Fatty Liver Diet: What Foods To Eat & What Foods To Avoid

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

fatty liver diet

When it comes to liver related problems, most people associate them with alcohol or perhaps an unhealthy diet.

The truth is you do not necessarily need to drink on a daily basis to get a fatty liver disease. In fact, people can also suffer from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which is just as harmful.

Most people experience no symptoms at all. In some cases, without a fatty liver diet, the condition may lead to liver failure.

All in all, here is everything you need to know about how to reverse fatty liver disease through simple diet changes.

Fatty Liver Diet: What is Fatty Liver?

fatty liver diet
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Sometimes known as steatosis in the medical industry, fatty liver disease is extremely common and caused by too much fat in the liver. The fat builds up overtime and may sometimes show no symptoms at all. In fact, some people can live with it without any major problems.

It makes no difference whether or not they have a healthy body weight or a healthy diet.

Normally, a healthy liver does not have a lot of fat. Sure, small amounts are acceptable.

Fat becomes an issue when it takes over 5% or more of the liver’s total weight. People with fatty liver may have over 10% fat in their livers.

It can affect their blood sugar, whether it is the nonalcoholic or alcoholic fatty liver disease. There are more risk factors associated with improper liver function, not to mention the possibility of experiencing digestive and kidney diseases too.

How Does Fat Get Into The Liver?

What you eat, from healthy fats, vitamin E, and saturated fat to fried foods, whole grains, and fatty fish, will affect your liver. A healthy diet will cause healthy weight loss and can reduce fatty liver disease or even prevent it.

On the other hand, excessive amounts of calories will inevitably bring in more fats into your body. Your liver health will be affected, and the first signs of fat in the liver will show up.

While this is often an alcohol-related liver disease, people also suffer from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD.

Exposed to heavy amounts of food, the liver will no longer be able to break down fats, so they accumulate. With these links in mind, fatty liver damage is most commonly associated with diabetes or obesity.

Once it kicks in, fatty liver disease damages the liver even more, leading to more complications, including cardiovascular diseases and even liver cancer.

All these saturated fats will also affect insulin resistance.

What Are The Causes of Fatty Liver?

Most commonly, fatty liver and other similar liver diseases are caused by excessive eating. Heavy amounts of calories will overwhelm the liver, which will be unable to process everything. It can only break these fats down at a certain rate.

When bombarded with fats from all directions, it will fail, so fat will start to accumulate.

However, an unhealthy diet is not everything, yet this is the most common liver disease.

Liver cells will also be affected by alcohol abuse. Again, the liver will find it difficult to handle heavy amounts of alcohol and can lose the battle rather sooner than later. Further liver function tests might be needed, or perhaps a liver biopsy.

Unlike most expectations, those who lose weight overnight and experience a different body composition may also end up with a fatty kidney.

Finally, malnutrition is just as bad and may take the fatty liver even further and cause kidney diseases, high blood pressure, and even high blood sugar levels.

In some cases, a fatty liver is also associated with obstructive sleep apnea.

Surprisingly enough, some people end up with a fatty liver even if they have none of these problems.

Diagnosing Fatty Liver

First, your doctor will ask a few questions about healthy eating and things you do to keep the liver healthy, if any.

Blood tests will also be required. In fact, a fatty liver is often identified during routine tests. Further tests may be needed, such as liver tests, ultrasounds, CT scans, or even MRI scans.

Most diagnostics are given as other diseases are ruled out. However, a liver biopsy is needed to be 100% sure.

Fatty Liver Diet

The Mediterranean diet or perhaps the Nordic diet could be ideal to handle a fatty liver or perhaps prevent this problem. You can also come up with your own diet.

Here are some foods that help, as well as some foods that could be harmful in the long run.

Foods That Help Fatty Liver Disease

fatty liver diet
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Some foods will not just help fatty liver disease, but they will also prevent it in the first place. It makes no difference if you have an alcoholic or non alcoholic fatty liver.

Greens, especially spinach and other leafy greens, are extremely rich in compounds that can help fight the disease. They can keep the liver healthy and prevent metabolic syndrome affections too.

Fatty fish is just as good, especially if you opt for tuna or salmon. Such species are high in fatty acids, which increase the amounts of healthy cholesterol, prevent fat buildup, and reduce calorie intake.

Nuts are also effective at reducing inflammation and even insulin resistance. Improved liver function tests will be needed, as well as blood tests, but nuts are associated with a low prevalence of a fatty liver.

Turmeric is rich in curcumin, which should not miss from a diet for fatty liver. It brings in a decreased risk of markers of liver damage.

Unsaturated fats are healthy, though, so you can implement them in your diet. Swap the butter, cured meats, and meat cuts for avocados, extra virgin olive oil, and lean meats.

A daily cup of coffee will reduce the abnormal levels of enzymes in the liver, while soy protein and beans will reduce the risk of developing liver disease in the first place.

Oatmeal is excellent for fiber, and sunflower seeds are rich in antioxidants. Garlic is also great for overall health. The garlic powder consumption is easy to implement in most foods.

Foods To Avoid

fatty liver diet
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On the same note, there are many foods to avoid if you want to prevent a fatty liver or perhaps control diabetes. After all, diabetes exposes you to an increased risk of a fatty liver, so you need to control weight gain.

Alcohol is highly contraindicated when you deal with a fatty liver, even if the disease has nonalcoholic causes. Alcohol will simply make it worse.

Sugary beverages can also lead to a more serious form of liver disease.

