5 Best Tuition Centres in Singapore 2023

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2023

Best Tuition Centre in Singapore

With the rate at which parents enroll their kids in Tuition centers, it is expected to want to know if tuition centers are the best options for your kids. A popular misconception is that tuition centers are for unintelligent kids. That is not correct. A tuition centre is created to support your child academically and intellectually.

Without being vague, let me properly define a tuition centre.

What is a Tuition Centre?

A tuition is a private learning hub that provides tuition services to help students succeed. These services are offered for different courses and subjects. They offer a range of courses for different age groups.

Some of this tuition centers are specialized, while others offer broad and general services.

Types of Tuition Centers in Singapore?

There are different types of tuition centres in Singapore. These tuition centers can be categorized based on diverse factors. We can classify tuition based on courses offered, wide availability, size of classes, and so many more.

When selecting a tuition center, ensure it aligns with your child current academic goals. These centres are usually private learning hubs that tackles the needs of your kids. A tuition center can deliver lessons in a classroom, online, or at your home. All of these depends on what you choose. Also, look for centres that matches your availability, budget, training type, and flexibility. Many times, parents prefer to enroll kids preparing for a significant exams.

That said, let’s look at the significant types of learning centers in Singapore.

Private Tuition: This is the best type of tuition for students who struggle to learn in groups. As its name goes, students learn privately. The tutor or teacher handles a single student at a time. This type of tuition is most suitable for socially challenged kids and other special categories of kids.

Private Tuition
Photo: smiletutor

Group Tuition:  Group classes are the direct opposite of Private Tuition. Parents usually prefer this type of tutorial class. Children are grouped based on age, subject, and ability. A typical group tuition class is about 3 to 15 kids. That way, the tutors can still handle the individual needs of students.

Group tuition hires professional and dedicated tutors to impart knowledge passionately. These tutors monitor the progress of each kid and teach them accordingly.  Group tuition is best suited for kids taking national examinations like PSLE, A level, O level, etc.

Online Tuition: Online Tuition is classes offered with the aid of the internet and other technological tools. Students are taught, reviewed, and assessed via the internet. Online tuition is accessible, provided the required infrastructures are available. Students will need smartphones or laptops and a strong internet connection.

Online Tuition
Photo: besthometutors

This style of tuition saw a rise during the Covid pandemic. Students needed to learn, and tuition service providers wanted to stay in business. Aside from the pandemic, it is also suitable for students residing far from a tuition centre. Students who live in remote areas can partake in online Tuition. If there is no preferred tuition in your area, you can quickly access a classroom from your home’s comfort.

Even though these classes are offered online, the right resources contribute to their success. Students still need to learn in a serene environment; tutorial centres also need to use an idyllic curriculum.
Other types of Tuition services include:

  1. Maths Tuition
  2. English Tuition
  3. Chinese Tuition and other languages
  4. Small-sized classes tuition
  5. Certified and Enrichment Programmes
  6. National Exams tuition
  7. Specific Courses Tuition Classes

Best Tuition centers in Singapore

Best Tuition centres in Singapore
Photo: smartparents

There are hundreds of Tuition centers in Singapore. With this large number of options available to parents, it can be challenging to find the best tuition center for your kids.

In this section, we’d be giving a detailed review of the best centers in Singapore.

5 Best Tuition Centres in Singapore 2023

1. The Learning Lab


The Learning Lab

Levels: Preschools, Primary, Secondary, Junior college

Locations: 8 locations in East, west, and central Singapore

Fees: $102 to $565

Phone: +65 6733 8711

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.thelearninglab.com.sg/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/TheLearningLabSingapore/


The Learning Lab is one of the top tuition centers in Singapore. This tuition center has the best structure, team, and curriculum to improve the skills of a youngster. It is a center that equips every child with the right resources for success. They impact kids with the required knowledge, skills, and disposition.

