5 Best T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

May 13, 2024

If you’re seeking a reliable company to bring your T-shirt designs to life, look no further than the leading printing services in Singapore. These services let you design (or make the design for you) unique T-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, and more—perfect for companies, educational institutions, or individual initiatives. You can put on your designs with pride thanks to custom printing, so forget about the restricted options at retail outlets.

Lacking design skills? Not a problem! These businesses provide simple-to-use design tools and a range of customization options, such as direct-to-garment printing, silk screening, and embroidery, to encourage your creativity. Additionally, they provide a lot of pre-made templates, which simplify the process of customizing clothing for everyone. These T-shirt printing services guarantee that your ideas are transformed into premium bespoke gear, whether you’re creating for a business function or for personal usage.

What Is T-Shirt Printing?

Image: Canva

Custom-designed clothing may be produced in Singapore using the adaptability and creativity of t-shirt printing. This service is often used for a range of projects, from making personalized gifts, token and event mementos, to establishing company identification with branded uniforms.

There are several approaches used in the procedure, each appropriate for a particular set of design specifications and preferred fabric. For instance, embroidered designs added by embroidery give a sense of refinement and durability, making it perfect for monograms and logos. Designs that are too complicated for conventional techniques might benefit greatly from the rich color and fine detail that heat transfer printing provides. Synthetic textiles are ideal for dye sublimation because it enables full-color, edge-to-edge printing that blends in perfectly with the material. Finally, digital printing is a cost-effective option for custom or limited-edition designs due to its great accuracy and adaptability for short runs.

Whichever approach is used, T-shirt printing in Singapore offers the resources and equipment required to transform original concepts into exquisite wearable artwork. These services ensure your designs appear as fantastic on fabric as they do on paper, whether you’re seeking to purchase in quantity for a business or simply a few pieces for a personal project.

5 Best T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore

  1. Ministry of Print
  2. Iconique Apparels Printing
  3. MonsterPrints Singapore
  4. EL Print
  5. MeowPrint

Top 5 Best T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore

#1 Ministry of Print


Contact Information

+65 8228 6119
[email protected]


60 Kallang Pudding #03-00 S(349320)

Operating Hours

Mondays to Fridays : 9.00am to 6.00pm
Avoid lunch hours: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed


With over ten years of expertise in transforming original gift concepts into superior goods, Ministry of Print is a leading T-shirt printing and corporate gifts provider in Singapore. The business is well known for its thorough quality inspections, which guarantee that every product meets the needs of the customer. They are a good option for companies looking for quality and affordability since they provide a wide range of corporate gifts and clothing at affordable costs.

The business guarantees a smooth and trouble-free experience with its quick turnaround time—orders are finished in 5-7 days—and generous customer assistance. Ministry of Print provides a variety of printing options, including silk screen printing for large orders, embroidery for a professional finish, heat transfer for vibrant color designs, dye sublimation for long-lasting all-over prints, and cutting-edge direct-to-garment printing for detailed designs on cotton materials. Ministry of Print is a reputable supplier for all business branding requirements, with an emphasis on custom-made solutions.

#2 Iconique Apparels Printing


Contact Information

(65) 9756 6344


85 Genting Lane #03-01B Singapore 349569

Operating Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed


As one of Singapore’s leading companies for custom T-shirt printing, Iconique.co provides an easy-to-use and reasonably priced means for people and companies to make customized clothing. Customers can choose to customize a single item or take advantage of reduced prices on bulk purchases with no minimum order required.

More than 100 five-star Google reviews, which highlight a wide range of services from printing class tees, bespoke dri-fit shirts, cotton tees, to making varsity jackets and hoodies, attest the company’s stellar reputation.

Iconique.co’s T-shirt personalization procedure is intended to be simple to use and hassle-free. Consumers may choose from a selection of high-end items, upload their own designs or add text using the Design Lab, and quickly finish their purchase through an easy checkout procedure. From design to delivery, Iconique.co guarantees a smooth experience, offering assistance at every stage and ensuring satisfaction with soft-feel shirts with excellent print quality.

#3 MonsterPrints Singapore



Contact Information

+65 8188 8172

+65 8288 9442

[email protected]


21 Toh Guan Road East, #09-17 Toh Guan Centre Singapore 608609

Operating Hours

Mon – Fri: 10am – 8pm

Sat, Sun, PH: Closed


Celebrating its seventh year, MonsterPrints has carved a niche in Singapore’s competitive printing industry, specializing in apparel and gift printing, and pioneering live printing for events and store openings. Their notable achievements include earning the trust of key clients and successfully managing a large-scale live printing event at Singapore National Stadium for HSBC’s Rugby 7s, producing over 1,400 T-shirts for VIP guests.

The company originated from a desire to launch a personal clothing brand. However, recognizing a more significant opportunity in printing services, the founders pivoted toward this venture. In 2023, they relaunched their clothing brand under the name “Dandi” while continuing their primary focus on MonsterPrints.