Fried foods are just as bad. They are rich in fat and empty calories. Complex carbohydrates are better. Apart from carbs, they also include nutrients.

Then, anything based on white flour has no fiber and can raise blood sugar and cause a fat buildup in the liver. In other words, avoid white bread, pasta, and rice.

Again, added sugar could be an issue, so avoid cookies, fruit juices, and other things based on it. The same goes for added salt, which can increase the risk. Limit the salt intake to 1,500mg to 2,300mg per day.

Finally, while often considered healthy, red meat is not allowed in this diet because it is rich in saturated fat. Opt for oily fish instead.

Finally, it is pointless to mention that you should be cooking vegetables over junk or fast food. You should also opt for low fat products if you can, such as low fat yogurt.

Lifestyle Tips To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

A healthy diet is clearly one of the first things to consider when dealing with a fatty liver. You might have caused the affection this way, so try to reverse it. But then, there are other things you can do too.

Exercises for a healthy liver

You need to get active. Aerobic exercises are scientifically proven to cut fat levels in the liver. However, any type of activity will do, even walking for an hour every single day.

Heavy workouts are just as effective, especially since they can lower inflammation and tend to burn more calories than cardio.

The fatty liver disease is likely to be improved with strength and resistance training too. Try to do a bit of physical activity on a daily basis.

Maintain a healthy weight

Talk to your doctor and find out what the optimal weight for your height, age, and gender should be. Try to reach this range, but in a healthy way. Losing weight overnight can also cause a fatty liver or perhaps aggravate it.

Keep diabetes under control

A fatty liver and diabetes often go hand in hand. One of them can trigger the other and vice versa. Diet and exercise, as well as a healthy weight, will help. If blood sugar is still way above average, discuss the problem with your doctor.

Limit lipid levels in the blood

Keep an eye on the saturated fat intake, as well as your sugar consumption. Apart from the cholesterol, these elements will also skyrocket the levels of triglycerides. These changes take time to show results, though, so be patient before taking more tests.

Supplements and Programs to Reverse & Manage Fatty Liver Disease

While some of the above mentioned solutions can also be tacked with medications, they should not be taken by ear, but given by a doctor.

Meanwhile, you can stick to certain supplements to reduce the fat buildup in the liver. They are usually natural and less likely to cause any side effects.

1. Advanced Liver Support Formula: Triple Liver Health

fatty liver diet

Triple Liver Health is advertised as a detox supplement for the liver. It will clear out toxins and reduce fat buildup. However, keep in mind that it works well when balanced with a fatty liver diet, rather than by itself. It will not work wonders if your diet is unhealthy and you barely move.

The gelatin covered capsules are 100% natural and cleanse the body, reduce cell damage, restore the natural energy exchange process, promote immunity, and may promote weight loss as well, especially if mixed into a healthy diet.

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2. Maintains Healthy Liver Function and Facilitates Detoxification: Bridport Health Liver Support

fatty liver diet

Based on ingredients like ginger root extract, glutathione, zinc, selenium, essential B vitamins, and multiple probiotic blends, Bridport Health Liver Support Supplement is ideal for maintenance, prevention, and detoxification.

The supplement is 100% organic and boosts the liver from multiple directions. It makes a good addition to a healthy diet. On the same note, it is used to help the liver repair itself, but also to prevent potential liver problems and complications.

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3. Holistic Liver Disease Prevention: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Solution

fatty liver diet

The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Solution is not a supplement but a digital guide to enhance your liver experience. If you are sick and tired of hearing the same advice from doctors, this guide gives you a different approach that works for any type of liver disease.

Find out the potential causes of liver disease and how to treat all of them. It is based on a natural approach, supplements, and nutrients. The guide works better on reversing liver disease, but it is also a healthy option for those who want to prevent it.

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4. Reverses Fatty Liver From The Roots: Fatty Liver Remedy

fatty liver diet

Fatty Liver Remedy is another step by step digital program that can reverse fatty liver diseases by tackling the roots, rather than the effect. It is suitable for both alcoholic and non alcoholic affections, even if there are no actual causes associated with it.

The program aims to detoxify your liver, but at the same time, it aims to eliminate fat deposits around your liver. The supplement is good for the whole body overall, meaning it will also improve mental clarity or rejuvenate the skin.

Bottom line, the list can go a bit longer, but these supplements and programs stand out with their effectiveness. Bridport Health Liver Support Supplement is a top consumer’s choice for its effectiveness and the ability to both prevent and treat liver disease.

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Bottom Line

A fatty liver diet is mandatory and not just when you suffer from liver disease. A healthy diet will benefit your liver and can prevent further issues as well, not to mention your overall health. It is always a good idea to take on a more natural path when it comes to improving your health.

There are certain supplements that can help out if you are susceptible to developing liver disease, with Bridport Health Liver Support Supplement leading the market in terms of effectiveness. It is 100% natural and is great for both maintenance and disease healing.

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Fatty Liver Diet FAQs

How do you remove fat from your liver?

Lose weight, choose a healthy fatty liver diet, exercise, keep diabetes under control and lower the cholesterol. Basically, a healthy lifestyle can reduce fat buildup in your liver.

What is the best drink to flush your liver?

Coffee is good for the liver, but ginger and lemon drinks are just as useful. Oatmeal, tumeric, and grapefruit drinks can also flush toxins out of your liver.

Which fruit is best for liver?

There are more fruits that can help your liver, such as apples, grapes, and citrus fruits. They are liver friendly. Grapes are quite useful, too, especially since they are also rich in antioxidants.

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