5 Best Online Life Skills Courses in Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Best Online Life Skills Courses in Singapore

Have you ever wondered why some people find it difficult to get along and blend with others around them? Now, these people may be smart or rich but may still fail at integrating into the society around them. When people fail at their basic life duties, it may mean that they lack something in high demand – essential life skills.

As humans, we are always faced with the desire to do better for ourselves. Due to this, we constantly find ourselves chasing one goal or another. One of the goals that we see many people interested in is the development of essential life skills. It’s critical to note that these fundamental skills combine behavioral and psychological skills.

In simple terms, a life skill is an attribute that is necessary or requires full participation in a person’s daily life. These essential skills spur positive behavior and are crucial to helping people effectively deal with the demands of daily living. Many life skills vary depending on the social norms or community expectations of that vicinity.

Best Online Life Skills Courses in Singapore
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Essential life skills include critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication skills, collaborative working, financial planning, project management, and so on. The importance of these vital skills is that they help individuals function as active and productive members of society at large.

Yes, these life skills are. But how can individuals learn their core principles and make them a part of their lives? By signing up for online courses that teach you the essential skill, you intend to know about. In this piece, we’ll be looking at the best online life skills courses in Singapore.

Let’s begin!

What Are The Best Online Life Skills Courses?

As a result of the harsh conditions of the pandemic, more than half of the world was forced to rely more on the internet. During that period, we were introduced to online courses, online meetings, remote working, etc. Due to the widespread worldwide mentality changes, you can expect to find multiple online courses that focus on teaching students about essential life skills.

There would be hundreds of online life skill courses. Each of these courses is compiled by different professionals. Therefore, you can expect them to focus on other skills and offer unique benefits to students. These online courses also allow students learned n at their convenience without traveling from one part of Singapore to another. You can master some high-demand skills and boost your knowledge during your free time.

What Are The Best Online Life Skills Courses?
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To gain an optimal experience, a learner is expected to search for the best online life skills courses in Singapore. By doing so, you can guarantee that you will develop these skills under the supervision of a professional.

Here’s a list of the best online life skill courses in Singapore;

  1. Organisational Development Concepts (ODC)
  2. Edufront Learning Centre
  3. Learn for Life
  4. Life Tutor
  5. Skillizen

5 Best Online Life Skills Courses in Singapore 2024

1. Organisational Development Concepts (ODC)

ODC Training

Basic Information

Website: https://www.odctraining.com.sg/

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: +65 6289 9166

Physical Address: 60 ALBERT STREET, OG ALBERT COMPLEX,#15-02, #12-09, SINGAPORE 189969


Are you looking for a capable team and service provider to oversee your learning process? Or are you interested in well-designed online courses from a dedicated section? ODC training is the best choice for you.

Founded in 2010, this service provider has existed as a corporate training provider specializing in management skill training and leadership development. They are trusted globally by MNCs and also deploy localized training networks to guarantee more efficiency. What’s more? When you partner with ODC, ODC will recommend a professional trainer to meet your learning needs. They are also renowned for developing training materials that are based on sound adult principles to provide an impactful learning experience.

As a sign of the quality they offer to Singaporeans, ODC won multiple HRM Asia Award and they also offer leadership skills training that is skillsfuture approved. Through their well-designed short courses, your participants will learn various leadership techniques and people management skills to help employees to excel in the face of workplace challenges.

If you are looking for a training partner to help your employees gain more knowledge on a diverse range of like skills, you can contact ODC. They will design a training package for you to help your employees master a life skill at their convenience.

What People Like About Them

Many learners can’t get over the level of expertise display at ODC. All of their consultants and trainers are professionals with vast knowledge about different essential skills. Therefore, you can rest assured that during each course, you will only learn what complies with global standards and any real-world experience.

They also offer an extensive list of training courses. Each course is designed to focus on individual aspects of a general concept. They have also been set up to comply with your personal goals. There are also skill workshops that are designed for the same purpose.

Furthermore, they handle each client with respect, care and attention. Through their customer-oriented approach, everyone can be assured that they will always have their interests at heart. What more could you possibly ask for?


