5 Best Painting Services in Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Best Painting Services in Singapore

A great paint job is a vital part of home renovation that most people tend to overlook. What they don’t realise is that a good paint job will transform your home completely. Quality paint such as nippon paint will add more life to your property and make the walls last longer. They will soak up less humidity and moisture from the surroundings. This type of paint will also be more resistant to the formation of cracks and fault lines.

Best Painting Services in Singapore
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Many property owners need house painting services to beautify their new home or renovate an old building. Regardless of whether it’s a large project or not, hiring professional painting services is a big investment that should be taken seriously.

A paint job is a fairly complicated process that demands a high level of expertise and experience. The best idea is for you to try out a painting service that offers you the best deal. This type of painter should be capable of handling your project within the set time frame and at a reasonable price.

Are you a property owner who needs painting services in Singapore? You’re at the right place. We’ll arm you with the right information to identify reliable painting companies.

While there are numerous painting services in Singapore, only a few of them are true to their word. The rest of them know little or nothing about the painting process and are only interested in ripping you of your hard-earned money.


Best Painting Services in Singapore
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So, how do you identify a colour creative painting service to transform your home? We’re here to help. After hours of intensive research, we have compiled this guide to inform you of the most reliable house painting services in Singapore.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire House Painting Services in Singapore?

Before proceed to choosing a reliable painting service, you need to be aware of the cost and demands of the entire project. A regular paint job would take 1 – 3 days to be completed. The cost of the painting services that you hire will depend on the size of the home in question.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire House Painting Services in Singapore?
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Without any doubt, a larger home will cost more to work on. If you want to book high quality painting services, you also need to consider other factors such as type of paint you choose, the number of worker required to complete the project, and any additional renovation that needs to be completed before painting.

The following list reveals the cost of painting services in the country

  • 3 – Room Flat: $600 – $1,300
  • 4 – Room Flat: $700 – $1,500
  • 5 – Room Flat: $800 – $1,800
  • Condo < 1,000 sq ft: $900 – $1,300
  • Condo 1,200 – 1,500 sq ft: $1,100 – $1,600
  • Condo 1,500 – 1800 sq ft: $1,300 – $1,700
  • Condo > 1800 sq ft: > $1,500

Now that we are done reviewing the cost of painting service in Singapore, it’s time to compare painting service providers.


5 Best Painting Services in Singapore 2024

1. A&J Painting

2. LS Painter Singapore

3. SZ Painting Singapore

4. Miracle Painting Services

5. Paintland Construction

1. A & J Painting

A & J Painting

Basic Information

  • Website: https://ajpainting.com.sg/
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Address: 190 Middle Road, #19-05, Fortune Centre Singapore
  • Phone Number: +65 9382 1820
  • Operating hours: Monday – Friday (8am – 10pm), Saturday (10am – 9pm)
  • Reviews: Google Reviews – 4.9 stars from 36 reviews


A&J Painting is one of the top painting services in Singapore. Founded in 2007, the painting service has served homeowners in different parts of the country. They are renowned for their quality service, reliable painting professionals and expert paint process. When you go through their gallery, you’ll find that they have an impressive portfolio of previous projects. During our numerous years of experience, we have painted different types of houses and offered our customers satisfactory service.

A & J Painting are renowned for professional painting services and use quality paint to satisfy all our clients. Regardless of whether it is a brand new home, resale home or renovated property, they are capable of transforming your home.

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They will no doubt help you handle every aspect of the project including movement of furniture, floor polishing and other related handyman services. Their team of professional painters are familiar with reliable painting techniques to transform your property.

A&J has received multiple awards and public recognition on the quality of our service. Furthermore, they are a top painting service in Singapore, and can handle different venue painting with efficiency.



A&J Painting is a team of professional painters that are capable of interior painting services and exterior painting. They are familiar with the fastest and easiest processes to transform your home and apartments. In addition to house painting, they also work on factories offices and retail outlets.

Depending on the state of the property, their painting service involves applying paint on walls, ceilings and other surfaces, removing old paint, selection of painting materials, repair of damages structure, and consulting with clients.

As a professional painting service, they use only high-quality such as Nippon paint and advanced equipment. Their job also involves protecting your furniture and other important aspects of the house from paint stains.

Before the start of the paint job, the first thing they do is to prepare the surface that will be painted. This preparation involves repairing damaged wall surfaces, filling cracks or holes, peeling off old paint and applying a primer to the work surface. With the right preparatory activities, painting services will be more attractive and last longer.

Ceiling Repair

The ceiling plays an important role in the structure of any building. But will start to show signs of damage after extended periods. Asides their professional painting service, A&J painting are also capable of ceiling repair services.

Again, their professional painters are aware of the level of damage that your ceiling can suffer. They will use advanced techniques to repair the damage to your structure without affecting the entire building. Their work is designed to preserve the value of the home.

What People Like About Them

Long-term experience and track record: A&J Painting is a top painting service in Singapore that has been around for more than 10 years. The founder of the company, Alvin, started this company personally. He has worked with many property owners in the region before expanding his brand to where it is today.

