5 Best Business Consultants in Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Best Business Consultants in Singapore

Without any doubt, running a business can be tough. Business owners are solely responsible for the success or failures of their business. As a business owner, you’ll have to account for numerous aspects of the business, while also ensuring that customers receive the right type of attention. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have to find a quick remedy and bear the impact.

While many people are usually able to manage their business successfully, there are others who struggle to cope. If you are one of those who struggle at managing your business, then it would make sense for you to hire professional management consulting business solutions.

Best Business Consultants in Singapore
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They would take care of the heavy lifting for you and ensure that you only have to make the tough decisions. Also, it doesn’t matter the size of your business, these professional services are also available for small and medium enterprises.

Are you interested in hiring business consultants to review your business processes and offer you professional and insightful advice? Then, you’re at the right place. This piece will look at the best business consultants in Singapore.

What Are The Best Business Consultants In Singapore?

What Are The Best Business Consultants In Singapore?
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Let’s say that you’ve made up your mind to hire a management consulting firm or expert that will help you with organising the key aspects of your enterprise, the next thing to do is to get a suitable service provider to attend to your needs. Now, that’s the real challenge.

There are hundreds of companies that offer the same consultancy services in different parts of Singapore. However, not everyone has what it takes to guide your business successfully. As a result, you need to be careful with whom you are dealing.

The business world is truly competitive and to do well, you need to take every form of advantage that you can. This means you should never hesitate or hold yourself back from investing in your business. If you’re looking for a business consultant in Singapore. We’ve got you covered.

Yes, we understand that there are several brands that promise spectacular business consultancy services. And we have gone ahead to review several of the available alternatives.

Finally, we’ve come up with a list of the best business consultants that can offer corporate services to your enterprise.

They include;

  1. BDSA Pte Ltd
  2. Martech ISO Consultancy – Preferred ISO/ISCC Consultant and Consultancy, Singapore
  3. Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd
  4. Achi Biz
  5. Evolve & Adapt

5 Business Consultants in Singapore 2024

1. BDSA Pte Ltd

BDSA Pte Ltd


Basic Information

Address: Vertex Tower A 33 Ubi Ave 3, #07-54 Singapore 408868

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone number: +65 6909 2222

Website: https://bdsa.sg/


BDSA Pte Ltd is one of the top management consulting firms in Singapore. BDSA is the shortened form for the company name, Business Development Strategic Advisory Pte. Ltd. They are a branding agency that offers more than just visual branding. They enable firms in Singapore gain the required visibility in their industries.

BDSA Pte provides consultancy services in corporate branding with the belief that branding is essential in the overall business strategy of any firm. Every brand needs an online presence. However, branding should not be limited to just visual aesthetics.

BDSA Pte Ltd
Photo: bdsa.sg

As one of the top branding agencies, BDSA help firms plan the perfect marketing strategy that aligns with their goals and objectives. BDSA utilises multiple social media platforms to provide the best results for their clients. With their wealth of experience, they create a meticulous digital marketing strategy that would help clients attract and retain long term customers.

BDSA is different from other branding agencies. The firm combines business consulting with marketing strategy to give firms the perfect representation.

BDSA Pte Ltd
Photo: bdsa.sg

Irrespective of size, every business should build on a solid foundation. More reason BDSA helps small and medium enterprises grow their business on a solid structure.

In order to create the right impression for clients, BDSA utilises a three-step approach.

The steps involve:

1. Brand Discovery

2. Brand Strategy, and

3. Brand Translation

BDSA collects your business data via primary and secondary research mediums. Then, they analyse all data collected and discover how to appeal to your customer. After the research, BDSA maps out a strategy that comprises different components to make your brand renowned. Finally, they carry out the steps mapped out in the brand strategy process.

BDSA also offers brand consultancy, social media marketing, and enterprise development grants. In the past, BDSA had worked with Singaporean brands such as FEED lures, frame by frame, Kyanon, Wallhub, and so many others.

What Makes BDSA Stand out?