2. Edufront Learning Centre

Edufront Learning Centre


Basic Information

Website: https://edufront.com/

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: +65 6816 5493

Physical Address: Blk 614, Elias Road, #01-120 Singapore 510614


Are you prepared to give your child the best form of advantage through high-quality tuition? At Edufront, you get a chance to keep your child’s dream alive and offer them quality lessons to get through challenges. They are equipped to help your child gain all the essential life skills that they are after.

When you check their platform, you will realize that their lessons have been split into different categories for a smooth learning experience. All that’s left is for you to sign up your kid for the appropriate class and watch them develop into a young adult. Since its inception, they have operated with a proven track record of efficiency. This means that everyone has maintained the level and quality of education that took them to the top.

Each course or subject is taken by professional tutors who have mastered effective strategies to pass knowledge. Their classroom structure also ensures that the teacher gives each learner the right amount of attention. They combine the benefit of physical and online training to get the most out of their free time.

Like other top service providers in Singapore, Edufront offers their learners technologically-enabled learning. All their lessons, tests, and quizzes are available as online resources.

What People Like About Them

Those that have enrolled in the education program in Edufront can attest to the level of quality that they offer. This service provider effectively combines all the top qualities of a well-designed education institution. All their programs are also comprehensive for students of all ages and sizes.

All the tutors in this school are professionals who are also certified. They are capable of professional conduct and will impact students’ lives during different stages of their learning. Parents looking to sustain or enhance the prowess of their ward can enroll them to participate in their comprehensive subjects and immersive activities.


3. Learn For Life

Learn For Life


Basic Information

Website: https://www.learnforlife.sg/

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number:

Physical Address:


Learn for life is an all-in-one campus service that offers different learning programs for children in Singapore. They have an extensive list of learning facilities. On their website, users may either search for their desired program by school level or competency level. When you select the program you wish for your child to participate in, they will be taken through classes in that category.

When you sign up for learn for life, you get access to an all-inclusive e-learning space. They stand out from the rest of the life skill service providers because they have facilities to support children with autism. Their goal is to offer a wide range of life skills that are student-friendly and will help easy assimilation.

In trying to provide high-quality education to its students, they do their best to stay innovative and keep abreast of changes in the eLearning environment. They are renowned for their microlearning approach that utilizes short and focused content that is tailored to suit the demands of learners. This service provider also offers accessibility and learning support tools to help every student have an optimal experience.

What’s more? They use visuals and storylines to engage the students. By doing this, they can catch their attention and offer them an easier platform to learn about it. They aim to ensure that all their learners can develop soft skills that can be used later in their careers. There is also an emphasis on developing self-help skills that teach individuals how to get themselves out of sticky or tough scenarios.

What People Like About Them

Most of the past students of the Learn for Life program enjoyed how the subjects taught to learners are based on the level of proficiency of each person. They adopt a learner-oriented approach that ensures that they can keep track of everyone’s progress and create a forum for mentoring them.

What’s even better? Learn for Life utilizes different online resources. This means anyone part of the course can get what they want with a simple internet connection.


4. Smile Tutor


Smile Tutor

Basic Information

Website: https://smiletutor.sg/

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: + 65 6226 4475

Physical Address: WCEGA TOWER, 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, #22-76/77 S658065


Are you looking for a service provider that offers a unique experience? Look no further than smile, tutor. At smiletutor, we deliver trustworthy and reliable home tutors. Anyone can request a tutor to train their child and enhance their learning capacity.

When you sign up with smile tutor, you get access to a list of more than 50,000 tutors. All you have to do is choose whichever option you choose. When you are done choosing, you will also get a response within a short period.

They are renowned for helping to organize tutors for young children in different parts of the country. All their services are charged at a reasonable rate. You can also be certain that you will be matched with the best tutor to help you and your child.

Smile Tutor is an industry-leading tuition agency. Their comprehensive library of coordinators and tutors will meet the needs of almost anyone. They don’t believe in strictly focusing on setting up a good educational system. Here a lot of emphases is placed on equipping the tutors with everything they need.

You see, Smile Tutor is on a mission to become the largest and most efficient home tuition agency in Singapore. They hope to achieve this mission with responsible coordinators, good customer service, and reasonable business practices. This service provider has identified the high demand for home tuition in Singapore and intends to be the top solution provider.

