5 Best Pilates Studios in Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Best Pilates Studios in Singapore

The everyday person thinks there is not much to pilates, pilates studios, or a need for considering the best pilates studios in Singapore. I always knew there was a lot more to pilates than most people thought, but nothing prepared me for this whole new world I unlocked when I was researching this article.

Best Pilates Studios in Singapore
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There are too many things to put into consideration when hunting for a pilates fitness studio. You want to make sure the studio has professional instructors in its employ, you should prioritize studios that assist you to get the right pilates equipment like the pilates mat among others, and studios that have both private and group sessions. This allows you to work on your confidence in private pilates classes and get your groove on before you are ready to be a part of their group classes.

Before you enroll, there are a few things you need to understand. The first is confirming if the studio holds pilates reformer classes and whether they have instructors that are certified in Joseph Pilates (traditional pilates) and Stott Pilates.

Best Pilates Studios in Singapore
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It is crucial to note that Stott Pilates is the more modern option of the different pilates sessions and it looks to improve on the core principles of Joseph Pilates. Traditional Pilates as defined by Joseph is focused on balance, efficiency during intense workout sessions, and supporting the spine. Stotts on the other hand tries to incorporate modern knowledge about body performance and medical rehabilitation with Joseph’s expression of Pilates. Stotts also offers, in addition to balance training, strength training as well as cardiovascular training.

These different types of Pilates have their advantages and when taught by professional instructors can do wonders towards the actualization of your health and fitness goals. So let’s get you started with the right Singapore Pilates instructor for you below.

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Here are the 5 best pilates studios in Singapore 2024

  1. Fitfoo pilates
  2. Off duty pilates
  3. SmartFit Pilates Singapore
  4. Sky Pilates
  5. Pilatique Pilates Studios

5 Best Pilates Studios in Singapore 2024

1. Fitfoo pilates

Fitfoo pilates


Fitfoo is one of the pilates studios that use the BASI Pilates® Block System to create a full-body workout at every session. They help you build core strength and correct postural alignment in sessions that feel good.

Their four core objectives are: technique and posture correction, a balanced and full workout at every session, progressive exercises that are tailored to your fitness and ensuring the intention behind every exercise is known to you. Sure to leave you with body aches, pilates at Fitfoo is one of the best you can look at for a comprehensive workout experience.

The pilates studio is at 79 Anson Road Singapore 079906 Level 21 & 22 and 27A Loewen Road Singapore 248839.


There are two main categories, namely Private and group Pilates.

Private Pilates

It has two kinds — Private sessions and Duo sessions. In a private one on one sessions, clients have direct interaction with the instructor. The duo sessions involve two people getting instructions together.

It is for someone:

  • Who is recovering from injury and has got a clearance from a physiotherapist
  • With a poor fitness level
  • With no awareness of posture and body alignment
  • With targets and goals to meet
  • Who is unable to attend group classes because of a tight schedule.
Group Pilates

This package consists of Pilates exercises where clients take instructions in groups.

It includes Pilates reformer classes like Beginner reformer, Dynamic Reformer, Advanced Reformer; Pilates Mat Flex and TRX Shiit.

Beginner Reformer: This class is for people new to Pilates or recovering from injury. It contains a soft build-up and

Dynamic Reformer: This requires at least five prior beginner reformer classes. It’s faster-paced than the beginner reformer and emphasizes functional movement, alignment and proper breathing.

Advanced Reformer: This requires at least six months of experience of regular pilates and is not for people with injuries. It goes at a fast pace and includes complex exercises. It’s perfect for those who have mastered alignment and form.

Pilates Mat Flex: It is an open level course, and it is for strengthening the core while improving upon flexibility, balance and posture.

TRX Shiit: This is for those who don’t want to involve in weights training but want a dynamic bodyweight strength workout. It’s effective for all ages and fitness levels and gives more results in less time.

The group classes are for people that:

  • Have no severe injuries.
  • Can exercise with no need for special attention.
  • Can follow instructions as part of a group.
  • Have attended Pilates classes before.
  • Are not pregnant people.
Package Validity

First Trial & Single Session – 1 Month

5/ 10 Sessions – 3 Months

20 Sessions – 6 Months

Package Sharing

Members can share the 10/20 Sessions Packages with a friend.



Mat/TRX 2 Trial Sessions – $45

Reformer 2 Trial Sessions – $60

Private 1st Trial – $80

Duo 1st Trial – $100

6 Private + 6 Group – $768

This package is for new clients only, and each client can only purchase each starter package once.