As result of his experience and long track record, he has created a team of professional painters that will provide one-of-a-kind painting services Singapore. They also offer exceptional service that will satisfy all your demands.

Regular Updates: When painting your house and providing handyman services, they will keep you in the loop with regular updates. A&J adopts a painting process that regularly informs clients of all the important details of the project, including the expected duration for its completion.

Fast quotations: When you contact A&J Painting for painting projects, they will perform a free site visit and quickly give you an honest quotation on the cost of your painting job. This quotation is based on the scope of the paint job and the specifications of your home.

2. LS Painter Singapore

LS Painter Singapore

Basic Information

  • Website: https://www.paintersingapore.sg/
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +65 6797 8815
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (8am – 1opm)
  • Reviews: Google Reviews – 4.4 stars from 352 reviews


LS Painter Singapore has been offering high-quality painting services in the region for the past 20years. As a result, they have an extensive wealth of knowledge that will be applied to transform your property.

Furthermore, LS Painter Singapore is a painting service that is renowned for the reliable painting jobs, affordable pricing, service warranty and fast work. They have worked with numerous clients in different parts of Singapore on small and large projects.


LS Painter Singapore
Photo: paintersingapore.sg

Their aim is to create innovative and industrial solutions for all your painting demands. When you log on to their website, you can quickly get a free quote by inputting the specifications of your home and other important aspects of the project.


When hiring LS painter singapore, you can book any of the following painting service in Singapore;

Residential Painting Services

If you are interested in a painting service provider that is capable of beautifying your home and applying attractive colours to its walls, LS painter Singapore is a great choice for you. They will show you a catalog of their previous work to inspire the idea for your own paint job. You can easily connect with them for remarkable results. They understand that every home owner in the region wants to book quality painting services Singapore, and are committed to high-quality service delivery.

The painting service providers of this brand will handle every aspect of the project for you, including moving your furniture and protecting other items from paint splashes. Again, they use a team of professional painters and high quality materials such as nippon paint to give a satisfying finish and long-lasting effect.

Whether you stay in a two-room apartment or something bigger, they have innovative solutions that will offer you the best results. Moreover, all their residential painting services are handled at a fair price .

HBD Home Painting Service

If you are looking to modify the walls of your room hdb flat with an interesting combination of colours, LS painter Singapore can help you achieve it. They have trained and skilled contractors that will help you choose a suitable colour that suits your demand. Their exterior painting services will also cater for defects such as fading, flaking, repair of holes and cracks, etc.

For those who live in an hbd room flat with about 2, 3, 4 or more rooms, they have affordable painting services that will breathe some new life into your property. The price may vary depending on the size of the property, but you can always be assured of their reliable painting.

Condominium Painting Service

Condominiums have now become a popular investment in the country that also serves as a love den for couples. LS painter Singapore is a colour creative painting service that will improve the appearance of your living space. They are capable of reliable painting work that will refresh the appearance of your home and increase the value of your investment by many folds.

LS painter Singapore also employ the latest painting techniques including Nippon paint to add some spice to your property. They employ experienced and professional contractors that will design custom solutions for your business. Therefore, you and your family are in for a comfortable experience when you hire LS painter Singapore to work on your property.

Commercial Painting Services Singapore

This painting service is not only capable of working on residential properties. They also have the technical know-how to apply nippon paint to commercial buildings.

Whether you own your office or commercial space, they can create custom solutions for you. There is no need to worry about how to beautify your office walls when you can book them as a reliable painting service in Singapore.

LS Painter Singapore understands that commercial buildings have unique specifications that determine how the paint job will be handled. They will also choose a mixture of colours that suit the setting in your commercial space. Generally, they have worked on numerous commercial spaces in the country and will use this knowledge to transform your property.

What People Like About Them

Low Cost: LS painter Singapore doesn’t just offer reliable painting services on all its projects. They do so at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you require condo painting services or wish to transform your room hdb flat, we have innovative solutions to work within your budget.

Speedy Painting Services: When you hire them to work for you, they will do so in the shortest possible time. They will consult you to decide on suitable colours and apply the fresh coat within a specified duration.

Service Warranty: There is a service warranty on all quality services provided by LS painter Singapore. Therefore, you can trust them to give you a seamless painting experience with long-lasting effects.

3. SZ Painting Singapore

SZ Painting Singapore

Basic Information

  • Website: http://www.szpaintingsingapore.com
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Address: 6001 Beach Road #02-14 , Golden Mile Tower, Singapore
  • Phone Number: +65 6553 1311
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Friday (9am – 9pm), Saturday – Sunday (10am – 10pm)
  • Reviews: Google Reviews – 4.9 stars from 19 reviews


SZ painting service is a professional painting service in Singapore that is made of of a team of expert and trained contractors who are capable of providing painting services for property owners in the country. They are particularly capable of handling small and large projects, including residential and commercial properties.

Founded in 1985, they have gained lots of valuable experience and delivered beautiful painting services on numerous properties to create a satisfactory effect. At SZ painting service, there are professional painters that will tailor the solutions to suit your painting needs.

In order to offer all their clients reliable painting and the best finish, they use quality paint products from Nippon paints. When you contact them, they will come down to your house and inspect the condition of the property.

