Firepod Pizza Oven Review : What Makes It Popular?

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


In Italy, the inventor of Firepod was enthralled to invent this gadget after experiencing “the best pizza of his life”. Later he discovered that the key to making the best pizza is its cooking temperature – thus the FIREPOD.

Do you want to take your cooking skills to an advanced level? Then versatile Firepod Pizza Oven is the perfect choice for you. Firepod is an oven that allows you to bake the pizzas once you owned with a stone.

It also comes with a convertible stan. You can use it for BBQ on the griddle and hot stone cooker into one for family & friends. Replace the cooking kit with any food you want to cook.

Its portability means that you can take it with you. How does it work? Here we do a detailed firepod review for you.

In short, anything that makes delicious pizza easier should be welcomed with open arms. That’s why we are here to introduce you to a new nifty gadget for baking that is Firepod Oven.

This portable pizza oven allows you to make a quality pizza night memorable no matter where you are.


Who is The Firepod Pizza Oven for?

Compared with the hottest models in the high-end market, this multifunctional pizza oven requires no extra accessories and is relatively affordable than others. In addition to its versatility, beautiful colours, and stylish design, the Firepod oven used to make pizza, and griddle barbecue is very comfortable for family vacations and friends’ garden gatherings.

The only single struggle is trying to match the right gas slander but, in the deal, it comes with a light regulator and hose for ease of use.


• There is an air gap between the two rocks to prevent direct heat from passing through and cooking the pizza base too quickly.

• The stainless-steel reflector above the stone guides the heat back to the cooking toppings.

• Create a uniform cooking effect the top vent allows the proper airflow to circulate the temperature.

• The multifunctional outdoor oven can bake meat, pizza, fish, bread, vegetables, etc.

• Firepod has a small footprint and comes with a carrying strap so that you can take it with you anywhere.

• Reversible baking stones are very suitable for people with food allergies, cooking for them on one side and turning over for others.

• The modern design stands out everywhere.

• Includes oven with two ceramic stones, four legs, gas regulator, hardware, pizza peel, heavy heat-resistant gloves, and carry strap box.

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Where Can I Use The Firepod Pizza Oven?

We found that putting pizza in and out of the Firepod pizza oven is very simple. Firepod is very suitable for family use as a barbecue grill and can bake anything. It can withstand high temperatures, and the thermometer ensures that everything is cook without scorching outside.

The internal space is large enough to accommodate a whole chicken. You can also take off the lid, put the black stove out, and make recipes something like Spanish paella in a pan on it. The size is versatile and can stretch to fit small and medium-sized bakeware.

What Makes The Firepod awesome?

Cooking with versatile Firepod couldn’t be easier. Just connect the pipe gas, use the built-in ignition switch to ignite it. You can then wait for it to reach the desired point in about 5 minutes. After getting on temperature, put the pizza in, close the childproof door to keep the heat in and open your favourite bottle of wine while waiting.

Firepod pizza oven is not a star deal either, because there are also a series of accessories that the company offers can make almost anything, from barbecue to Hot Rock cooking kit and reversible bakeware for breakfast.

Why Should I Buy This Oven?

Firepod pizza in the oven is put in a cabin or convoy if you want to take it away. For easy to stand up, it has built-in legs, and it also has a small footprint it does not exceed one square meter.

This oven comes with fantastic versatility. Two handles make good access. Even though it is light than most pizza ovens, it still weighs about 25kg (with a heavier pizza stone)-we had to move it into two separate parts.

Why use The Firepod Pizza Oven?

Pizza can indeed make in any conventional oven or even in the air fryer. But for the most authentic taste and ultimate results, you need a firepod pizza oven.

It is all pizza recipes expert tips that pizza dough quickly settled down on high-level temperatures. So, resulting in a perfectly melted cheese and crispy base that oozes on top. Most good pizza ovens can reach the required temp, usually around 500 degrees Celsius.

Wood Fueled vs Gas Pizza Ovens

Now, you are wondering that which kind of pizza oven to use; wood or gas?

Pizza ovens that use quality wood will produce a familiar woody the smoky flavour of pizza, but takes much effort and more time to reach the required level of heat, while typical ovens that run on gas may not have the same wood taste, but are much easier to cook with better temperature control.

In many cases, like the favoritism between charcoal and gas grilling, many people prefer the cleaner desired smoky taste of unsmoked food. Gas pizza griddle ovens are easier to use than wood-fueled ovens. If you want to make a few pizzas, you should consider them.