BDSA is different from the average branding firm in Singapore. They do not believe that only the visual aesthetics of a brand can make it stand out. Hence, they have resolved to help brands create a marketing strategy.

The strategy gives the brand a solid foundation on which other marketing processes can be placed. In the long run, clients can attract and retain buyers from all over the globe.

2. Martech Iso Consultancy – Preferred ISO/ISCC consultant and consultancy, Singapore


Martech Iso Consultancy - Preferred ISO/ISCC consultant and consultancy, Singapore

Basic Information

Address: 190 Middle Road #19-05 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone number: +65 9797 5406

Website: https://www.martech-iso-consultancy.com/


Martech ISO Consultancy is one of the top management consulting firms in Singapore. Martech hires the finest ISO/ISCC Consultants with lead assessor qualifications from the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA, UK).

Martech consulting firm utilises a holistic approach by making custom ISO/ISCC documents that align with the clients’ business objectives. Their consultants ensure that these documents fit the ISO/ISCC requirements.

These consultants help clients maximise their operational efficiency and increase the return on investment. To do this, Martech consultants are involved in the development, implementation, and monitoring of management systems.

Martech Iso Consultancy - Preferred ISO/ISCC consultant and consultancy, Singapore
Photo: martech-iso-consultancy

Martech consultancy firm provides businesses with easy-to-use templates of checklists and records that will help businesses comply with ISO/ISCC requirements.

Martech provides consultancy for businesses under the Renewable Energy Directive(RED), and Fuel Quality Directive (FHD). They also service businesses not covered by RED and FHD, such as feed, energy, and food businesses. Martech helps RED and FHD businesses obtain their ISCC EU, and other businesses obtain ISCC PLUS.

As a plus, they also provide various ISO consultancies such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. Aside from ISO/ISCC, they offer other business consultancy services which include;

  1. Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices
  2. Factory Audit
  3. PDPA Consultancy
  4. Pre-shipment Inspection
  5. ISO training services
  6. Internal Audit Services
  7. Container Loading Inspection

3. Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd.

Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd.


Basic Information

Address: 77 High Street Suite 03-01 High Street Plaza Singapore 179433 Singapore

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (656) 338-4202, +656338420

Website: www.e-sandhurst.com


Sandhurst Consultancy is a top-notch business consulting firm in Singapore. Sandhurst offers a comprehensive range of management consultancy services to its large clientele. They provide consultancy services such as global company registration, financial accounting services, business advisory services, and company formation/setup.

Sandhurst consultancy offers consulting services to startups and medium enterprises.  Companies can use Sandhurst experts rather than front desk staff.

For instance, they assist clients with taxation and compliance. They also help clients handle documents, books, legal materials, etc. They can walk businesses through this process or help them carry out these tasks for a fee.

For yet-to-launch companies, Sandhurst can guide them through the company formation process. They would help startups and other business clients by providing a detailed analysis of the requirements needed to form a company.

Sandhurst management consulting firm offers a combination of corporate secretarial services and accounting services.

Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd.
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It is not uncommon to find management consultancy firms that specialise in only one of secretarial or accounting. An accountant can incorporate a business. A secretary can also incorporate a company. However, it is easy to miss specific requirements with single specialisation consultants.

The good news is that Sandhurst incorporates businesses with secretaries and accountants. Hence, companies can achieve their tax and compliance requirements for a subsidised price.

Sandhurst provides value for clients and helps them scale their business. They give business clients the best advice at the right time at competitive rates. As a top management consulting firm in Singapore, Sandhurst boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced accountants.

Their staff have over 28years of experience in the accounting industry. Hence, they are not limited to helping clients form companies but can go as far as providing additional services such as payroll services, GST registration services, business process outsourcing and tax advice.

Sandhurst offers a range of comprehensive services to new and established businesses. Some of these company formation services include:

  1. Company Incorporation for Singaporean/Permanent Residents
  2. Company Incorporation for Non Residents who do not wish to apply for Employment Pass/EntrePass
  3. Company Incorporation with Employment Pass application
  4. Company Incorporation with EntrePass Application
  5. Incorporation of a Singapore Branch Office
  6. Setting up a Singapore Representative Office
  7. Business Firm (Sole Proprietor/ Partnership
  8. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  9. Virtual Office/ Mail Handling Service

What Makes Sandhurst Stand out as a Business Consulting Firm?

