9 Tips For An Entrepreneur For Constant Motivation

By Jasmine

August 2, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Do you want some enterpreneur tips on how to keep motivated?

Being a new entrepreneur means indulging in risky gambles and having a lot of responsibilities. You fear the unknown and you wind up feeling lost. So what really keeps you going is the ongoing motivation for the achievement of your goals.

This makes one wonder that how do you stay motivated in a business?

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You don’t have to be brave only in battle. It’s your job to find motivation within you and remember that you are in charge of your own life.

Lift yourself up with these motivational tips.

1. Limiting Decision-Making in Other Aspects

With so many decisions regarding your business on a daily basis, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple elsewhere.

A good way to make your abilities stay sharp is if you limit your decision making in the other aspects of your life throughout the rest of your day. It can keep you motivated because then you can focus on the other tough decisions you have to make regarding your business.

2. Having a Personal Mission Statement

Every business should have a proper and defined mission statement. A mission statement is something which describes your visions and goals, and values. Knowing where you should head towards helps to lead you in a proper direction. It’s imperative to have a pre-defined route.

Your mission statement should be a constant reminder of your need to success. You should memorize it and carry it around with you everywhere.

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3. Constructing a Plan

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Your mission statement is obviously useless if you don’t put forth a plan to execute it. A personal and professional plan can contain short and long term goals. Don’t adhere to it as a golden rule, as plans are always subject to change according to your circumstances.

The main purpose to have a plan is to have a proper and clear understanding in what you hope to achieve, and how you’re going to go about doing that.

4. Remember to Reward Yourself

The human mind is wired to respond according to incentives. So what better to provide motivation in your work?

Set rewards for yourself if you establish a goal. To avoid burning out, you should identify and reward small victories along the way to your long-term goals.

Will Curran, President of Endless Entertainment said, “By fighting the small battles. I get joy in overcoming obstacles, and by celebrating after a small win. This includes rewarding myself for a job well done. You can get overwhelmed by focusing too much on the big picture.

5. Get a Quarter of Your Work Done Soon after Waking Up

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Studies have shown people have shown the most amount of productivity in the first hours after waking up. This is also when some of the top startups plan their day to ensure more success.

Get to work within an hour of waking up and you’ll soon see the differences in your performance and how much you’re able to accomplish before your coffee break as well.

6. Stay Stubborn in Your Desire

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Some of the most successful people I know are those who refused to give up even when times were tough. They had perseverance and patience. One of the key things in keeping an entrepreneur motivated is their ambition and desires. The fuel they needed to achieve and flourish in their goals lay in their desires to be successful which prevented them from giving up after they failed.

It is indeed very challenging to hold on to your morale when you’re not quickly getting the success you hoped for. Surround yourself with people who motivate you. Remember, each hindrance you suffer is a lesson, not a disappointment.

According to Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, “Running a business is like riding a roller coaster. Although it is fun and exciting, there will be times when you’ll be scared and feel powerless. During the bad times, there isn’t much you can do, other than to keep on pushing forward,”

7. Inspiration Comes From Your Peers

Like I said in the previous point, keeping close to people who motivate you can do wonders. You can talk to other entrepreneurs and small business owners and look at them for support and constant inspiration. You can look to each other for feedback. It also feels better to know that there are other people going through the same challenges.

It’s also good to read success stories and the challenges faced by the other entrepreneurs when they first set out. Listen to some famous TED Talks by entrepreneurs to drive home some motivation.

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8. Turn your competition the other way around

It’s natural to compare yourself with your competitors. By looking at their perfectly crafted business and success stories, use that as an inspiration to achieve more and be better instead of letting yourself down. It’s stupid to feel down just because someone you know is doing better than you.

Don’t let that negative energy affect you, as each person’s journey and endeavors are different. Staying positive and viewing your competition as a benchmark is much better as compared to putting yourself down and self-blaming.

Adam Martin, Founder of Laabn Social Haircare Inc. talks about looking for another enterpreneur in the same niche and then talk weekly or daily to discuss challenges, ideas, and achievements. This helps keep both this person and yourself accountable.

9. Work with Others

If you work alone, you may find it helpful to surround yourself with people on the same wavelength as you to cure that boredom and loneliness you might be feeling. Chances are high that you’ll find yourself encouraged in other aspects of life as well.

Juanita Hines, Owner of Regional Consulting talks about being around successful and inspirational people.

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With all the good and bad times new business brings, remembering these tips while moving at your own particular pace will help you stay rational and positive. Always keep in mind what roused you to wind up as a business visionary, framing key connections along the way, and setting sensible objectives. It will no doubt all add to your developments and achievements.


Jasmine Demeester works for an education consultancy which assists UK students via Dissertation Help to achieve their academic goals

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