5 Hardcore Business Lessons Growing In a Broken Home Taught Me

By George Olufemi .O

May 30, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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According to statistics, about fifty percent of children will experience the pains of divorce before their 18th birthday. Unfortunately, I happened to be among those who made up that statistic.

The common fear of those coming from a broken home is a lack of motivation. Don’t get me wrong. I have learned to retrieve some hardcore business lessons from my broken home that could motivate even those with the faintest of hearts.

To give you an idea, here are five hardcore business lessons that helped me build the successful business I run today. I believe these could be great inspiring factors for you.

The Desire for Independence is An Asset

Most often, the desire for freedom is a primary motivator for entrepreneurship. Having grown up without handouts, I didn’t find it difficult developing an independent mindset. Although it seemed a bitter pill to swallow, it helped prepare me for the entrepreneurial adventure I saw myself in a few years later.

Just like me, make sense out of your desire for independence. See your freedom as an asset for development and not a burden. Your ability to properly utilize this freedom is what will build your foundation.

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Give Maximum Attention To Customers

While growing, I knew what not being welcomed felt like. I found it better to stay out because I didn’t feel I was treated right most of the time.

This made me realize that if I wanted to satisfy my prospective customers and turn them into repeat client, I needed to treat them like the kings they are. People love attention and will do everything to ensure they get it. In a broken home, I have come to realize that treating people well means directly growing your business.

Treat Your Employees And Customers Well

treat employees right

My first-hand experience of a broken home opened my eyes to the benefit attached to treating people well. One of the biggest mistakes many small businesses make is not treating their employees well.

They wholeheartedly believe in the saying that the customer is the king so they make their employees go out of their way to make customers feel favored. However, what they fail to realize is that, eventually, the overall customer experience is going to depend on how their employees respond to the leadership and the business.

Now, let me tell you a secret. If your employees are treated with dignity, trust, and respect, they will indeed show these things back to your clients. They would treat your customers the way you would, value your business’ goals and may even go the extra mile and make some personal sacrifices for the greater good of the company.

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Leaving A Great Impression On Your Customers

treat customers well

Growing up with a bad impression and constant depression pushed me to aspire to leave a better impression. This is repeatable in business and unless you have a million dollar marketing budget, word-of-mouth marketing is going to be crucial to the success of your business.

Leaving a great impression may well come down to your ability to get personal with your customers. If you’re the typical salesperson, you may be shown the door in no time.

However, if you take the time to learn their problem, get familiar with who they are and what exactly they are looking for, you would certainly be able to pitch to them in a way that appeals to them.

Hard Work Would Always Have the Upper Hand Over Talent

I used to believe that if you’re talented or are a little more intelligent than the “average entrepreneur” out there, the journey to success may turn out to be an easier one.

But, let me put it without any sugar coating: NOTHING beats hard work!

When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no shortcut to success, even if you have some unique talent or a higher IQ.


In all situations and circumstances, your ability to reason is what will make you successful. Like me, don’t ever back out and become a chicken wing. Draw out the positives, work hard and relate every instance with your ideal business projection. The truth is anyone can be successful irrespective of the circumstance.


George Olufemi .O

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