Group Reformer

1 Session – $45

5 Sessions – $200

10 Sessions – $350

20 Sessions – $660

The package is also redeemable for Mat/TRX sessions.

Group Mat/TRX

1 Session – $30

5 Sessions – $140

10 Sessions – $260

20 Sessions – $480

​Private Pilates (One on one)

1 Session – $120

5 Sessions – $550

10 Sessions – $1050

20 Sessions – $2000

Duo Pilates (Two on one)

1 Session – $140

5 Sessions – $650

2. Off duty pilates

Off duty pilates


You are in Singapore looking for a pilates studio to head to, the options can leave your head spinning. With the numerous options of pilates studios in Singapore, there are a lot of factors that go into which one is going to be the best for you: does it have reformer group classes? What about the range of Pilates equipment? Do they have sessions on weekends or are you limited to weekday hours?

It can become difficult to find a balance between all these questions and make sure you ultimately find the perfect place for your pilates needs!

Fret not! I have got the answers; Off Duty Pilates studio is the perfect place for you. Off Duty Pilates studio believes that working out shouldn’t feel like work, it shouldn’t be only about sneakers and sweaty bodies. Their fitness-oriented programs are designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning with upbeat and energetic classes.

Off Duty Pilates have the perfect setting, with the best pilates equipment and pilates sessions. Their instructors have undergone hours of training in various areas of Pilates study. They’ve not only studied techniques but how the body, spine and muscles work – which means that in every class you take, you know your body will be taken care of.

Off Duty is the first Pilates focused studio in Singapore to offer hybrid classes featuring the Reformer and TRX suspension trainers – the perfect combination (in their opinion) to sculpt a strong and lean body.


They offer a wide range of reformer group classes types, and these classes are kept small with a maximum of 7 clients at their Tanjong Pagar location and 10 at the orchard studio.

Their group classes include:

  • Basic10 – The class that starts it all.
  • Sculpt – For the S-Line body.
  • Core + Alignment – Centre yourself.
  • Jump + Sculpt – Get your heart racing while lying down.
  • Posture + Stretch – Look taller, feel better.
  • Energize – Wake up, get pumped.
  • Strength – Get superhero strong.
  • TRXHIIT – Hybrid training at its best.
  • BOSUHIIT – Test your limit.
  • Power – Challenge yourself


Off Duty Pilates have decided to keep prices low and promotions rare so that you know you’re constantly going to get the best price no matter when you purchase a package.

  • Starter Packages (Limited to a one-time purchase)
    • Starter Group Class (5 Group Classes) – $198 or $38/Class
    • Starter Private Classes (3 Private Classes) – $330 or $110/Class (ODP Instructor) / $390 or $110/Class (Studio Director)
    • Starter Hybrid Class (3 Private Classes + 2 Groups) – $406 (ODP Instructor) / $466 (Studio Director)
  • Group Packages 
    • Group Reformer Class Package (1 Group Class) – $45
    • Group Reformer Class Package (10 Group Classes) – $400 or $40/Class
    • Group Reformer Class Package (20 Group Classes) – $760 or $38/Class
  • Private Classes
    • Private 1:1 Class Package (1 Private Class) – $130 (ODP Instructor) / $150 (Studio Director)
    • Private 1:1 Class Package (10 Private Classes) – $1200 or $120/Class (ODP Instructor) / $1400 or $140/Classes (Studio Director)
    • Private 1:1 Class Package (20 Private Classes) – $2200 or $110/Class (ODP Instructor) / $2600 or $130/Class (Studio Director)

3. SmartFit Pilates Singapore

SmartFit Pilates Singapore


Smartfit Pilates opened in 2012 to improve the lives of its clients through its Pilates classes. Ten years in, it is one of the finest Pilates studios in Singapore.  Smartfit specializes in STOTT Pilates® and functional training. They offer classes in Korean, English, Mandarin, Bahasa, Spanish, Hindi and other languages. The studio is at 91 Tanglin Rd, 01-01 & 04-03, Tanglin Place, Singapore 247918.


Their main packages are pilates fitness training, functional training and rehabilitation.

Pilates: Smartfit uses the STOTT Pilates technique for different Pilates types like Reformer Pilates, Prenatal Pilates, Mat Pilates and TRX. Each works differently for posture correction, stability and balance training, flexibility training, sports-specific training and pre/postnatal training.

Functional training: This is for those with targets to meet, and Smartfit works as a mobility fitness training studio for these people. There is also functional ageing for people over 45 to keep fit. Smartfit recommends reformer private classes for people that want to take up this package.

