5 Best Florists in Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2023

Everyone loves receiving flowers and surprises. Whether it’s your parents’ anniversary, remembering your friend’s birthday or surprising your partner, flowers are always the best way to express your feelings and gratitude. A bouquet of blooming fresh flowers can bring a wide smile to anyone’s face.

Give Flower Bouquets To Your Loved Ones

Have you ever considered giving flowers to your favorite ones? Do you find reasons and occasions for which flowers would be suitable? If yes, then let us tell you something.

A delightful bouquet of flowers is suitable for every occasion you could think of!

Have you read the quote that says;

” The Earth laughs in Flower.”

We bet you haven’t.

Communicate in the Language of Flowers

Communicating in the language of flowers is always fun and appreciated. They can come in handy at every location and point. Planning something unique for your special ones takes time. From booking hotel reservations to finding a perfect gift, there are many things you have to do in order to express your feelings.

Order from Anywhere of Your Region You Are

But sometimes, occasions are not predetermined. With advancements in technology and the availability of credit cards, sending flowers as a present and gift has become extremely easy and popular.

Your friend got promoted? Send her gift flowers!

Can’t show up on a wedding? Send wedding flowers!

Caught up in work during a special occasion? Send flowers to your partner!

They always got your back.

Wherever region or locality you are in, you can send flowers to your favorite and loved ones by using florist and decoration companies that offer wide range of chooses and services and they make sure to meet your requirements.

If you do not have enough time to go on foot to buy something yourself, online services as just the well. For quick services, you can use online florist, and same day delivery services to get it delivered on your doorstep.

Want to learn about the best florist in your region?

We are bringing you a list of top best florists in Singapore that you can hire for any occasion and they provide same-day delivery.

Floral Arrangements Services in Singapore

When it comes to floral services in Singapore, the list is endless. But finding the best and the reliable florist company takes a hard deal of research. There are many floral arrangement companies offering blooming floral services for every occasion and festival. You might have used any of the services and might be satisfied with their services, we are jotting down the top best services that are everyone’s absolute favorite.

Here are the 5 best florist services in Singapore that are reliable, quick, and customer friendly.

Best Florists in Singapore 2023

  1. Petite Fleur
  2. Flower Chimp
  3. Mirage Flowers
  4. Craftway Floral
  5. The Bloom Box

1. Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur

The first florist company to make into our list is Petite Fleur. Known for delivering the best flower and bouquets in Singapore, Petite Fleur has become a leading name in the flower delivery services industry. They believe in bringing people together, making them feel wanted, and spreading the love with floral bouquets and arrangements. Their well-trained team possesses an eye for picking enchanting colors and designs and handcrafting bouquets for loved ones.

It is a trusted online flower delivery shop, that makes every occasion worth remembering with the fast delivery of elegant bouquets, and exquisite flowers no what location you are at.

Don’t want to spoil your plan? Use their same-day flower delivery services for a quick surprise.

Why Petite Flowers?

Same day Flower Delivery

They provide same-day flower delivery to the customers.

Beautifully Curated Flowers

Offer uniquely designed and curated beautiful blooms.

Skilled Team that Believes in Spreading Love

They have a team of highly skilled florists doing floral magic and spreading love.

Petite Fleur
Photo: thebestsingapore

This flower shop offers every sort of flower that a flower addict could think of; dried flowers, preserved flowers, flower boxes, lovely bouquets that everyone’s absolute favorite – baby’s breath, hydrangeas, lilies, roses, sunflowers, and much more.

You can customize gorgeous bouquets according to your preferences and desires and surprise your loved ones with them.

If you need a florist to do all your wedding arrangements and decoration, you can consider them. As they also offer wedding flowers arrangements and collections, corporate event flowers, and packages of stunning bouquets.


Their opening time is 8 am-5 pm, so choose the gorgeous flowers and get your flowers delivered on your doorstep.

Here are the contact details of Petite that could be helpful to you.