Next, their experts will inform you of the details of the entire project including the overall cost and start and finish dates. They can mix a variety of paint colours to suit residential, commercial and industrial properties. They have numerous positive online reviews that attest to the quality of what they offer.


Professional Painting

SZ painting services Singapore stand out from other painting contractors with their professional painting service. They are capable of creating custom solutions for hdb room flat, condominium, offices, shops, factory buildings and so on. They are committed to great painting services and will not outsource any job.

Professional Painting
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Consultation and Quotation

If you start to notice problems with your wall painting, you can contact SZ painting to help you out. They offer “no-obligation” consultations that will review the condition of your property and give you professional recommendations.

They will also spot all the defects on your walls and ceilings and give you a detailed report on recommended solutions. After this, you will get a quotation on the overall cost of the painting project.

Related Services

SZ painting is a reliable painting company that offers comprehensive services for any landed property. Asides helping you transform the walls of your home, they are capable of other related services that will improve the quality of your property. Other related services at their disposal include roof tile painting, waterproofing services, and so on.

What We Like About Them

Remarkable Track Record: This painting company has been in the industry for about 25 years. Therefore, you can be rest assured that they are familiar with the best processes to breathe new life into your property. They can pull on a wealth of experience from working with multiple clients to ensure excellent painting service.

Usage of high quality paint: This company utilises quality paint products like nippon paint to deliver the suitable landed property painting in the country. They will also mix paint colours appropriately to suit the setting and tone that you wish to achieve in your property.


4. Miracle Painting Services

Miracle Painting Services

Basic Information

  • Website: https://www.miraclepaintingservices.com/
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +65 6553 1311
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Friday (9am – 9pm), Saturday – Sunday (10am – 10pm)
  • Reviews: Google Reviews – 5.0 stars from 15 reviews


Miracle Painting Services is a top painting service in Singapore that is renowned for servicing homeowners in Singapore. They will interact with you and provide the best home painting service that money can buy.


Miracle Painting Services
Photo: yelp

Due to their colour creative service, they are aware of the perfect blend of colours that will suit your property. It doesn’t matter whether you need venue painting or indoor painting help, they have the ideal solution for you.

In addition, they have an impressive track record with 37 years of experience in beautifying residential and commercial properties, including room hdb flat, condo, office, shop, and so on. They also keep an updated gallery of paint services that they have worked on in the past. In order to offer satisfactory service, they use only high quality paint to satisfy customer demands.


Miracle painting services has a team of skilled painters that are skilled at offering customers state-of-the-art service. The services they offer include;

  • Hdb painting services
  • Interior painting
  • Door painting
  • Painting work
  • Painting touch up
  • Wall painting
  • Condo painting

What we like about them

Reliable Painting Services: Miracle Painting Service is a team of Singapore professional painters that have been in the industry for more than 37 years. As a result, they are aware of the best venue painting techniques. They utilise the best paint quality to breathe new life into your property.

Long list of painting service: When you choose to work with miracle painting service, there is a chance to book any of their home painting services. Their painters are knowledgeable and will arrive in time to help you transform the appearance of your residential or commercial property.

5. Paintland Construction

Paintland Construction

Basic Information

  • Website: https://www.paint.com.sg
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +65 9843 3982
  • Address: 22 Sing Ming Ln, Singapore 573969, Midview City
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (24 hours)
  • Reviews: 3.4 stars from 5 reviews


Paintland Construction is a colour creative painting service that has designed their services to help you manage your resources and save time. Their work is to transform your landed property in the most professional and efficient manner. Furthermore, they have more than a decade experience of working in this industry.

Paintland Construction
Photo: facebook

As a result, they have created a team that is capable of delivering fast and efficient paint services for commercial and residential property. Paintland construction is one of the top painting services in Singapore and have worked on hbd room flat, condominium, landed property, hospital, school, warehouse, office, restaurant, shophouse, etc.

Before beginning your paint works, they will consult with you to identify your needs. Their home painting services will meet and surpass client expectations. As if that was not enough, they use only premium paints that will brighten up the physical features of your landed property.


This company is capable of any of the following painting services Singapore;

  • Building painting services
  • Terrace house
  • Dust resistance
  • Marble polishing

What we like about them

24-hour service: The most interesting thing to note about Paintland construction is that their painting services are available for 24 hours in a day. What this means is that you can book their services at any time and expect them to give you reasonable feedback.


That’s all on the best painting services in Singapore. We hope that the information in this article will be helpful in identifying the best painting service to work on your home. Ensure that you scrutinise the details of each service provider to pick the best offer that suits your painting needs.


How much does it cost to paint a house in Singapore?

The cost of a home painting service Singapore depends on the company that you hire to work for you and the size of the landed property. However, a standard room will cost between $200 – $500 to paint fully.

How much does repainting a house cost?

The cost of repainting an entire house ranges between $1,747 – $4,168. The cost of hiring a painting service will depend on the type of exterior material, location of the house and accessibility.

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior?

The average cost of repainting the exterior of your home is $3,048. Depending of the condition of the exterior walls, ease of access and geographic location of the home, the price may range between $1,764 and $4,331.

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