At the tuition center, it goes far beyond schoolwork. This tuition center assures parents of all-round learning. Children of the centre cannot just compete academically but also emotionally. Students are trained with critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence.

tuition centre singapore learning lab
Photo: The Learning Lab

Learning lab shifts learning from traditional assessment books to theme-based lessons. With their curriculum, students can learn in an exciting way that fosters curiosity. Interestingly, the curriculum synchronizes with that of the school syllabus. Your child can learn and grow with their agemates and hit key milestones.

Learning lab utilizes innovative teaching methods to make kids informed about the real world. Students get to know things like super blood blue moon and driverless cars. As a plus, students can learn new concepts with simple projects. At the learning lab, students can partake in projects like the life cycle of plants or Geometry.

In addition, the tuition center has created an enabling environment to simulate fast learning. Learning lab has different centers in Singapore. These centers have large libraries with over 70,000 books. This way, students can learn beyond the classroom walls.

Parents can enroll their kids in any eight learning centers spread across Singapore.  There are also different programs available for different age ranges. Their programs include:

  1. Preschool students
  2. Primary school students
  3. Secondary school students
  4. Junior College students
  5. Holiday and special programs.

There are also weekend and weekday class schedules. Parents can also choose to enroll their kids on one class. Whether you prefer regular weekly lessons or monthly lessons, the standard remains. Their classes start at $80 and go as high as $500.

What distinguishes the learning lab?

Learning lab teaching methods allow kids to remember schoolwork while keeping in touch with the real world. In their curriculum, students can also adapt soft skills which are generally not taught in schools. This tuition center also has a proven record of past students’ success.


2. Mavis Tutorial Centre

Mavis Tutorial Centre


Basic Information

Location: 16 outlets spread across Singapore

Phone number: 6786 8718

Fees: Undisclosed

Website: https://www.mavistutorial.com/

Social media pages: https://www.facebook.com/MavisTutorialCentre/ https://www.instagram.com/mavistutorialcentre/


Mavis tutorial centre is one of the best tuition centres in Singapore. This tuition offers the best service for affordable costs. The learning centre has over 120 skilled and qualified tutors. Students of different age ranges can utilise the Mavis tutorial centre. You’ll find courses for pre-primary, primary students, secondary students, and pre-tertiary students.

The centre hires the best full-time teachers and tutors. Some of these tutors are former school teachers who have gathered years of experience grooming students for success. Many of Mavis teachers are NIE trained and have undergone a week-long orientation. Mavis tutorial centre ensures that new hires learn from senior teachers before they can handle any class. These teachers ensure lessons are engaging and interesting for learners. The centre goes further by putting different learning materials that will aid learning for diverse kids. They maintain a flexible learning method that enables kids to remember suitably.

Parents seeking a long-standing tuition centre have it here. Mavis tutorial centre has existed for 30 years and has ever provided quality education. This learning centre has 16 outlets in Singapore. Parents can pick any of the centres close by.

Mavis Tutorial Centre
Photo: mavistutorial

In case you don’t find a close enough centre, there is also Mavis virtual classroom. With the virtual classroom, students get the mavis experience without leaving their houses. Mavis have created comprehensive learning videos to aid home-based learning.

Whether Virtual or Physical, the Mavis tutorial centre maintains a well-scrutinised curriculum. The curriculum is designed following a tested and proven methodology.  They also hire Professional and dedicated tutors to teach all their students.

Over the years, Mavis has grown to become the finest learning centre in Singapore. Parents trust this learning hub due to its proven success rate. Mavis students perform incredibly well in national exams like PSLE, GCE ‘O’, and ‘A’ levels.

What differentiates Mavis Tutorial Centre?

It is no news that Mavis has over 35 years of experience. This tutorial centre has gained credibility with its years of experience. As a plus, the centre offers high-quality tuition. They hire the best hands and also constantly review their curriculum.