Website: https://www.petitefleursg.com/

Tel: +6592708473

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petitefleur_sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petitefleursg/

2. Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp is the largest online flower delivery company, that believes in putting smiles on the face of people and uniting them on every occasion no matter how far they have gone from each other. They are based in Singapore, but also have fulfillment centers in different regions. They provide guaranteed services, and their flowers are fresh and lush all the time.

If you are a flower addict or just want to surprise your loved ones, you can avail of their offers at any price.

Flower Chimp
Photo: thebestsingapore

Why Flower Chimp

Over 200 Flower Arrangements To Choose From

They offer not only floral boxes for flower addicts but also edible bouquets, fruit baskets, funeral flowers, exquisite chocolates collection and what not!

They stand out in the quality they provide to the customers. They have over 200 arrangements to choose from, and floral creations that suit every occasion.

Free- Delivery

There is no delivery cost, and you can ensure the quality of flowers from any location. You can choose by the type of flowers you want or according to the occasion and festival. They have hampers, birthday bundle deals, and Christmas floral arrangements as well apart from a wide range of occasion categories; anniversary, graduation, romance, newborn, get well soon, condolence, congratulations, father’s day and you name it!

A Budget-Friendly Service

They also have a budget-friendly category for all students, and unemployed people. If you have a low budget, you can shop from the category of “Below $50.” The money does not matter, the intention behind the gift matters a lot.

This is probably the best thing that you would not find in any other florist company and that makes them one of the best florists in Singapore.


Contact Details

Website: https://www.flowerchimp.sg/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/flowerchimp.sg/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/FlowerChimpSG/

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +6531582120

3. Mirage Flowers

Mirage Flowers

Mirage Flowers believes in providing customization for every occasion and speaking in the language of flowers. You can get floral arrangements for weddings, and corporate events and even flower bouquets and fresh flowers for everyday use.

An Amazing Floral Subscription

They offer a floral subscription to deliver fresh flowers at your doorsteps. They offer 2 floral delivery a month. Sounds great, right! However, the free flower vase is not available, but you can purchase it.

Mirage Flowers
Photo: mirageflowers.com.sg

They have a wide range of fresh blooms of bouquets, with handpicked seasonal flowers, and elegant flower arrangements for weddings. You can hunt around hampers and find perfect gift baskets, edible bouquets, wellness kits, and boasters. So whatever special occasion it is, they will deliver flowers handpicked by their favorite florists at your doorstep.

Contact Details

Website: https://www.mirageflowers.com.sg/

Telephone: +6563349249

Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/mirageflowers/


4. Craftway Floral

Craftway Floral

Established in the 1990s, Craftway Floral has over 30 years of experience dealing with fresh flowers and plants, and has since expanded our product line to offer a more curated and customized product to suit individual needs and occasions.

Craftway Floral

They not only specialize in the delivery of Floral Bouquets but also cater flowers for ROM & Wedding, Bridal Car Deco, Corporate Corsages, Congratulatory Flowers, Condolence Flowers, Garlands, Artificial Flowers, Artificial Plants, and Table Arrangements to all areas in Singapore.

Craftway Floral

They are widely recognized and featured by multiple websites as one of the best florists in Singapore

Craftway Floral
Photo: Craftway Floral

They are a reliable florist which you can put your trust in to deliver the freshest, nicest flowers on time.


They offer free same-day delivery for orders before 1 pm. They also offer artificial flower arrangements, plants as well as Christmas decorations.

Contact Details

Website: https://craftwayfloral.com.sg/

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +6567462486 

Artificial Flower Arrangements: https://craftwayfloral.com.sg/product-category/artificial-flower-arrangements/

Wedding Décor and setup: https://craftwayfloral.com.sg/product-category/wedding-decor/

Corporate/ Office Décor: https://craftwayfloral.com.sg/product-category/landscape-decor/

Christmas Décor: https://craftwayfloral.com.sg/product-category/christmas/


5. The Bloom Box – Providing Fresh Blooms

The Bloom Box

As the name suggests, the Bloom Box offers floral arrangements that are made in a box, and you can choose and order the one that meets your likings.