Rehabilitation: This package is for people struggling with or recovering from injuries. It includes clinical pilates and corrective exercises to correct posture and alignment. Certain to leave you with body aches, Pilates at Smartfit is one of the best recovery programs you can go for.

All these exercises are available in, Private, Duet, Semi-Private and Group fitness classes.


Note that all Intro offers are for new clients only, and the prices are per individual.

Group Classes

1 group class – $66

10 group classes – $530

Intro offer: 5 group classes: $220

20 group classes: $940

30 group classes: $1305

Private Sessions

1 session with senior instructor – $155

1 session with instructor – $140

Intro offer: 5 sessions with instructor: $630

10 sessions with instructor – $1340

20 sessions with instructor- $2500

30 Sessions with instructor – $3540

Intro offer: 5 sessions with senior instructor – $725

10 sessions with senior instructor -$1480

20 sessions with senior instructor – $2800

30 sessions with senior instructor -$3900

Duet Sessions

1 session with senior instructor – $110

1 session with instructor – $95

Intro offer: 5 sessions with instructor – $425

10 sessions with instructor – $900

20 sessions with instructor – $1700

30 sessions with instructor – $2250

Intro offer: 5 sessions with senior instructor – $480

10 Sessions with senior instructor – $1000

20 Sessions with senior instructor – $1920

30 Sessions with senior instructor- $2610 per person

Semi-Private Classes

1 Class with senior instructor – $90

1 Class with instructor – $80 per person

Intro Offer: 5 classes with instructor: $310

10 Classes with instructor – $700

20 Classes with instructor – $1300

30 Classes with instructor – $1800

Intro offer: Five classes with senior instructor – $375

10 Classes with senior instructor: $850

20 Classes with senior instructor:$1600

30 Classes with senior instructor:$2250


Intro offer: 5 group & 3 private with senior instructor: $655 ($145 per private session / $44 per group class)

Intro offer: 5 group & 3 private with instructor – $600 ($127 per private session / $44 per group class)

5 / 5 package: 5 group & 5 private with instructor – $910 ($134 per private session / $47 per group class)

10 / 10 package: 10 group & 10 private with instructor – $1720 ($125 per private session / $47 per group class)

5 / 5 Package: 5 group & 5 private with senior instructor – $960 ($145 per private session / $47 per group class)

10 / 10 Package: 10 group & 10 private with senior instructor – $1900 ($145 per private session / $45 per group classes

4. Sky Pilates

Sky PilatesOverview

One of the things that Singaporeans and residents in Singapore value most is their body fitness. And working out is not just about sneakers and sweats, it’s about engaging workout methods designed for your body to meet your desired body goals.

Pilates is considered one of the best workouts methods. It not only helps you build your body but also reduces stress and anxiety. As a whole, Pilates strengthens the lower, middle, and upper body while also improving flexibility and posture. If you have pain or injury, or recently had surgery, Physio-Pilates can give you an edge in your recovery.

For this, a person needs to find an appropriate Pilates studio that can cater to all his/her fitness goals. Luckily, Sky Pilates, being famous for professional pilates training and dedicated trainers, has got everything under one roof.

Sky Pilates is a pilates studio in Singapore which offers a wide range of pilates group classes and private sessions with dedicated professionals on deck to guide you through achieving your desired body goals.

Sky Pilates is one of Singapore’s premier Pilates studios on Orchard road built to give you the best pilate experience regardless of your background or profession. Their group workout room has six Reformers, TRX® Suspension System, ballet barre for the Xtend Barre® workout, and the first CoreAlign® Group workout in Singapore with six CoreAlign® machines.

In response to changing client needs, Sky Pilates also has staff Physiotherapists who are also certified Pilates instructors engage you in core fitness physiotherapy to treat acute cases and use Pilates to expedite clients’ return to health and function


With a wide range of private pilates classes and group classes, as well as specialty workshops and events, their services are categorized to cater to your specific fitness goals.

  • Pre and postnatal Pilates – Prenatal and postnatal classes in a relaxed and intimate environment with personal attention and qualified instructors.
  • Gyrotonic Expansion System® – a holistic approach to movement that is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities.
  • Gyrokinesis® Method – exercises that allow one to work on the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement
  • TRX® – category of exercise for persons of all abilities that leverages one’s body weight and gravity to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.
  • CoreAlign® – improves strength, balance, posture, and functional movement patterns.
  • Primal Moves – designed to complement Pilates movement by focusing on increasing one’s joint mobility and strength without the assistance of equipment or props.
  • Kinstretch® – movement and training born out of scientific research
  • Physiotherapy – uses a variety of techniques to help your muscles and joints work to their full potential.
  • Rolfing® – a unique system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity through affecting the nervous system.


