles of sales that once upon a time dominated the market are becoming pretty ineffective today.

Prospects are tired of door-to-door sales, unwanted phone calls, and irrelevant brochures in their mailboxes. Moreover, 77% of customers make a purchase online and 51% opt for live chat support when having doubts or second thoughts.

Apparently, to be able to close a satisfactory number of sales, you should be able to keep up with the constantly changing market trends. And those trends nowadays necessarily include the commercial use of internet and advanced digital solutions.

So, for freshly founded startups to become competitive and increase sales, it’s essential to take special care of web presence. Having in mind this fact, in this article, we’re sharing some useful strategies on how to close more sales on a daily basis.

Have in mind your potential customer’s profile

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One of the most common mistakes that young businesses make is not recognizing their main prospects. Before investing in sales and promotion, make sure to identify the customers you should promote your products to.

There are several important questions you should answer in this process:

  • Who needs your product or service?
  • What is the best way of reaching them both online and offline?
  • How much money are they ready to spend on your product?
  • Do they have some special needs that your competition don’t address?

An easy way to answer these questions is to observe your competition’s customers. They can be a great source of relevant information.

In addition, you can also create short surveys that you can send to your website visitors after live chat sessions to get to know more about them.

Investigate your competition’s strategies

The fact that you’ve just started to run your startup makes you a small fish in a big lake. This means that you have to act quickly and discover the strategies implemented by those who are stronger than you.

Once you realize that patterns that make your competition successful, you’ll be able to implement some of them and improve your results. In addition, you can brainstorm new strategies not used by your competition.

Moreover, you can try offering something that the rest of the market doesn’t. That way, you’ll be able to stand out.

For instance, if you know that almost a quarter of sales teams don’t use customer relationship management software, you may consider implementing it as well. Also, having in mind that 35 to 50% of customers make a deal with the most responsive vendor, you can check the speed of your competition’s replies and try to beat it.

Use live chat software to simplify and improve communication

Many businesses often miss the chance of increasing profits by relying on the wrong means of communication with their customers. The first step in preventing this mistake is avoiding the costs of ineffective communication systems. Choose your optimal sales-boosting solution only after analyzing your target audience and their preferences.

While you can always try out emails and phone calls, it’s proven that you can improve sales with live chat. With more than 41% of customers that prefer live chat communication, live support can be a great help in closing more sales. Not to mention that a wrong communication method can make your customers leave – 89% of customers decide to change a brand or service due to a poor experience.

The immediate, friendly, helpful interaction based on accurate data lets customers feel safe and appreciated, increasing their loyalty to your brand. At the same time, you can offer them additional products and increase the sales value as you talk to them. In addition, this type of interaction is not interruptive, letting both agents and customers multitask.

Finally, apart from providing great support experience, by relying on Salesforce live chat integration, you also get to save the valuable data from each chat session. And this can be extremely helpful when analyzing your prospects’ profiles and preferences.

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Don’t sell a product; sell its purpose

Numerous startups offering their products or services get in the trap of presenting the features instead of explaining the purpose. This can have particularly negative effects if you’re using technical language and jargon that customers don’t understand.

So, instead of just spamming your customers with features, show them what your products can actually do for them.

Explain how they can make your prospects’ routines less complicated and how they can improve their lifestyles. That way, you won’t just be facilitating their decision making regarding the purchase, but you’ll also show that you care about their needs and experience.

Exclusiveness and scarcity sells

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A study performed by DigitalCommons showed that the fear of missing out made customers significantly reduce procrastination when shopping. Moreover, it increased their urgency to buy, as well as competitiveness among them.

So, if you can make your customers feel like they’re getting something that others can’t get, you’re on a good path to increasing sales.

People make decisions faster if you have a great time-limited offer. On the other hand, they also feel appreciated knowing that you’re offering special rewards for their loyalty. And there are numerous ways in which you can achieve the scarcity effect.

Some of them are:

  • Seasonal offers and other types of time-limited discounts;
  • Low stock notifications that imply the limited availability of product units;
  • Showcase of the items bought in real time and the use of numbers that show the product popularity.

Summing Up: How to Close More Sales

The marketing investments of startup projects are commonly limited. In accordance, they have a reduced number of ways to fight for their market position. However, there are some incredibly effective strategies that can help them gain new customers and increase sales.

First of all, they should get to know their customers, their purchase habits, preferences, and their average budget. Secondly, it’s also incredibly important to observe the competition — but don’t copy them.

Instead, adapt their successful strategies to your business. In addition, it’s essential to provide a high-quality, highly responsive communication system. It means the implementation of live chat software backed up with competent agents and Salesforce integration.

Finally, apart from facilitating the purchase in technical terms, you should also motivate customers to buy your product without hesitation. And you can create this effect by introducing scarcity strategies that affect the customers’ psychology and provoke a positive response.

Be friendly, supportive, and offer accurate information whenever your customers need them. Implement all these and it’s more than likely you’ll achieve great results.

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