Sandhurst targets yet-to-launch businesses and startups. They assist their clients with company formation and business Incorporation. At a competitive rate, they provide clients with the requirements and assist them through the process.

As a plus, they also offer additional services that will help clients succeed with taxes, legalities, and compliance.

4. Achi Biz


Achi Biz

Basic Information

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: +65 6904 8665

Website:  https://achibiz.com/


Achi Biz is a consultancy firm that offers strategic consulting services to global businesses. The business Achi Biz combines different ingredients to facilitate innovative solutions. Their services include global company registration, business formation, human resources services, and compliance.

Achi Biz has existed for over a decade and has provided the utmost value for entrepreneurs and corporate companies. They are a licensed management consulting firm.

Achi Biz is duly registered as a corporate service provider under the following organisations: Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Registered Filing Agent, and Ministry of Manpower Employment Agency.

The exciting part about Achi Biz is that clients can purchase their services remotely. Achi Biz integrates technological tools to carry out strategic consulting. Businesses and entrepreneurs can reach out to Achi Biz via social media and receive an instant response.

Achi Biz
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To carry out its duties, Achi biz utilises digital signatures and sends documents digitally. Plus, accounting and reports are also calculated with technological tools. Hence, there is little need for clients to be physically present.

Achi Biz specialises in four types of business consultancy.

  1. Corporate Secretarial Services
  2. Bookkeeping, Accounting & Reports
  3. Employment Agencies Services,
  4. Recruitment Agencies Services
  5. Immigration services

Achi Biz incorporates all types of Singaporean business structures. They also provide all sorts of reports, books, documents and financial statements to help corporate clients stay profitable and in the right with the law.

Aside from corporate clients, they help individuals with job seeking and migration applications. Their broad range of services applies to global businesses, Singaporeans, and immigrants. They also help immigrants with Singaporean citizenship and permanent residence.

Why Choose Achi Biz Business Consultants?

Achi Biz is a one-stop firm for all your corporate consultancy needs. They provide a broad range of services to corporate clients, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and immigrants.

They help businesses tackle their talent management challenges as they provide adequate documents and guides to help them in recruiting the best talents. They also offer accountancy, compliance, business formation, immigration services, etc.

5. Evolve & Adapt


Evolve & Adapt

Basic Information

Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987

Email Address: [email protected]

Website: https://marketingconsultant.com.sg/


Evolve & Adapt is one of the top boutique marketing consulting firms in Singapore. They specialize in strategic marketing and are certified in all aspects of digital marketing.

Evolve & Adapt provides a comprehensive range of corporate services that include: market research & analysis, strategic marketing & branding consultancy, digital marketing strategy & implementation, and finally, SEO services & SEO web development.

Evolve & Adapt hires the finest international talents who are experienced in creating business growth strategies that result in traffic, and more importantly, sales conversions.

They utilize traditional and digital marketing channels to ensure that their clients achieve their desired marketing results.

Evolve & Adapt
Photo: Facebook

In order to help clients, Evolve & Adapt understands their business goals and objectives before crafting a highly customized strategy. This strategy assists businesses in achieving their revenue targets, long-term vision, and other business goals.

As a plus, they also implement full-stack digital marketing which may include digital asset optimization, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and pay-per-click marketing.

This consultancy firm offers value from all fronts. Evolve & Adapt is a good management consultant that integrates technical digital marketing with management consultancy. They are one of the few recognized and certified consulting firms in both Singapore and Malaysia.

With their consultancy certification, their clients can apply for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). The EDG allows businesses to offset up to 70% of consultancy costs. Evolve & Adapt can also administer the Digital Growth Subsidy (DiGS) for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Evolve & Adapt’s consultants have worked with Exxon Mobil, Clarke Quay Central, StarHub, National Heritage Board, CitiBank, Nabcore, Singapore Tourism Board, and many more.