Sky Pilates is known for its reasonable prices, so you will not break the bank to achieve your fitness goals. It aims to make its clients look their best while maintaining a budget-friendly price.

5. Pilatique Pilates Studios

Pilatique Pilates Studios


Pilates is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy and lean body. Engaging in Pilates workout will improve your posture, strengthen your core, and increase your range of motion. 

Regardless of your age, Pilates might just be the exercise routine you need to achieve that strong and healthy body.

If you are on the hunt for the best Pilates studio in Singapore, then you have to check out Pilatique Pilates Studio. 

Pilatique Pilates Studio was launched in 2005 by Melissa Wong, in partnership with her husband, Steven Khoo. The first studio opened its doors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the demand for Pilates increased, the duo started another studio across the capital city of Malaysia.

Then, in 2011, Pilatique crossed the Causeway and opened the doors of its Singapore Pilates studio in Singapore’s thriving Central Business District (CBD) – bringing the total to 3 studios in over a decade. In January 2022, they opened their 4th studio at Farrer Park for Teacher Training Courses by STOTT PILATES, MERRITHEW.

It doesn’t get any better than this! Pilatique Pilates Studio offers private and small group reformer sessions aimed at giving you that desired Pilates rehabilitation and fitness. With a team of certified Pilates instructors and a consultative approach, Pilatique develops a personalized Pilates repertoire to ensure you will achieve your goals in the least amount of time. 

pilatique pilates studio


With over a decade of experience and 4 studios in Singapore and Malaysia, Pilatique Pilates Studio knows how to help you achieve a healthy, strong body with amazing products and services. 

In case you are itching to become a certified Pilates instructor, they offer Pilates Teachers Training known as STOTT PILATES.

Their products and Pilates services include:

  • Fitness And Rehabilitation – Private, Duet or Group Class with a certified STOTT PILATES instructor.
  • STOTT PILATES™ Education – Pilatique Pilates Studio is a STOTT PILATES Licensed Training Center since 2008 teaching and offering a full schedule of training courses and workshops.


Part of the Pilatique Pilates Studio experience is that you do not need to break the bank for any of their services.

With over 18 years of experience, they have made more than 8000 clients happy with their professional Pilates services and they aim to make their customers look their best while maintaining a budget-friendly price.



The above-listed studios are your go-to for the most in-depth Pilates classes. Enrolling in any of the above studios makes your journey towards pilates fitness more assured. There is a tonne of classes held between them and you are guaranteed to find one that works for you. You can sign up for reformer classes with studios that own the necessary equipment, group sessions for yourself and your friends if you would appreciate the company and private pilates sessions if you want to boost your morale or for whatever reason known to you, would rather grace your pilates classes alone.

Whatever choice you end up making, be rest assured that you are in the best hands with any of the above-listed pilates studios in Singapore.

Frequently asked questions about pilates classes

Is 30 minutes of pilates a day enough?

30 minutes of Pilates burns about 180 calories and is more than enough especially if you are new to Pilates. More important than how long you spend per session is having a routine you stick with. You want to schedule at least three sessions so you can maintain progress. If 30 minutes is too demanding for your body, you can opt for 20 minutes and schedule more sessions to make up for the reduction in time.

What is the best online pilates workout?

While some workout programs tick many of the boxes, there is no one answer fit all. Some programs align with your budget and easy on your pocket, programs that offer you variety, some that offer variety and others that are perfect for regular sessions.

What’s better yoga or pilates?

They both have their uses and one outdoes the other in different areas. If your goal is cardio, then both are excellent choices but if you are more particular about weight loss, the n Pilates is the better pick as you could burn as much as 250 calories in a hour session compared to 190 calories doing Hatha yoga.

What happens if you do Pilates everyday?

Pilates every day helps you develop a strong core. The Pilates workouts are centred around the movement of your core and doing it daily helps you become consistent and develop a rhythm. It is advisable to have a session every day if you are new and you can ease off when it starts coming relatively easy to you.

Do you need rest days from pilates?

Pilates is a low impact exercise and does not burn you out to the extent that would require rest days. Also, pilates fitness sessions are working on your core strength and endurance, as such allows you to get better the longer you stay committed to your sessions.

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