What do People like About Them?

Smile Tutor has committed to being one of the most effective home tuition agencies. As a result, they have built a network of high-quality tutors that will serve different clients. Well, most Singaporeans can find what they are looking for with ease.

Smile tutor is also constantly innovating and will ensure that new technology is integrated into their system. And if that was not enough, all their services are accessible online.


5. Skillizen



Basic Information

Website: https://www.skillizen.com/

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (+65)98178074

Physical Address: 23, New Industrial Road | #04-08, Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209


If you are looking to give your child some good lessons on life after school, this is the best bet. At Skillizen, young children are taught different types of life skills. In the long run, their goal is to help these children become responsible members of society.

Skillizen understands that life skills are crucial for children to do well. They ensure that kids can develop strategies to solve problems, lead by influence, manage time, manage people, etc. When they are done with learning, each learner will be able to make the most out of their life.

Some of the life skills that your children may learn at Skillizen include communication skills, leadership, global citizenship, economic common sense, personal branding, creativity and innovation, social media skills, teamwork, networking skills, etc. They will use a proven process to transfer skills to learners. Experts at Skillizen transfer skills through any of the following ways; skilling session, skill game, concept video, case study, real-world skills practice, and situational skill simulation.

What do People like About Them?

At Skillizen, they have identified the decay and decrease in the critical life skills in many individuals. As a result, they have developed unique ways to help people build up these deficient skills. They hope to provide online courses that focus on key aspects of life talents.


Why Do Life Skills Need To Be Taught?

Many people consider it a more reasonable approach to let young people learn about life skills by themselves. However, things don’t always turn out the way we have planned. Instead of more people knowing about essential life skills, the reverse scenario is occurring – a decrease in the number of people with life skills.

The reduction in the number of people with critical life skills has sparked up another discussion – whether life skills should be taught formally or not. While we are not here to look at either side of the argument, let’s outline some benefits of teaching life skills. These benefits affect the people around us and us.

These are some reasons why life skills need to be taught at an early stage in life;

  • They help us to be aware of our rights and responsibilities as citizens
  • They help us to be informed about political and social circumstances
  • They help us develop empathy for others
  • They help us maintain our activity in the society
  • They make us influence the community around us
  • They are responsible for the social actions of people
  • They determine our arguments and opinions

From the benefits stated above, it’s clear that learning the right type of life skill is enough to transform the way you treat your life and handle those around you. While certain life skills may easily be acquired through daily activities, they still need to be taught effectively.

How Does Learning A Life Skill Help Young Adults?

Perhaps, you’re the parent of a young adult and are currently wondering what the knowledge of a life skill would do to them, take note of the following points;

  • Life skills will help your youngster grow self-confidence in themselves and their actions. They will no longer feel unsure and uncertain about what to do. Instead, they will be able to tackle life challenges and bad scenarios, such as bullying, discrimination, etc. There’s no better feeling for young adults than when they can stand up for themselves. This type of confidence will grow with them till they get older.
  • Life skills will give them a chance to be heard and speak in public places. Because life skills determine the type of opinion that a person has, they will also assess their interactions with people around them and in the community at large.
  • Life skills ensure that young adults can make meaningful contributions to their society. With the lessons they have learned, they can enhance their expertise and experience. They may even gain a deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities. It also prepares them for their life as adults and the decisions to make.



And that’s all on the best online life skill courses in Singapore. Yes, life skills play a huge impact on how we approach and handle scenarios around us. Despite the importance of a life skill, it’s sad to note that they are not in abundance as we would live. Therefore, we need to be actively trained about them. Through online courses, we will learn a lot of vital information about these skills. If you are looking for a place to learn a crucial life skill, check the options listed in this article. They will give you a good idea of the service provider to opt for.


What is the best online skill to learn?

Anyone can learn a variety of skills and traits online. It’s a great idea to learn life skills relating to leadership or influencing those around. With these skills, it’s easier to make widespread changes in society.

What is the price of online life skill courses?

There are different online life skill courses to take advantage of. Each of them offers something different from the next one. However, their prices will range depending on the quality they provide and other factors.

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