3. MaxiMind Eduhub

MaxiMind Eduhub


Basic Information

Location: 5 Tampines Street 32, #02-12, Singapore

Phone number: +65 9859 9686

Fees: Undisclosed

Email address: [email protected]

Website: https://www.maximind.sg/


Maximind eduhub is one of the top three tuition centres in Singapore. This tuition centre offers top-notch tuition classes to Singapore students. The Excelligent magazine certified Maximind as the #1 best Coaching centre in Singapore. They maintain industry superiority by providing quality tuition lessons to primary and secondary students. Junior college students can also enrol in Maximind tutorials

This tuition centre hires experienced and passionate tutors to deliver a great learning experience to students. Maximind focuses on a well-developed curriculum and a team of qualified teachers.  Their goal centres around helping students achieve all-round success. From mastery of concepts down to critical thinking and analytical skills. It is imperative to note that their curriculum does not emphasise memorisation but rather derivation.

Not only does Maximind Eduhub has an adequately drafted curriculum, but they also hire the best hands. They select professional and specialised tutors with proven teaching experience. Some of these teachers have decades of experience and are also certified. NIE and NTU certified teachers are tutoring maths, English, and science. These tutors are skilled and also passionate about imparting knowledge.

Maximind tuition centre focuses on providing quality education. They have designed programmes that will enable youngsters to learn at their own pace. To foster self-paced learning, every student receives adequate attention. With a clean and bright learning environment, fewer class distractions are assured.

Kids in Primary 3 to 6 can undergo math tuition, English classes, Chinese, and science classes. Secondary school and Junior college students can also take Maximind Eduhub courses. These students have a wide range of options. They can take maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Chinese, etc.

What Distinguishes MaxiMind Eduhub?

Maximind Eduhub is amongst the top tuition centres in Tampines, Singapore. Maximind has gained credibility amongst media outlets and has received certifications. At Maximind, all students can take classes in Maths, English, and Science. They also use a well-crafted syllabus that helps students gain solid intellectual prowess.


4. Debbie’s Learning Cove

Debbie’s Learning Cove


Basic Information

Location: 02-72, Roxy Square, 50 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428769

Phone number: +65 9686 5169

Fees: Message to inquire

Email address: [email protected]

Website: Debbielearningcove.com


Debbie’s Learning Cove is a reputable math tuition centre in Singapore. Led by Mrs Debbie Wong, the tuition centre is committed to delivering excellent maths lessons. With over 13 years of teaching experience in Mathematics, Mrs Wong was motivated to open her tuition centre.

Mrs Wong received a First class Honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, UK. She has worked as a mathematics teacher in diverse schools across Sing apore. She has seen the challenges students struggle with, so she set up a quality math tuition centre to help students achieve high grades.

Debbie single-handedly runs Debbie’s Learning Cove. She believes that students are able to learn well if they are taught well, and teaching materials must be well-designed and easy to understand.

It is worth knowing that Mrs Debbie takes time to create every single worksheet. She has curated learning materials to help students understand math better and prepare for exams.

Debbie’s Learning Cove
Photo: smestories

Unlike other learning centres, Debbie is the sole teacher at the centre. She maintains a small class structure of less than 20 students.

With her expert teaching which provides clarity to every math concept, the tuition centre assures parents of students’ maths success.

Debbie’s learning cove does not offer maths classes to primary school children. The centre focuses on upper secondary, integrated programme and JC math.

The Covid pandemic affected the structure of Debbie’s learning cove. However, she innovated the online class structure for her students. Currently, she maintains an in-person and online teaching structure. This hybrid lesson mode is well-received by students and offers them flexibility of either attending lessons at centre, or zooming from home.

What Distinguishes Debbie’s Learning Cove?

Debbie’s learning cove specialises in Maths lessons. The centre is helmed by an expert teacher in math. The tutorial is best suited for students who want to attend clear, concise lessons in math.

5. iMatter Learning Centre


iMatter Learning Centre

Basic Information

Location: 18 Yishun Ave 9, #02-48 Junction Nine, Singapore 768897

Phone number: +65 8768 6497

Email address: [email protected]

Fees: $150 – $200

Website: https://imatter.com.sg/contact/

Social media links: https://www.facebook.com/imattersingapore, https://www.instagram.com/imattersingapore/


iMatter Learning centre is one of the small-sized tuition centres in Singapore. The centre is located at Junction nine, Yishun, SG. iMatter is a MOE accredited centre that offers tuition, enrichment programmes and customised programmes.