Read Full Review about the Best Gas Pizza ovens here.


People who like caravan holidays or camping due to its portability and versatility. It is also great for people who want a retro product that should be visually appealing and don’t want to spend money on a pizza oven and grill separately.

In addition to the charming retro style, colours and easy-to-manage size, everyone like its simplicity. Easy to understand, and the thermometer is very easy to understand, which means that even beginners can cooks BBQ pizzas perfectly.

Looks/ Appearance

The design versatility of the Firepod makes it easy to carry, almost in any outdoor space you can use the oven. For use in backyards, this cooking gadget is perfect, also for picnics and camping trips. In addition, it can make pizzas up to 13 inches.

When you don’t want to eat pizza (has it happened?), this the multifunctional device can use as a baking machine or standard grill because the oven can hold an 8 x 12 baking tray.

In addition, the Firepod pizza ovens are equipped with everything needed to make pizza, including pizza peel, heat-resistant gloves and stones. Now make your cravings for pizza authentic, and you don’t have to eat any tasteless pizza again, and use this convenient small oven to transform yourself into the person or chef who “make great favourite pizza”.


In Italy, the inventor of Firepod gets enthused to invent this gadget after experiencing “the best pizza of his life”. Later he discovered that the key to making the best pizza is its cooking temperature which is 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

For this reason, to reach the critical point, he designed in his company an unusual kitchen tool, the Firepod pizza oven.

It uses propane as a backyard fire to achieve this impressive quality feat. Standard kitchen ovens and Electric ovens cannot reach such a level of high temperatures. Extremely efficient heavy-duty stainless-steel burner provides instant heat.

According to reviews, Propane power also makes the versatile Firepod easy to transport and lightweight. Moreover, it tolerates the oven to happen the magical 600°F mark in just 15 minutes after the propane power is turn on.

Its means you can enjoy freshly prepared pizzas immediately.

Firepod Pizza Oven Review: Pros and Cons 


Here are some PROS and CONS of the Firepod Pizza Oven

Easy to constructWhite pizza slab
High-quality equipmentCannot be used indoor
 Multi-functionOven bucket
✅ Awesome colour and designHeating oven cover
Very simple to clean


The paying price of a pizza oven depends on the features, accessories and quality of its build. Household portable pizza ovens are cheaper than market pizza ovens, but even the prices of household ovens are pretty different.

Always shop around, check as many reviews and comments as possible, and search everywhere for the best price. Generally, it is best to buy from an authentic reputable pizza oven making brand. For example, on Firepod ovens exclusive offer, you will get a 3-year money-back warranty and also a guarantee card for a customer who purchased ovens direct from them.


Q: How many pizzas can you make at a time?

Firepod can only put one pizza at a time. Pizzas can cook in just a few minutes, so this is not a big problem, but if there are many people around you, the pizzas must be staggered. Once the oven reaches the required temperature, the pizza will cook in 4-5 mint approx.

Q: How easy is it to place the pizza in the oven?

We found that putting pizza in and out of the Firepod is very simple. It depends on the package you select to buy, the container having extra tools will come with an incredible 12-inch pizza crust skillet if you lightly sprinkle the flour on the pizza before putting it on the pan, you can quickly put it in and out of the oven.

Q: How does hot outside of the oven get while cooking?

The outside becomes quite hot, and the top vent is very hot too. We recommend keeping away oven range from young children. One benefit is that when you cook the pizza, the door will close, making it safer for home use. Yet, some people say in website reviews, the oven door is tricky to handle and sometimes difficult to close and open.

Q: Does it come with extra pizza tools?

In the special bundle, some handy accessories come with Firepod. A pizza stone is essential, and fire-resistant gloves, although not a vital tip, help add extra protection for hands safety. It also comes with a pizza crust peel, making it easier to put the pizza in and out of the oven.

Q: Is Firepod easy to assemble?

The assembly time of the Firepod is less than 10 minutes. You only need to remove the packaging, tighten the two handles, and put the four different parts together. It noted that you need a screwdriver bit to connect the handle.

Q: How easy is Firepod to use?

Due to clear instructions on manual guide review on the website, adding gas is easy. The temperature rose to an incredible 600F level. Although it does the job of preventing the bottom from scorching, we have to cook the pizza a little bit serener. The option to cook at a high temp is a bonus. It does take more than 25 minutes to reach the right temp, but it is worth it because it retains heat well.

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