What sets MonsterPrints apart is its approachable sales team and its transparent business practices. They communicate openly about their capabilities and redirect clients to other providers if a project is beyond their scope, ensuring customer needs are always priority met.

MonsterPrints also stands out for its innovative live printing services—a rare offering in the industry that brings the printing process directly to event venues, enhancing the guest experience. Their expertise extends to effective communication, allowing them to convey technical information and work through any design limitations with clients, ensuring that all parties are aligned on the project expectations and outcomes.

#4 EL Print


Contact Information


15 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh #07-08 Braddell Tech, Singapore 319262

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 9.30AM - 6:30PM

Lunch Hour (Please avoid): 1.00PM - 2.00PM


As a leading one-stop shop for t-shirt printing, EL Print serves businesses, organizations, institutions, and private customers. EL Print is committed to quality in all facets of their business, and they have a staff of enthusiastic professionals that are committed to customised garments. Beyond just printing t-shirts, their goal is to make clients happy by creating designs that are bright and long-lasting, using premium materials, and offering steadfast assistance during the customized process.

EL Print’s customisation procedure is easy to understand and use. It starts with a large assortment of t-shirts from their large inventory. Consumers can submit their own photos or use a wide variety of templates, typefaces, and clip arts to participate in the Design-It-Yourself (DIY) stage. This approach merely requires a little bit of ingenuity, not sophisticated design knowledge.

Within one to two working days of the design being finished and the order being confirmed, EL Print offers a comprehensive price. After receiving approval, they quickly make and distribute the bespoke clothing while upholding stringent quality control guidelines to guarantee that every item lives up to their high standards.

#5 MeowPrint


Contact Information

9177 8449 (Xiao Fen)

[email protected]


8 Boon Lay Way, #07-15, 609964

Operating Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: Closed


MeowPrint is a leading provider of unique T-shirt printing services in Singapore, setting itself apart with a dedication to excellence, cost-effectiveness, and prompt service. In order to assure client happiness, the firm makes sure every personalized T-shirt and clothing item fulfills high standards of quality. Their pricing policy is set up to be reasonably priced, which is especially advantageous for large orders as the savings are transferred to the client.

MeowPrint guarantees that orders will be fulfilled in 5-7 working days, as promised. A committed sales team makes sure that every customer receives the finest service possible without any difficulties.

MeowPrint provides a range of printing methods designed to meet various demands for personalization, such as silk screen printing, which is particularly useful for huge volumes due to its affordability and longevity. They provide both digital heat transfer and embroidery for more complex patterns. Digital heat transfer is perfect for full-color graphics with gradients and gives corporate clothes a polished look. They also use direct-to-garment (DTG) printing to print intricate designs directly on cotton garments and dye sublimation to create colorful all-over graphics on synthetic materials.

Different Types of Printing Methods to Choose From

Image: Canva

There are several T-shirt printing methods, each suited to different needs based on design complexity, color requirements, volume, and fabric type. Here are the most commonly used methods:

Digital Heat Transfer Printing

This method is particularly effective for displaying full-color designs with gradients. The design is first printed onto PVC material and then heat-applied to the apparel. It’s commonly used for adding individual names and numbers to sports uniforms and other custom garments, making it a versatile choice for personalized details.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation is ideal for custom garments such as cycling jerseys made from synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. This technique allows for broad format printing but is generally limited to a specific range of colors. The ink becomes part of the fabric, which results in durable and vibrant prints that are resistant to fading.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG printing operates much like a regular inkjet printer, but instead of paper, it prints directly onto fabric. This method is excellent for designs that require high detail without losing color accuracy. It’s perfect for small batch orders where each piece might have a different design, offering great flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Silk Screen Printing​

Silkscreen printing is a traditional method favored for its durability and cost-effectiveness when printing in large quantities. The ink is applied through a mesh screen, and each color is added using a separate screen. Silk screen prints are known for their longevity and can withstand multiple washes without fading, making it an economical choice for large orders.

Embroidery Printing

Embroidery adds a sophisticated touch to corporate and personal apparel, providing texture and depth to the design through the use of thread. It is commonly used on higher-end apparel for a more professional or upscale look, ensuring that the design is not only visible but also tactile.

What would you want to look for in a T-Shirt Printing Company

Image: Canva

When searching for a T-shirt printing company, several key factors should be considered to ensure you receive high-quality service and products:

  1. Quality of T-Shirts and Apparel: Look out for a business that places a premium on producing customized clothing that meets strict specifications. It is important that they fulfill your particular needs and continually provide high-caliber goods.
  2. Affordability and Pricing: If you are on a tight budget, competitive pricing is very important. The best companies provide affordable solutions without sacrificing quality, and they frequently provide discounts for large purchases to further save expenses.
  3. Reputation and Reliability: Choose a business that has registered as a seller on several platforms, since this indicates that it is widely accepted and trusted by different organizations and businesses in creating custom t-shirts and more. Using well-known e-commerce platforms to place orders and make payments may also be made easier by doing this.
  4. Speed and Efficiency in Service: If you need your orders filled right away, a rapid turnaround time is essential. Some companies provide really quick services, such as choices for same-day printing and shipping, which are ideal for last-minute needs.
  5. Accessibility and Customer Service: Having a smooth purchasing and receiving process together with top-notch customer support may make a big difference in your entire experience. Search for businesses that offer helpful and courteous customer service to guarantee that your orders are completed efficiently and that any issues are resolved right away.