Like Debbie’s Cove, iMatter is led by one man and maintains a small class structure. Mr Kwok manages the centre. He has over ten years of teaching experience as a senior lecturer at the Singapore Polytechnic.

Mr Kwok believes that a small class allows kids to receive maximum attention and learn at their own pace. Hence, he has ensured not to admit more than six students in a class. Currently, they focus on maths, English, Science, Chemistry, and Physics Tuition. It is important to note that as the principal owner, he teaches many of these classes.

iMatter learning centre has four guiding principles. They believe in maintaining small classes, having passionate and qualified teachers, a relaxed learning environment, and learner attention. These principles have guided the hiring and recruitment of tutors in the centre.

iMatter is dedicated to giving children a solid educational background. The centre also focuses on teaching students to pass the PSLE national examination. They teach maths, English, and Science to primary and secondary students. They also have courses for Junior college.

iMatter has designed an enrichment programme for kids to learn outside of academics. With projects and group work, schoolers can learn creative skills. These classes can take more than six students as they are majorly group work.

In the programme, primary school children can learn English creative writing. Students can also learn Chinese creative writing. They can engage in different field trips such as biodiversity surveys and water quality monitoring. Students can also learn design thinking, science experimentation, and other skills.

What differentiates iMatter Learning Centre?

iMatter is one of those small-sized tuition centres. They focus on tuition and skill-based programmes. Students are not restricted to Maths, English, and Science. They can learn varieties of other skills.

The centre is also focused on providing the best education to a few students in Yishun. With small classes, the learning needs of each student are adequately handled.


Why are Tutorial Centres Popular in Singapore?

These centres are a fast solution to a fast dropping grade. Students can run to centres for academic help so they can catch up with their schoolmates. Many of these facilities help learners gain skills, tips and tactics to make them high performers in examinations. That said, why are educational centers becoming popular?

1. Remedy for Singapore’s Educational System: Tutorials are steadily becoming the go-to hub for academic excellence. Singapore youngsters are being pressured to perform exceedingly well. Hence, they have no option but to turn to learning centres for help.

2. Qualified Tutored for Specific Needs: Every student has a particular course they dread but need to pass. The school will handle every student equally without considering specific challenges. However, the structures of learning hubs differ. Many hubs cater for a particular course. While some may teach all science subjects, other centres may focus only on chemistry tuitions. Whatever learning challenge students may face, there is a center that caters for that challenge.

3. Student-focused method: Learning centres in Singapore prioritizes smaller classes. Many of these classes are no more than 15 students. With this size, the tutor tends to focus on handling the needs of every kid. This approach enables students to enjoy top-notch teaching.

4. Proven Track Record: Reports show that many students in these centers perform exceedingly well in their exams. These reports have driven more parents to enroll their kids in learning hubs.

5. Idyllic Curriculum: The curriculum of a tutorial center trails that of the school. They aim to teach kids to do well in school. Nonetheless, tutorial centers take it a step further. They design curriculums that teach kids creative, critical, and analytical skills. This way, students will handle academic questions while learning how to tackle real-world problems.



By now, you’d have seen the importance of a good learning center for your kids. You’d have also learned about the types of Tutorial centres in Singapore and how to pick one. If you have difficulties finding the best centers, consider any of the top 5 listed above.


How much is Tuition in Singapore?

Tuition depends on the quality, reputation, and experience of the center or tutor. Group sessions can range from $150 to $500. However, private tuition sessions can go as high as $100 per hour.  Tuition classes attract high costs because of all the back work. Some tutors create assessments and worksheets for students. They also teach classes, assess students, and give feedback.

How many centers are there in Singapore?

There are hundreds of educational centers in Singapore. Keep in mind that the quality of services and specialization differentiate these centers. To help, we’ve listed the top 5 tutorial centers in Singapore to consider.

How to Know a Good Tutorial Centre?

The class size, the learning materials, and teachers’ qualifications are top factors to consider in a tutorial center. It would help if you also looked out for the testimonials and payment policies.

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