The Bloom Box - Providing Fresh Blooms
Photo: thebestsingapore

They offer same-day delivery and you can order before 12 pm to get your floral creation and 1 type of flower arrangement on time.

They offer Christmas baskets and snack boxes that other competitors don’t.

The boxes are easy to carry, and you can easily bloom your favorite one’s day. They come in 3 different sizes.

Contact Details

Website : https://thebloombox.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebloomboxsg/

Email: [email protected]


What Services Do Florist Singapore Provides?

Every florist in Singapore offers a different range of services that cater to everyone’s needs. They create and design hand-tied bouquets, floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, floral boxes, wedding arrangements, surprise bouquets – in short, all types of floral creations. Some offer edible boxes as well that you can get for your loved ones. They have all sorts of seasonal fresh cut flowers, dried as well to make customized arrangements for the customers. In the rapidly moving world, where everything happens within a blink of an eye, it gets difficult to keep up with everything that you are doing. You do not get time to communicate much and remember special occasions. Where digital remainders help, you can surprise your loved ones from any part of the globe. Just book your desired bloom room, and send it to your loved one, using your fav florist’s free same-day delivery service.

How Long Fresh Flowers Last in Singapore?

As the weather of Singapore is quite warm and humid, the fresh flowers can long for 3-5 days maximum. However, you do not have to worry much, as they are many ways to prolong the life of a flower. You can even go with floral arranging that uses dried or article flowers if you want.

But, fresh flowers are more romantic and can make your date worth remembering.

If you place the flowers in a well-ventilated room in a bit cold environment and away from the direct rays of the sun, the life of the flower can be prolonged for a while.

Can Gorgeous Bouquets Last Without Water?

Flower addicts have all the solutions when it comes to making flowers stay fresh for a longer period of time. You can ask your fav florist company before placing the order about how you can keep bouquets fresh and last longer. They surely make use of wet paper to create a bundle of flowers and can share some instructions with you to keep in mind.

During this time of the year, as the weather is a bit cold in Singapore, flowers can last longer than their usual time. Or you can place lovely blooms in vase arrangements, and enjoy the liveliness in your home.

How To Take Care of Fresh Flowers and Beautiful Bouquets Once You Receive Them?

After 1-2 days of receiving the flowers, you can take out flowers from the wrapper, and trim the stems and put in a vase full of water. You can water it regularly and keep it in a cold environment away from the sunlight. You can remove dried petals and leaves to avoid contamination.

Can You Request For Customized Flower Arrangement?

Yes, surely you can request customized arrangements according to your loved one’s preferences. Many above florist offer customization on different categories and you can get it designed the way you want.

If your partner likes chocolates, you can get a chocolate edible bouquet with their favorite chocolate sticks.

Do Florists Handpick Flowers?

The florist company usually gets the flowers from the local suppliers that they handpicked themselves. They are 100% fresh and lush floral upon receiving.


Have you heard these words?

Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone loves receiving flowers and that’s the truth!

Flowers have always been good in showing and delivering the emotions and feelings of people to their loved ones and favorite ones. Where everyone takes use of online platforms to express feelings and make your loved one feel wanted, flowers might have become outdated. However, for all the old soul people they still do the wonders.

Florist companies provide many floral arrangements and decoration options for the customers to make their day special. If you are away from your loved ones, and cannot show up on most important occasions, you can always get help of any flower delivery service to deliver stylish bouquets, flower domes and what not.

Do you want to propose your girlfriend? Make use of traditional flower bouquets, and send her a red rose, along with a diamond ring. If your mother is missing you and you are miles away from her, you can always send her gorgeous bouquet packed in love from the skilled florists. Her eyes will surely fill with joy.

In case you have forgotten to wish your friend a birthday, you can always cheer them up with a surprise bouquet.

What else do you need except to make your special ones feel wanted, special and loved?

Have you used any of these beautiful blooms services for festivals and occasions? If yes, how had been your experience with them? Share your experience with the readers to add more value to their lives.

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