Why choose Evolve & Adapt’s business consultancy?

Evolve & Adapt offers value to their clients as they combine strategy consulting with digital marketing implementation to help clients achieve their business goals and objectives.

They can also help their clients apply for Enterprise development grants for various marketing projects for local and overseas expansion.

With these programs, clients can get reimbursed on consultancy fees. As a plus, the firm is recognized and has received certifications and awards from a number of institutions.


How To Choose A Suitable Business Consultant For Yourself?

How To Choose A Suitable Business Consultant For Yourself
Photo: glassjacobson

Without any doubt, bringing in a business consultant to aid your enterprise may be one of the best decisions you could possibly take.

It could cause you to enjoy new benefits and solutions and also be the greatest turning point for your business. However, if not done properly, it could also result in a waste of resources.

So, how do you determine if a business consultant is right for you? Take a look at the following tips;

1. Determine why you need a business consultant

The first and most essential thing to do when looking for a business consultant is to determine if you really need it and what you expect to achieve from hiring them.

Before you begin the search for a business consultant, ensure that you check all the resources at your disposal including assets and your employee’s expertise.

2. Document a Statement of Work

If after looking within your company, you discover that you need additional help, then create a statement of work. The statement of work outlines your objectives, your needs, and how you want the consultant to help.

3. Have Concise Expectations

It is not enough to want a consultant. It is important that a consultant should help solve your specific business needs. You need not expect consultants to be generalists. They are only here to offer fresh perspectives on your business. Hence, they can only carry out certain tasks within the stipulated timeframe.

4. Conduct interviews for different consultants

It is crucial you take out time to interview different management consultants and see if they can solve your company’s needs. Take out your time to scrutinise different professionals, so as to discover the perfect fit for your company.

5. Request for Samples of their previous works

A good way to gain insight into the quality of their work is by looking through samples of their reports and analysis. You should seek consultants with industry-based advisory, in-depth review, and verifiable results.

6. Seek industry Experts

It is most preferable you choose management consultants with industry knowledge and expertise.

Unlike generalists, industry experts understand your pain points, your goals, your market demographics, and competitors. Before you speak, they understand your business needs and can provide fresh perspectives.

7. Always ask for references

The best management consultants in Singapore have worked with other clients in the past. Hence, you should always seek references.

When management consultants give references to previous clients, it gives room for businesses to verify their credibility.

8. Hire Full-time Consultants

Many full-time consultants are certified to offer management consulting services to clients. These full-time consultants can devote their time to tackling your challenges.

Additionally, you should also make sure your preferred consultant is not working with a competitor. If they are working with a competitor that pays more, they may be biased in their dealings.

9. Close the deal with a Contract

Every of your business operations should be secured with a contract. Hiring a business consultant should not be different. The contract should carry every necessary detail of the partnership. It is best that your company’s attorney to map out a proper contract.


Business consultants can reveal important things in your business that you didn’t spot. There are various types of business consultants. Regardless, the sole purpose of all consultants is to provide business solutions, advisory services, and help your business achieve its objectives. Hence, it is important you choose the best business consultants in Singapore.


How much do business consultants in Singapore charge?

Consultancy fees vary from one firm to another. An average business consultant in Singapore charges around $45 to $150 per hour.

What do consultancy firms do?

Any consultancy firm in Singapore can do just about anything. Their major aim is to provide bespoke business solutions that will improve your business.

Consultancy firms are involved in planning, strategy, branding management, digital marketing, advisory services, human resource services, accounting outsourcing, project management, ISO issuance, and many more.

Who are the Best Management Consulting Firms in Singapore?

There are many top-notch management consultancy firms in Singapore. these firms offer a broad range of unique services. Hence, it may be difficult to pick. Nonetheless, we’ve mentioned some of the five top management consultancy firms in Singapore. They include the following firms:

  1. BDSA Pte Ltd
  2. Martech ISO Consultancy – Preferred ISO/ISCC Consultant and Consultancy, Singapore
  3. Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd
  4. Achi Biz
  5. Evolve & Adapt
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