Here’s What Really Matters When Betting in Quebec

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Here's What Really Matters When Betting in Quebec

Even with the recent approval across Canada of betting on a single sporting event, Quebec remains the center of the sports betting industry in the country. The province, which is known as the “birthplace” of Canadian lotteries thanks to Montreal, started a “voluntary” tax lottery for $2.00 in the year 1968. 

The Lotto-Quebec Mise-O-Jeu, the organization’s official betting platform, is widely regarded as one of the most successful provincial lottery systems in the whole nation. We have you covered by providing an overview of the gaming environment, so whether you want to try your hand at the Mise-O-Jeu or explore the world of online sports gambling, we have you covered.

The Legality of Offshore Betting Sites in Quebec
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The Legality of Offshore Betting Sites in Quebec

Bets placed on offshore betting platforms are rather ambiguous from a legal standpoint in Quebec. They are not made officially legal, and according to Canadian Sportsbooks, there is no regulation that exists to supervise offshore websites. Also, there is nothing that states that offshore gambling sites are unlawful either. As a result, they are currently operating in a grey area.

As a result of recent developments in the Canadian sports gambling landscape, it is quite possible that controlled sports betting will eventually be implemented in the province of Quebec, just as it has been done in the neighboring province of Ontario. When this takes place, there will be bookmakers in Quebec who have been granted licenses to operate, but overseas bookmakers will continue to do business as usual.

To explain, sports gambling in Quebec is in legal limbo, but it is absolutely risk-free, regardless of whether you place your wagers at an offshore bookmaker or at the licensed Mise-o-jeu betting service. This is because both types of betting venues are overseen by the provincial government.

Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling
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Casino gambling is completely within the bounds of the law in Quebec as it is right now, and it is subject to oversight. At the moment, the Canadian province of Quebec is home to four significant casinos. Loto-Quebec is responsible for all of them, and they may be found in a variety of cities around the province. 


At these establishments, you can discover a wide variety of casino games to choose from. The rules regarding gambling in Quebec include legislation for all of the main casino games and goods, ranging from slot machines to table games and everything in between. It is regulated under Regulation 3.1 of Section 13.1 of the Bylaws Governing Casino Games. 


Even though the majority of the laws are quite boring and uninteresting, there are a few critical aspects that need some clarification from us. To begin, participants are only allowed to use their own money while playing. It is against the law for casinos to provide players with credit or loans of any kind. 


There are certain slot machines that provide progressive jackpots, and all of the bets placed on such machines must have an equal chance of winning. This is in contrast to some online slot machines, where the quantity of your stake might actually boost your chances of winning.


In addition, the return to player percentage (RTP) of gambling machines in casinos in Quebec cannot be less than 83% on average. This is a poor performance compared to the average rate of return offered by games at the top slots websites in Canada.


When it comes to video lottery systems, the regulations of gambling in Quebec are crystal clear on what is permitted and what is not permitted. This includes both online and in-person gambling. Card games, one-armed bandit tournaments, keno, and bingo are only a few of the numerous kinds of games that fall under the umbrella term “video lottery systems.” 


The most that may be wagered using video lottery systems is $2.50, while the most that can be won is capped at $100. In terms of the betting limitations, this is fairly limiting in comparison to what the most reputed online casinos within Canada have to offer their customers.


Sports Gambling

Sports Gambling
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Bets on sporting events may be placed with no restrictions in Quebec. Having said that, there are a few qualifications that we have to talk about. To begin, it can only be wagered on via the online betting platform known as Mise-o-jeu, which is run by the organization known as Loto-Quebec. 


The Mise-o-jeu platform has only just been introduced, and it is now the sole alternative available to bettors in Quebec. It seems to be pretty decent at first glance. However, as we looked further, we discovered that there are a lot of things about it that we don’t like.

According to reviews left by customers, the odds that can be found on Mise-o-jeu are nowhere near as good as those that can be found on the most reputable betting websites in Canada. In addition to this, there is not a huge variety of betting markets to choose from. 


To be more specific, citizens of Quebec are only permitted to place wagers on the sports of baseball, basketball, auto racing, eSports, football, golfing, hockey, and tennis. This is a rather narrow viewpoint. Commercial betting websites, on the other hand, often cover dozens of various sports along with their associated leagues.


In addition, there are no incentives available while playing Mise-o-jeu. You are not given a greeting offer, nor are there any ongoing promotions in the future that you may take advantage of. The sole thing that is offered here is standard wagering on sporting events, and that is all. 


The number of different sorts of support wagers is likewise limited, which is another reason why we consider it basic athletics betting. To make a lengthy tale short, if people of Quebec accessed commercial gambling websites instead of the provincial lottery, they would have access to a far larger number of alternatives and possibilities.

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