How Does Coolsculpting Work

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January 10, 2024

How Does Coolsculpting Work

Coolsculpting is the latest and trendiest way to get rid of stubborn body fat that won’t go away even after dieting and exercising. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010, this method freezes the stubborn fat and eventually removes it through the liver. It is sometimes also called freeze sculpting or cold sculpting because of the unique approach of freezing unwanted fat.

Coolsculpting is cheaper, safer, and more effective than surgical fat removal methods like liposuction. There is no downtime, so you can return to work immediately. This non-invasive technique also requires very little post-treatment care. It also provides permanent results. Naturally, coolscuplting has become very popular in recent years as an effective treatment for fat reduction and body contouring.

The Emergence of Coolsculpting

Two scientists working at Harvard University in the 1970s discovered that the kids who consumed many popsicles sometimes suffered from an inflammatory condition. It is known as Popsicle Panniculitis. Many of them had dimples after the condition went away.

Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson started their research based on this observation. They wanted to find out how cold temperature affects the body’s subcutaneous fat cells. They eventually discovered that the fat cells in the human body were more susceptible to a cold injury compared to the tissues that surrounded them.

This lead to the development of the coolscuplting methodology. It is now a leading treatment in the fat reduction industry. The FDA eventually approved this treatment plan after carrying out many clinical trials. Studies have shown that coolscuplting can reduce body fat by 20-25%. The FDA agrees that this fat reduction process is safe and effective.

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It works for both men and women, people of all ages. However, for it to be effective, you have to go to the clinic in your city. Always select the best plastic surgeon or dermatologist you can find. Remember, it is a new method, so there are very few trained and experienced professionals.

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Coolsculpting – How Does the Process Work

The process of coolsculpting is called cryolipolysis. The plastic surgeon or dermatologist will use a device to hold your targeted body part between two paddles, which will do the actual cooling. The paddles will be kept on your body for anything between 30 minutes to an hour. When the device is turned on, it works like a suction cup on your skin and starts freezing your fatty cells below the skin.

When your fat cells freeze, they will go through the apoptosis process where the cells will die. They will then be eliminated from your body naturally over the next few weeks.

Our fat cells get larger when we gain weight. They shrink when we lose weight. Cool body sculpting doesn’t shrink the cells. They kill and remove them altogether from the body. Your body will then process the lipids and excrete them through your lymphatic system. It works in the same way any dead cell is removed from the body.

Don’t Worry About the Cells Dying

Cells in the human body die all the time. They are replaced by new, fresh cells. So there is nothing to worry about this treatment.

The temperature required for freezing fat is always higher than the water freezing temperature. It is only a small difference of 7 degrees F. Fat will freeze at 39, while water will do so at 32 F. This small change makes all the difference.

The coolsculpting method can help to reduce body fat in many parts like your belly, thighs, your sides and back, the upper arm, below your chin and the butt, and along your bra line.

Marking the Body

The process starts with an appointment with the doctor. Report any present health issue and the medicines you are taking. Once you are approved to receive coolsculpting, the medical practitioner will use a skin-marking pencil to mark the treatment areas on your body.

A gel pad will then be applied to the treatment area. You can select more than one area if you have excess fat in different parts of your body. The pad will work as a barrier between the cooling applicator and your skin.

Most practitioners will do a post-treatment massage on the area. Studies have shown that massaging the area for 2-5 minutes improves the treatment effectiveness and aids further fat reduction.

When Can You See the Result

It may take up to 3 months for you to notice the change. That’s because cells in the human body cannot break down instantly. It takes time. So you cannot expect to leave the clinic with a leaner body.

Cell breakdown may take up to 2 weeks, which is why most people won’t see a difference before a couple of months. In some instances, two to three body sculpting sessions might be recovered, especially if you have stubborn fat that won’t go away easily.

Will It Hurt?

Everyone has a different experience because people tolerate pain differently. However, for most people, coolsculpting doesn’t hurt because the process is painless. Some people experience minor discomfort during the treatment.

For a few days after the procedure, there can be some redness, swelling, soreness, bruising sensation, or numbness on the treated body part. These side effects are all minor. There is nothing to worry about as they will go away in a few days. You won’t even have to see a doctor about them. In fact, if anything, freezing fat cells by cooling may even provide relief from any swelling or soreness that you may have at this time.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that fewer than one percent of people who get cold sculpting will have a side effect like paradoxical fat hyperplasia. In this condition, the body’s fat cells will unexpectedly increase instead of going down. Interestingly, this is more likely to happen in men. For some reason, which is yet to be properly understood, paradoxical fat hyperplasia is seen more in Latinos and Hispanics. Liposuction can fix this problem.

However, you should certainly see a doctor if you do see a side effect, or if the minor redness, swelling, or soreness doesn’t go away after a few days. It could be an indication of another health issue.

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