T-Shirt Printing Costs

Image: Canva

Understanding the variables that might impact price is important when considering T-shirt printing in Singapore. Generally speaking, prices can start at $5 for simple bulk orders and go up to $20 or more per shirt for small quantities with complex designs. This large range of prices is driven by a few important factors that can raise or lower the overall cost.

  1. Printing Method: A significant portion of the cost is determined by the printing method used. Common techniques include direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, which works better for small numbers and intricate patterns; sublimation or heat transfer, which produces vivid, full-color prints; and screen printing, which is more economical for big orders but has higher setup costs. Every technique has a unique cost structure that is determined by the work and equipment required.
  2. Quantity: The price per shirt is usually much lower for bulk purchases. This is so that setup expenses, such as making screens for screen printing, may be distributed across a greater quantity of clothing. On the other hand, because of the fixed setup work, minimum order quantity may result in a greater cost per unit.
  3. Material and Apparel Quality: The kind of T-shirt and its quality have an impact on the cost as well. Premium materials such as technical polyester or 100% cotton typically cost more than basic mixes. High quality t-shirts may also be important, with luxury labels fetching greater costs.
  4. Design Complexity: When it comes to printing techniques like screen printing, where every color needs its own screen, the intricacy of the design and the number of colors used can have a significant impact on the price. It may be less expensive to create designs that are simpler or utilize fewer colors.
  5. Ink and Color Types: Specialty inks, such as metallic or glow-in-the-dark inks, might be more expensive than regular inks. Additionally, the additional materials and printing time required when utilizing many colors in a design might drive up expenses.
  6. Finishing and Customizations: Adding tags, labels, or unique packaging is an example of additional customization that may raise the price. Adding finishing touches to the manufacture, such as special washings or embroidery, might raise the cost overall.
  7. Turnaround Time: There is usually a fee for expedited orders. Businesses may impose additional fees for expedited orders in order to give priority to one over another.


In conclusion, in order to guarantee that your printed T-shirts are to your satisfaction, it is important to give priority to quality, affordability, and prompt service when choosing a T-shirt printing business in Singapore. In order to meet a variety of demands, from individual projects to business T-shirts, the perfect supplier should supply a variety of printing techniques, like silkscreen printing, digital heat transfer printing, and more- in addition to affordable prices and a dedication to quality.

For your T-shirt printing needs in Singapore, the best partner is one that not only offers a wide range of possibilities and flexibility but also ensures a quick turnaround. This guarantees that your printed T-shirts will live up to your expectations in terms of quality, cost, and delivery time—regardless of the size of your order, if it’s corporate t-shirts, or custom t-shirts—making your investment profitable.

FAQs Best T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore

How much does it cost to print a shirt in Singapore?

The cost of printing a T-shirt in Singapore varies significantly based on factors such as the printing method, the quality of the T-shirts, and the size of the order. Different printing techniques like screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG), or heat transfer have varying costs, influenced by design complexity and color usage. The type of T-shirt material and brand also affects the price, with higher-quality or branded shirts costing more. Bulk orders can reduce the cost to as low as $5 per shirt due to economies of scale, whereas customized, small-volume orders typically have higher per-unit costs. For the most accurate pricing tailored to your specific needs, it is advisable to contact individual suppliers who can offer detailed quotations and cost-effective solutions.

Which custom T-shirt site is the best?

The ideal custom T-shirt website will rely on your unique needs, including budget, turnaround time, printing options, and garment quality. Seek out websites that are renowned for their great customer service and dependability and that provide a wide range of services, including screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, and dye sublimation. It is also advantageous to take into account websites with favorable client feedback and affordable prices.

What shirt brand is best for screen printing?

The finest brands of shirts for screen printing usually provide strong, premium materials that are resistant to fading and can bear the rigors of screen printing. Screen printers frequently use brands like Gildan, Hanes, and Bella + Canvas because of their dependability and abundance of alternatives to meet a variety of screen printing requirements. These companies are perfect for both personal and business printing tasks since they offer a nice mix of quality and pricing.

What is the cheapest method of t-shirt printing?

The most cost-effective method of T-shirt printing generally depends on the size of the order. For large orders, screen printing tends to be the cheapest option because it’s more economical when the initial setup costs are spread across many garments. For smaller batches or designs that require multiple colors and intricate details, heat transfer printing might be more affordable, as it involves less setup and is ideal for low-volume production. Each method has its advantages depending on the project’s scale and the complexity of the design.

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